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Trump is thinking about constructing a prison camp to hold 5000 children separated from their parents under Trump’s orders.

Who can we call to stop this inhumane President* from committing this immoral act?

“Cruelty is both the means and the end. It’s the thread that runs through ICE’s strategy of instilling terror in immigrant communities, Department of Homeland Security’s restrictive approach to refugees and asylum-seekers, the White House’s decision to…”

“Cruelty is [Trump’s reason behind] the White House’s decision to rescind temporary protected status for hundreds of thousands of settled immigrants, Sessions’s decision to reopen 350,000 cases for potential deportation, and much more.” #AbolishICE

Please CALL CONGRESS AND WHITE HOUSE and tell them you support the Keep Families Together Act:

THREAD of more actions we can take:

ICE and DHS need oversight and accountability:

“ICE runs a massive detention system comprised largely of private prisons. [Trump ordered ICE to use] this system to jail mothers and fathers torn from their children, asylum seekers, and community members taken from loved ones…”

ICE is Trump’s personal bullying squad:


There is no law that requires separating children from their parents. That is Trump’s cruel decision.


And since Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump love the Bible so much, let’s have a reading from the book of Hypocrites:

Over 2000 children have been separated from their families with no clear process for reunification.

Brave Brooke Baldwin called out Donald for lying and refusing to admit that he alone ordered this policy:

Why take children? GREED:

“While the CEO and wife clear more than a million dollars in mostly federal tax money per year, they undercut the services. It’s a basic private prison in the guise of a shelter.”

This week our country:

1. Separated children from parents
2. Started tent cities
3. Stopped granting asylum to people escaping abuse
4. Killed #NetNeutrality⁠ ⁠
5. Upheld voter purges
6. Gutted pre-existing condition protections

“Trump is taking child hostages to deter others and get his wall. Are we waiting for the hot Texas sun to kill a child in a tent? If his harming kids doesn’t move us, nothing will. This is the moment of truth and we are failing.”

Child separation is happening BEFORE the decision to prosecute, per Trump orders.


You know how we have a bad policy?

When your administration cannot keep its story straight about its own policy. TRUMP ORDERED THIS.

Trump can stop his bad policy of separating children from parents RIGHT NOW with ONE phone call.

The former head of ICE says that hundreds of children separated under Trump orders will NEVER be reunited with their parents.

Never forget the children orphaned by the US government.

ICE did not exist before 2003.

Bush & Obama fought against separating children from their families because they saw the practice as too cruel and against our Constitution’s due process.

ICE can be replaced with something better.

Thread on ICE’s history:
When Melania says “I don’t really care”, that’s the real Melania.

When Fox Friends say “not our kids” or Lewandowski says womp womp, that’s who they really are.

When Trump separates traumatized children from their families, that’s the real Donald Trump.

Trump uses the word “love” to refer to his dehumanizing policy of hate.

The President of the United States STILL believes that traumatizing children is good politics.

This manufactured crisis is not over.

We have not seen photos or videos of girls separated from their families by Trump. Why not?

Because the answer to the question #WhereAreTheGirls could be more disturbing than most Americans realize.

DAY 69: We’re STILL waiting for the Trump admin to reunite THOUSANDS of children forcibly separated from their families by Trump’s zero tolerance policy on April 19.

#WhereAreTheBabies #WhereAreTheGirls #WhereAreTheChildren #Basta

DAY 70 since Trump started separating children from families.

An ICE whistleblower resigned after his superiors told him to lie: “They know it's a lie. It was shocking to me that no one wanted to fix that.”

DAY 71.

Dear ICE employees,

Any time you want to quit ICE and join the side protecting immigrant children instead of prosecuting them, Team Families Belong Together welcomes you.

#FamiliesBelongTogether #AbolishICE #QuitAndSnitch
DAY 73 since Trump began separating children from families.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.

(Margaret Mead)

DAY 74 since Trump began separating children.

“Trump’s cruel and incompetent policies ripped more than 2000 children away from their parents, and there are no indications when he’ll be able to reunite them, even though a judge has ordered him to do so.”

DAY 76 since Trump began separating children. #IndependenceDay

We fight to free kids from abuse!

“Guards scared the girls -- as young as 6 years old -- saying things like, "You will see what will happen next to you." Some were told they’d go to jail.”

DAY 79 since Trump began separating children from families.

It is important for America — for legal, constitutional, ethical, moral, and humanitarian reasons — to return EVERY child.

DAY 80 since Trump began separating children from families.

A judge says Trump’s policy is "brutal, offensive, and fails to comport with traditional notions of fair play and decency."

From 9 Myths About Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy, by @DrMichelleSays:…
DAY 81.

Under court order, Trump FINALLY provided a list of 102 children under 5 that it forcibly separated from parents.

“It appears likely that LESS THAN HALF WILL BE REUNITED” by the July 10 deadline.

DAY 82 since Trump began separating children from their families.

Not even half of the 102 children under age 5 will be reunited with their parents by the court ordered deadline.

Over 3000 children ages 5-18 are still waiting to be reunited, too.

DAY 83 since Trump began separating children from families.

It has been 21 days since Trump’s Executive Order to create concentration camps to indefinitely detain families:

HHS and DHS are NOWHERE CLOSE to #everychildreturned:

DAY 84 since Trump began separating children from their families.

Today Trump began enforcing his new US asylum policy of rejecting people seeking asylum from gang violence, domestic violence, and legitimate fears of persecution.

DAY 85 since Trump began separating children from families.

57 of 103 kids under 5 have been reunited:…

Detention centers resemble prisons:

Companies make over $1 billion per year off detaining children:
DAY 88 since Trump began separating children from families.

Trump’s #TreasonSummit distracted from the lack of update by DHS and HHS on the 3000 children STILL separated.

We are 10 days from the court-ordered deadline to return EVERY child by July 26.

DAY 89 since Trump began separating children from families.

Of 2551 kids in custody believed to be separated, officials confirmed matches with 2480 parents.

1609 such parents are in custody…

Potentially HUNDREDS of parents have been deported already.…
DAY 90 since Trump began separating children from their families.

“The Trump Administration consistently provided false information to the American public regarding the crisis at the border.”

Read Dr Martin’s update on the 2551 separated children:

DAY 91 since Trump began separating children from their families.

Thursday July 26 = #everychildreturned court ordered deadline for Trump regime to reunite EVERY one of the 2551 children they separated

Saturday July 28 = #FamiliesBelongTogether march:

DAY 92. 2500+ children are STILL separated.

A judge ruled that Trump separating families violates children’s constitutional rights.

Trump’s government conceded that the children’s “separation from their parents was… traumatic.”

DAY 93 since Trump began separating kids from families.

364 of 2500+ separated children have been reunited.

5 days until the deadline.

Kathleen Kraninger was promoted for separating thousands of children:

DAY 94 since Trump began separating children from their families.

“The majority of the other girls in my cell were also crying the whole time I was there.”

THREAD of children describing their experiences in Trump’s prisons run by ICE, DHS, and HHS:

DAY 95 since Trump began separating children from their families. Deadline: 3 days.

Families are still being separated.
Parents are still being deported.
Children are still in cages.

DAY 96 since Trump began separating children from their families. 2 days to reunite ALL families, by judge order.

Trump’s government is telling HUNDREDS of parents that they have lost the right to be reunited with their children.

DAY 97 since Trump began separations.

Families are STILL being separated.
Children are STILL being locked up.

Trump’s regime calls 900+ children "not eligible… for reunification."

DAY 98 since Trump began separating children from families.

Over 700 children were not reunited with their families by the deadline, and no timeline was given for tracking down the hundreds of parents who remain unaccounted for.

DAY 99 since Trump began separating children from their families.

Trump’s government decided that 711 children are “ineligible” for reunification with their families.

What will happen to those children?

DAY 100 since Trump began separating children.

757 out of 2654 children are still not reunited.

"There's a very good chance they're going to be permanently separated," says John Sandweg, who was acting director of ICE 2013-2014.

DAY 101 since Trump began separating children.

757 out of 2654 children are STILL not reunited.

How many children will Donald Trump orphan before he is done?

#everychildreturned #FamiliesBelongTogether
DAY 102 since Trump began separating children.

757 out of 2654 children are STILL not reunited with their families because Trump’s government calls them “ineligible.”

This is his “Mission Accomplished” moment:

#FamiliesBelongTogether #EveryChildReturned
DAY 103 since Trump began separating children.

757 out of 2654 children are STILL not reunited.

Left out of Trump’s tweet, by Judge Dana Sabraw:

“The government is at fault for losing several hundred parents in the process and that’s where we go next.”

DAY 104 since Trump began separating children.

757 out of 2654 children are STILL not reunited.

HHS says Trump ignored their warning about “significant risk of harm” and “psychological injury” to children.

DAY 105 since Trump began separating children from their families. Hundreds STILL not reunited.

1) Why didn’t Ivanka do ANYTHING?

2) Does ANYONE in the White House know this crisis is very far from over?

DAY 106 since Trump began separating children.

Judge Sabraw ordered a clear reunification plan by August 10, and explicitly said Trump’s regime is 100% responsible for these children not becoming orphans.

DAY 108 since Trump began separating children from their families.

Trump’s regime CHOSE to prosecute parents with children (over adults without kids) to use cruelty as a deterrent to people seeking asylum.

DAY 109 since Trump began separating children from their families.

Every child has a story.

5-year-old Filemona was separated from her father on May 16 by Trump’s government. They are still separated.

DAY 110 since Trump began separating families.

572+ children are STILL separated.

And one girl died from “negligent care and a respiratory illness she contracted” from another child in ICE detention. RIP.

• • •

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4/ Beware reflexive retweeting. Big news brings out the fakers. And photoshoppers. Beware negative news and look for positive news.

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43% of American households cannot afford basics like food and rent.

Trump’s presidency is defined by corporations and wealthy individuals who spend relatively little to get billion dollar tax breaks at the expense of working American people.

It’s kleptocracy in action. “That’s some ROI” indeed:
Policy is MOST responsible for inequality. Trickle down is a myth.

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This #MothersDay we remember OFFICIAL GOP POLICY of Jeff Sessions, John Kelly, and Trump is TO SPLIT UP FAMILIES:

You are either against separating children from their parents, or you are for it.

Lethal Neglect begins with enforcing cruel laws and cruel executive orders aggressively.
The Trump administration STILL plans on putting migrant children in warehouses on military bases after separating them from their families.

Donald Trump and GOP re-election slogan: Aggressive Cruelty. #MACA
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