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Sep 26, 2018, 24 tweets

I started the show on the 24th with an attempt at a meme... what do you think?

What about this one?

Have to admit, when I did those memes I was a bit giddy... who wouldn't be after seeing this! They actually attempted to get the Executive Branch to get their permission before declassifying anything! Yea, they're scared. BTW: the gang of 8? Aren't there only 7 right now?

But then, HRC called it back in 2016, didn't she? #FearTheNoose

Don't know if you saw this, but look what's happening in DC... @realDonaldTrump is forcing the agencies to play nicely together... FINALLY!!! Looking forward to seeing more of this.

In 2205, Q again reminds us FB can't read memes... won't stop them from trying to scare you, but now that you know, that scare mongering will mean even less... MEME AWAY!

2206 proves they're afraid, very afraid. When you have Swalwell, Holder, and others saying garbage like this, the only thing it can be is fear. It's #GameOver #EnjoyTheShow

Oh look, Shifty has something to say about a "red line." Fear... why one would think something really bad is about to drop... #GameOver #EnjoyTheShow

In 2209 we're pointed to an @GreggJarrett article about Rosenstein... psst Greg, as much as I like you, Trump has said the DOJ has no issue with declassification... that would mean to include Rosenstein... No? Time for a new schtick.

FISA judges were deceived and defrauded, nothing justified suppression of info, in fact, they were all I direct violation of EO 13526. Just think, what's about to land is even bigger.

I keep getting asked, is RR clean or dirty. I believe clean... but let me tell you why I think so. In answering the question of why RR begged, I have to say, I don't think he did. Bit IF he did, he may have done it to prevent embarrassment to himself and others?

As we seen in 2208, Michael Horowitz gave a speech last week. It was great, left me feeling as if there really are quite a few Patriots working hard to right our listing ship of state. A good ombudsman program will go far into reestablishing oversight in the Executive Branch.

2210 is a very long post... breaking it down is going to take a minute or two... let's start by taking this piece by piece.

He also introduced Storch at that whistleblower speech. We're pointed to the CIGI website where we find Horowitz is Chairman. Together with Storch, a safe and secure ombudsman program is being established for wistleblowers all across the government. That's huge news!

Storch is the Whistleblower Ombudsman, a newly created position just for him. He also brings with him over 25 years as a federal prosecutor, focusing mainly on public corruption.

Here's a great blog talking about him. and why his appointment is so important.

Interestingly, he was appointed by Obama too... but was never confirmed. Trump is only re-nominating him. So figure my surprise when I figured out he was confirmed by Voice Vote, not an actual floor vote. /sarc Oh yea, and he's working with Huber.

Under the Obama Admin, IGs were hampered by Holder's new rule... they could open an investigation, but could not have access to the data needed to complete any investigation. The chains have been broken and Storch's ombudsman program is a great start to true oversight in DC.

So, if the IGs are now handling gov't wide whistleblower activity, it would make sense they have an equally independent program for whistleblowers to report wrong doing. Enter the CIGI "One Stop Shop" to follow the work of inspectors their cases, and various reports.

The other thing established is a set of cross-agency protocols for releasing information related to an "ongoing criminal investigation." Note they're similar protocols to what the GJs use when deciding to unseal a court case once the trial is over.

Oh has Sessions been busy! The AGAC has been fully staffed. Note the date of Nov 13, 2017... when was Huber selected by Sessions as the SP for the Horowitz investigation? Interesting timing, don't ya think?

Richard Moore is the Chair of the AGAC with Huber the Vice-Chair. he too has a storied history.

so when you hear all of this rhetoric, just remember Sessions is on the job and they're scared out of their minds! GOOD!!!

RR attempts to stall or delay declassification? You know there's more to this than just that, right? Just be sure to grab the popcorn. Things are about to get lively.

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