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As uplifting as our day of #FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch events is - we have to talk about #MeTooICE and the sexual degradation of prisoners. Trump is traumatizing a generation of people. We must dedicate ourselves to moments of re-unification and lifetimes of healing. #MeToo
We don’t fully know the answer to #WHEREARETHEGIRLS? Having worked in sexual assault prosecution and prevention, I know #metoo incidents are astronomical among female prisoners & girls in state custody. #FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch is a cry for HEALING.
The assaults, pregnancies, and degradations must be a part of this conversation. STOP government from separating families, imprisoning children, or sanctioning assault & trauma. We must include not just FREEDOM but HEALING in our demands. #FamiliesBelongTogether #MeToo #MeTooICE
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What would Mister Rogers say and think about Donald Trump's evil and cruelty towards refugee and migrant children at the U.S.-Mexico border? #WhereAreTheChildren #WhereAreTheBabies #WhereAreTheGirls

My new .@salon…
Mister Rogers was not just a kind man. He was a radical truth-teller and philosopher who possessed and lived an ideology of justice. I speak with professor Michael Long .@salon about this vision and also how the new documentary "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" gives it short thrift.
Michael Long has written extensively on the philosophy of Mister Rogers and how his radical politics are a corrective to the cruelty and evil we have seen in the right-ward turn in America and the neoliberal regime more generally.
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Any American who says 'this is not US(A)' does not know their own history.
One place: Sand Creek, CO.
One name: John Chivington.
Three words: 'Nits make lice.'
Col Chivington was not hanged for war crimes, nor his men. Congress did issue a finger-shaking condemnation, though.
#WhereAreTheGirls? Why do you care? They're only cunts, born w that extra hole that means both 'less than fully human' & 'threat,' bc cunts make nits. Thus Col Chivington's men took dead women's labia as trophies, bc sexism & racism are 2 inextricably twined strands of 1 hate.
Cunts are holes valuable only for birthing more healthy white sons, otherwise disgusting & dirty & dangerous to well-ordered society, & thus rightly shorthand for 'lowest of the low,' - as you all agree, self-proclaimed liberal or not.
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Five preteen girls brought into a foster agency in East Harlem at one o'clock in the morning last night, brought out again an hour later and led to a car with bags over their heads.
Update: Cayuga Centers CEO confirms they've taken in "unaccompanied children," refuses to say more because terms of govt contract.…
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#BREAKING:After THE WHOLE WORLD expresses OUTRAGE over #Trump Admin's EVIL #ZeroTolerance policy, all of a sudden HIS RIGHT HAND MAN .@SenTedCruz is against the policy.Folks don't be fooled,VOTE #TedCruz OUT!!
#TheResistance #MigrantChildren #CNN #MSNBC…
#BREAKING:ALSO REMEMBER that the EVIL #ZeroTolerance policy of ripping #MigrantChildren from their parents HAS THE FULL BLESSING OF.@GovAbbott.VOTE FOR DEM.@LupeValdez for Texas Gov!
#TheResistance #WhereAreTheChildren #LupeValdez #GregAbbott #CNN #MSNBC #FoxNews #BlueWave2018
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A few years ago, I taught in a different school where I had many kids from El Salvador. One student in particular was quite troubled. I mean. He was a real pain in the butt. But I never sent him out of class because I'm not that kind of teacher.
But other teachers were having problems with him and he ended up on the assistant principal's almost every day. He was very disruptive in their classes. Finally, the guidance counselor got permission to share his story.
It turns out that this boy hid under the bed while his mother was repeatedly raped when he was 4 years old.
He witnessed his mother being raped.
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Boy, I'm glad this is being reported, but the bloodless "waiting" here is going beyond the passive voice. It's making the children the active agents. They're waiting. If their patience runs out, will they stop waiting and leave?


Because they're not waiting. They're held.
The construction also elides the obvious question: for what are they waiting? I think the obvious conclusion would be "their parents" but there's no mention here about any plan or timetable for reuniting them. So what are they waiting for? Trials? Deportations? A final solution?
Let's please not forget that "concentration camp", now considered too harsh a label to be used lightly, was originally a euphemism. Nothing about the phrase itself speaks of genocide or death. Just a way to... concentrate a population in one area.

"The children are waiting."
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WHERE ARE THE LITTLE GIRLS??? @CNN @MSNBC @maddow @jaketapper or any “News” organization that can focus on more than the Trump shitshow!
Here are some ideas!
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Trump administration now ripping nursing babies from their mothers…
Undocumented immigrants in the South denied access to water, electricity, and gas… via @thinkprogress #InternmentCamps #DeathPanels #Sociopathy
Four-star general warns Trump's family separation policy echoes Nazis… #AmericanSociopath
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Trump is thinking about constructing a prison camp to hold 5000 children separated from their parents under Trump’s orders.

Who can we call to stop this inhumane President* from committing this immoral act?

“Cruelty is both the means and the end. It’s the thread that runs through ICE’s strategy of instilling terror in immigrant communities, Department of Homeland Security’s restrictive approach to refugees and asylum-seekers, the White House’s decision to…”

“Cruelty is [Trump’s reason behind] the White House’s decision to rescind temporary protected status for hundreds of thousands of settled immigrants, Sessions’s decision to reopen 350,000 cases for potential deportation, and much more.” #AbolishICE

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This #MothersDay we remember OFFICIAL GOP POLICY of Jeff Sessions, John Kelly, and Trump is TO SPLIT UP FAMILIES:

You are either against separating children from their parents, or you are for it.

Lethal Neglect begins with enforcing cruel laws and cruel executive orders aggressively.
The Trump administration STILL plans on putting migrant children in warehouses on military bases after separating them from their families.

Donald Trump and GOP re-election slogan: Aggressive Cruelty. #MACA
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