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Sep 22, 2018, 9 tweets

It’s time for a #StormChat ⚡️

Dr. Ford suffered doxxing, impersonation and death threats for coming forward with her story of assault.

Trump piled on and questioned her credibility.
#WhyIDidntReport #BelieveChristine

FBI:Less than 2% of reports are FAKE. 98% are REAL. /1

When women are assaulted, what happens to the perp?
99.4% walk free.

310/1000 are reported to the police, 2% end up in jail. /2

Who is assaulting us? 70% of the time, it’s someone we know. Someone we have to see again at school, work, at church or at family gatherings /3 #WhyIDidntReport

Think we false report for fame and fortune? Go ahead and name Cosby’s accusers.


Yeah. That’s what I thought. /4

Here’s another graphic in case you missed the point.

Look at all the rapists who get off SCOT FREE compared to the false reports. I’m not saying false reports don’t happen, but if something is 98% accurate, your first impulse isn’t to disbelieve it, right?
Right?? /5

#WhyIDidntReport is full of reasons why women don’t come forward. It’s not as simple as a reporting a burglery. You are traumatized. You feel guilty and ashamed. You think you won’t be believed and unfortunately, you are right. /6


Survivors‼️ we must remember this. It’s not our clothes, the way we acted, how much we had to drink.

It’s 💯 the perpetrator, not the victim. /7 #WhyIDidntReport

Just in case you are ever confused about whether or not someone is consenting to sex, here’s a little video to help you.

Pro tip: children and adolescents can’t consent.
#WhyIDidntReport /8

This one is for the guys:
Want to know how ridiculous it is to tell women how not to get raped?

Here’s how to keep from being mistaken as a rapist.

Also, just don’t rape anyone. /end

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