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Sep 22, 2018, 32 tweets

Donald J Trump the 45th president of these United States. Only 44 men in our history have ever held the office. An exclusive group of esteemed individuals. President Trump is proving himself to be among the greatest in this exclusive alumni.

Interestingly enough only 39 of the 44 stood for election and won the office. Trumps unlikely electoral victory stunned many, but not all. A brief recollection of an individuals perspective.

I started out staunchly for @tedcruz who I supported through the primaries. When Ted didn’t pull out Indiana, that was it. I was upset, but that evening I knew Trump was to be the nominee. I never had any disillusion otherwise, as some others did.

At the close of the RNC… I was so angery I had flames shooting out of my ears. I recall thinking, no t-shirt, no bumper sticker… I aint voting for her or some BS 3RD party, but I’m not happy. Not in the least.

I had to get over my petty emotional crap and by Labor Day the bumper sticker went up. I was becoming very impressed with Trump.

By Halloween I knew Trump was going to win the election and was very vocal about it. With all this Russian nonsense that’s been lobbed all over the place, I’ve easily seen through it from day one.

I recall thinking Democrats are literally provoking war with Russia over a domestic election. Ain’t that something? The world runs wild and NOW Obama drops the gauntlet on an election?

Russian ‘memes’ and ‘misinformation’ just blended in with the domestic ‘memes’ and ‘misinformation’. Welcome to politics, just another day at the office. The hay attempted to be made of NOTHING is astounding and motivations transparent.

The use of the term “disinformation campaign” is very ironic… as that, in itself, is a disinformation campaign.

How did I know on Halloween Trump was to win? After attended rally in Warren. The line was a few miles long, seriously, it wrapped a square mile. The miles of people were very diverse. All walks of life were present.

A majority were union workers. They filled the vast parking lot with pick up trucks and spotted the line with Carhartt jackets. I spoke with as many people as I could. The line at trump rallies is damn near a tailgate. Very social, and there’s plenty time to chat. That's me😀👇

If I had a nickel for every time I heard, “haven’t voted republican since Reagan” or “I’ve never voted republican before now”, I would have retired on an island later that day!

That’s what these guys were ALL saying and they all loved Trump.
Among other things his economic message resonated throughout the rank and file workers far and wide. Before Trump, most voted Democrat.

Then with the understanding of just how much Obama pissed off the Cuban community as a whole in southern FL by playing footsie with Castro. More peel away from democrat base.

AKWARD! 👇 Hug? Rejected. Pathetic.

Reports of ‘heavy early Latino vote’ implying it was for good for HRC, I laughed 🤣 that’s good for Trump dumb-dumds. Real good, he needs FL, and he got it. 👍😁

I recall watching the news, even on Fox “there’s no path blah-blah” and every electoral model had WI, MI, PA blue… Well, there is your path right there I’d yell at the TV, those states are going red!

For the record... The actaul results...

No path...

Trumps campaign had me concerned to feeling doomed at times, in all honesty, until mid October. The last few weeks were truely magical!
Trump was hitting on all cylinders and at the perfect moment!

The blue collar boys flipped WI, MI, PA, NC, and OH. Some haven’t gone red since the 80’s.
I was fuming mad at Trump after the convention, by November I couldn’t wait to vote for him! And very enthusiastically did.

Weird, not a peep from the Kremlin in all this.
There was also another factor. The other guy... well gal actaully. I’m not even going to get into her nefarious dealings, collusion and dirty trickery. No need for these purposes.

Hillary Clinton was an awful candidate. She has accomplished next to nothing. She basically ran on her last name and gender. In ’08 she was thought unstoppable… until Obama stopped her.

☝️ You know, what Trump said about Cruz in the primaries gets brought up endlessly… never did the media dare rehashing the contentious ‘08 Clinton Obama primary. That started what was to became known as “birthers” BTW. #FactsMatter

Publishers couldn’t give away Hillary’s books, her appearance on The View was very low rated. She basically hid most of the election, seriously. If she did appear she was literally roped off from the public and most of the press.

“At this point what difference does it make?” and “Wipe the server? Like with a cloth?”. There were lingering problems from her SOS tenure.
Yeah YUGE problems.
If she didn’t own the party and have the whole DNC primary rigged she likely would not have won the nomination.

But Russia...
No, sorry.
Hillary didn’t connect with the voters, just her cult mostly. Trump appealed to more than just republicans and ran a flawless campaign in the closing weeks.

Election day was a great day. I wore a red shirt, polo red cologne, cast my ballot and went home. On a hunch, I set the DVR for MSNBC from 8 to 11. 😁 Flipped on Fox and muted the TV... (this is good practice once in a while. Mute the idiot box! AKA propaganda machine)

I watched live tallies on the internet across the country. I didn’t want to say how good it was looking until about 8 pm. Just on GP. From the onset, looked great! Not having all the opinions interjected was nice. Oh happy day. 😊

Just the facts 👍 as they come in.

Donald J Trump has been a far greater leader than I ever imagined, and I imagined him a good leader. Not even two years in yet anfd look around!
There is a fresh charge in the air!
Finally a change I can believe in 😎

Very early some where saying Trump will be the greatest in modern history. My sentiment was, I happy, but let’s dial that down a notch.

Well, Trump is one of the greatest presidents in modern history... Bold leadership just what out troubled nation needed!

As long as we ALL show up again THIS November, we’re all good.
Let NOTHING discourage you. NOTHING.
We’ll hear doom and gloom, polls of dread… its meant to discourage. They know they’re losing and will try ANYTHING to avoid the inevitable.
Forget them, just vote.

Familiarize yourself with state and local issues on your ballot and VOTE in November, even if you have to hold your nose, our future truly depends on it! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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