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Sep 23, 2018, 11 tweets

44 DAYS til Midterms & the race were obsessed w/is #BetoForTexas vs #WhatsHisName.😊

Let's have a #BetOnBeto #FBRParty

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Visit BetoforTexas.com for campaign deets.

I hope we get lots of things we can all share as much as possible. Beto's average donation has been $33.00. So it is nothing BUT a grassroots campaign. I'm not in TX but hopefully pushing his message on social media helps some.

Top NRA Recipients for 2017-2018.

Another great story about Beto and the way in which he helps vets. These aren't stories put out to show him in a good light. They are anecdotes about the man these people come in contact with. This kind of man is rare in politics.

After the debate, team Beto was gonna fly to their events the next day. They were delayed by storms and decided to drive.

Soooo as they were in line at Whataburger Beto played the air drums for The Who. Check it out


BetOnBeto #BetoForTexas

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