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What do Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah & Washington have in common?

#VoterRegistration deadlines on 10/8 & 10/9 🚨
Your ABSOLUTE DEADLINE to register to vote in the #2018Midterms is Tuesday, October 9th! 🚨

You can't vote if you're not registered! If you are registered, check for purges. They happen.
#RegisterNow #BlueWave…

Your ABSOLUTE DEADLINE to register to vote in the #2018Midterms is Tuesday, October 9th! 🚨

You can't vote if you're not registered! If you are registered, check for purges. They happen.

#VoteBlue #IPledgeToVote
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Are you pissed off? Already called your Senators? Don't know what to do?

Donate to races that can flip the Senate. We have the chance to get rid of @TedCruz and others. Lets take some seats in the Senate to stop this madness.

Donate to @BetoORourke here:…
If you can't donate, you can still help with Beto's campaign.


Call for Beto!


Other volunteering opportunities:…

Follow @BetoORourke

There are other good candidates to donate to and volunteer for as well.

Check out:
Arizona's Kyrsten Sinema
Nevada's Jacky Rosen
Tennessee's Phil Bredesen

Don't forget about the local races for you. They don't get much attention or support.
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44 DAYS til Midterms & the race were obsessed w/is #BetoForTexas vs #WhatsHisName.😊

Let's have a #BetOnBeto #FBRParty

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Share your favorite bits on Beto. (I.e Clips, Memes, Articles, Gifs, Pics, etc)

Visit for campaign deets.
I hope we get lots of things we can all share as much as possible. Beto's average donation has been $33.00. So it is nothing BUT a grassroots campaign. I'm not in TX but hopefully pushing his message on social media helps some.
Top NRA Recipients for 2017-2018.
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A story in honor of the #TexasSenateDebate:

My parents live in #EastTexas, in a district represented by one of the most conservative members of #Congress. However, my mom is one of the most liberal I know.
After 39 years of marriage, my dad finally let my mom put a bumper sticker on the back of his pickup truck (b/c #Texas) that said "I vote for Democrats." @TexasYDs @scyd_texas @texasdemocrats @BGTX @SmithDems
A few months ago, my dad had to take his truck into the shop. While it was there, one of the workers scratched D-E-M-O-C off the sticker so it read "I vote for rats." Understandably, my mom (who is 71 & under 5 ft, but raised 6 daughters & terrifying when need be) was angry.
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Beto shows up. He goes everywhere in Texas to meet the people of Texas. Has Cruz? No. I made this video for @BetoORourke. Cruz went everywhere in Iowa. He cares about Iowa more than Texas.

#TeamBeto #TXSenateDebate #Betofortexas @BetoORourke

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I’m joining the broadcast about 30 minutes late, got stuck in traffic..🙃
They’re discussing legalization of cannabis. Beto gave a great answer about medicinal cannabis potentially being useful to stem the tide of the opioid epidemic. Cruz says Beto wants to legalize all narcotics and briefly harkens back to his sister’s drug overdose.
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Texas is fed up with mean-spirited politicians. Beto O'Rourke is inspiring crowds all over Texas because people know he CARES for them. It's time for new Texas leadership. It's time for Beto O'Rourke as Senator. #TXSen #BetoForTexas #BetoMania
Are you exhausted by divisiveness in public discourse? So is Beto O'Rourke. That's why his campaign is about inclusion & optimism. He will bring all Texans together, whether GOP or Democrat, to find common ground. #TXSen #BetoForTexas #BetoMania
Beto O'Rourke has visited and talked with people in every one of the 254 counties in Texas, without taking a dime of big PAC money. He will work just as tirelessly to represent the people of Texas in the Senate. #TXSen #BetoForTexas #BetoMania
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•47% would vote for O’Rourke
•45% would vote for Cruz

@BetoORourke has been closing gap last several months
This is 1st poll that puts him ahead of Cruz

More Dems are registering at highest part of scale than Rs
Rs usually have momentum advantage in TX…
Vote for #BetoForTexas

Donate to @BetoORourke to help him keep campaigning & get elected for senate.…
To learn about where @BetoORourke stands on many issues that are important to Texans & to all Americans.

Visit his page to learn more.

Vote for #BetoForTexas
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Here's some graphics I've made for Beto recently. I'm gonna make more but you're welcome to save them and put them everywhere. Esp in Ted cruzs page 😄😄
A couple more...
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Ted Cruz endorsements

@TedCruz's endorsement from Carly Fiorina.

@TedCruz's endorsement from @AnnCoulter

@TedCruz's endorsement from George W. Bush

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Why trump is scared man, no matter what office he holds [...] is above the law and that we will continue to pursue the facts and the truth as far as they lead and as high up as they go and there will be justice and accountability and there will be a reckoning.
Full quote:

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So Ted Cruz looks dumb shading @BetoORourke. I admit it makes me laugh that he thinks these things should turn voters off, but you know, this is not just the desperation of a say anything man (Trump Rally is really the sign) it's the kind of campaign that works with GOP base. 1/
Remember, this is a base that does not care about corruption & cupidity so long as you appoint the right judgesl. They don't care about child molesting if you can ban abortion. They care about social issues that reinforce homophobic white supremacist patriarchy 2/
So Ted is not bothering with policy issues because they don't care about policy issues. Cruz is showing countercultural Beto because they fear challenges to their cultural hegemony. It's silly, but it's not stupid. #BetoForTexas
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Could @TedCruz get wrapped up in this investigation? Yes. I'd pay to see what Mueller knows about Cruz.

Ted Cruz spent 6 million dollars on Cambridge Analytica before Trump then started paying them for their shady and likely illegal dealings.…
Here is my previous thread on C.A. and Ted Cruz.

Do you want a world without Ted Cruz? Support Beto to get rid of Cambridge Analytica Cruz. We can turn Texas blue.



Follow: @BetoORourke
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Everyone is pretty aware that Ted Cruz is a liar but lets point out the lie in something he is talking about lately. Yard signs.

There are not many Cruz yard signs in Texas. They claimed to not have yard signs, to not like yard signs, etc..

Is it true? No.
Here is one excuse:
"I hear that all across the state, and there are a lot of Beto O'Rourke signs that are out there," Cruz replied. "And the reason is they invested big, big dollars early on."

You buy your Beto signs. They aren't free.
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Texas GOP attempt to shame @BetoORourke for his punk rock past hilariously backfires. 😂

O’Rourke played bass in alternative band Foss, which released a pair of albums on Western Breed Records & toured U.S. & Canada in the mid 90s.
Our @BetoORourke is way more cool than the zodiac.
Here he is on stage with Willie Nelson on July 5th.

He skateboards, plays music, he's smart & charming to boot.

I ❤ Beto


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If @BetoORourke prevails, such an upset—likely to hinge suburban & women voters—has potential to reorder Texas politics & the nation's.
O'Rourke's strengths—his charisma & optimism—are Cruz's weaknesses.
The hype that surrounds O'Rourke isn't lost on Cruz.…
“I'll very often get disappointed at myself, disappointed with our team if I feel like we didn't reach what we were supposed to reach or achieve.
What I never do is leave a rally like this with anything other than the feeling that, ‘Holy shit, there are so many amazing people.’ ”
O'Rourke seems completely unfazed by pessimism that hangs over the party.
In the line to meet O'Rourke that day is a woman who lost part of her foot to diabetes.
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As Texas Democrats attempt to win a major statewide contest for the first time in almost three decades, a new NBC News/Marist poll finds Democrat Beto O’Rourke trailing Republican Sen. Ted Cruz by just four percentage points.…
Take in consideration that this was only among registered voters and the margin of error is 3.8 percent. So, if you live in Texas, register to vote! And tell your friends in Texas to register, the deadline is October 9, 2018. #BetoForTexas…
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This needs to be the unofficial song of @BetoORourke's campaign so I made a video for it.

He has been everywhere in Texas getting to know everyone who lives there. Every single county.

Donate today to help send Cruz packing. Close race!…

I made a handy map to show every county that he has been to.

I made a map for @TedCruz.

I'd make Ted a video but they don't have a version of that song for Iowa. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I've been no where in Texas man
I've been in Iowa man
Sent out fake summons man
Taken down by Donald man
Pretended to drive a pickup truck man
I've been to Iowa
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Virtually every @ColinAllredTX yard sign I see has a @BetoORourke yard sign next to it. Not a single one of the Pete Sessions signs I’ve seen around town has had a Ted Cruz sign next to it. People really dislike Ted Cruz. Even those who vote for him! (1/x)
This made me want to refresh my memory about 2012. Ted Cruz ran against David Dewhurst in the GOP primary, the “real” election of 2012 Texas. Dewhurst received the most votes, but not over 50%. (2/x)
In the runoff, only 8.5% of eligible voters voted, and the lower the turnout, the more ideologically extreme the voters tend to be. Cruz got 57% of the vote. (3/x)
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Texas #BlueWave could take down Cruz & deal a big blow to @realDonaldTrump & GOP

@QuinnipiacPoll placed @BetoORourke 6 points behind Cruz

▪Beto 43%
▪Cruz 49%

Sizable jump from 11 point advantage Cruz had end of May

Texas Lyceum Poll indicated a much tighter race
@BetoORourke 2 points behind Cruz

▪Beto 39%
▪Ted 41%

"This race looks different because it's a strong Democratic challenger raising prolific sums of $, tons of earned media"

—Josh Blank, Lyceum Poll, Dir…
.@BetoORourke raised over $23 million this season without accepting donations from corporations of lobbyists.
Cruz has raised $30K more than his opponent.
Texas Senatorial race is currently the most expensive in the country.
A democrat hasn’t won Texas statewide race in 24 years.
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Some pictures from today's @BetoORourke town hall in Rosenberg.
It was pretty packed and there were definitely some fired up people there. From the lady shouting yes over and over in the back, to the teenagers running to get pics with him when it was over.

They were registering people to vote. Notice the handwritten sign about the number of campaign finance violations. 🤣

I didn't catch who the people opening for Beto were.

#BetoForTexas Rosenberg Town Hall
Face painting

Even @BetoORourke's kids got in on the face painting..

#BetoForTexas Rosenberg Town Hall
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A short update from @BetoORourke on Tornillo, post tour.

(Video grabbed from - a lot more video is available on Facebook including past town halls.)

#Texas #txlege #KeepFamiliesTogether #BetoForTexas
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#BREAKING:After THE WHOLE WORLD expresses OUTRAGE over #Trump Admin's EVIL #ZeroTolerance policy, all of a sudden HIS RIGHT HAND MAN .@SenTedCruz is against the policy.Folks don't be fooled,VOTE #TedCruz OUT!!
#TheResistance #MigrantChildren #CNN #MSNBC…
#BREAKING:ALSO REMEMBER that the EVIL #ZeroTolerance policy of ripping #MigrantChildren from their parents HAS THE FULL BLESSING OF.@GovAbbott.VOTE FOR DEM.@LupeValdez for Texas Gov!
#TheResistance #WhereAreTheChildren #LupeValdez #GregAbbott #CNN #MSNBC #FoxNews #BlueWave2018
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