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Sep 28, 2018, 18 tweets

QDrops For September 28, 2018

Power To The People Edition

This is the continuation of today’s #QDrops













D's Playbook (Midterm E):

We will impeach Justice K (ZERO corroborating evidence

and ALL factual witnesses provided by accuser ALL

DENIED ALLEGATIONS) should we take control in NOV.


These people are EVIL, SICK, & STUPID.

You are watching/witnessing the systematic destruction

of the OLD GUARD.




Dear @Apple @tim_cook @AppleSupport,

When this is all over you will be on the wrong side of

history. You should’ve never removed the QDrops App nor

lied to me and the public. Enjoy today’s QDrops.


Pissed off Apple 🍎 Consumer

I wasn’t to happy about this now added extra week in the Kavanaugh vote on the Senate floor because I’m tired of the stalling taking place in D. C. Hurry up and wait. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Russia Probe, #FISAGATE to everything we have been working on for the past 11 months with Q.

But here we sit and have another week to watch these stupid people destroy themselves! 😝 #ThesePeopleAreStupid! They have walked into a trap set up by themselves, @POTUS and QTeam. The Sky is Falling!

Every email and text message will now be turned over to the @FBI #TrustWray! They think just 5 people need to be investigated but they forgot about themselves. @SenFeinstein you need to be worried for your actions. Who is the source of the leak? If not you then who?

Unfortunately Dr. Ford you as well need to be worried & your lawyers too. Why weren’t you told that these interviews could be held in Cali and in private? Look at this and who do we see? @HillaryClinton is who! It always seems to come back to you, @BillClinton or the @ClintonFdn.

Everyone involved in this needs to be worried because it’s a tangled web of lies and deceit. @Alyssa_Milano I’d be getting a lawyer for the stunt you tried to pull off yesterday at the hearing. You got played! Who gave you the 2nd poster yesterday?

Q has said that everything is connected numerous times and it really is. Question one person and it opens a door to question someone else. All this done out of pure hate of the @POTUS! Business as usual in good old Washington DC. Divide they try. FAIL THEY WILL!

Another week will have to wait most likely before Rod Rosenstein is dealt with too. #TickTock [RR]! #WalkAway while you still can but not to far because your going to be questioned soon as well.

From the Anons

I love this theory! Critical thinking by this Anon!

Another theory by an Anon!

Don’t forget this Wednesday October 3rd is the National Emergency Broadcast “test.” Or will this be postponed again to coincide with Judge 👨‍⚖️ Kavanaugh’s vote or swearing in? 😉

Enjoy The Show my fellow Patriots!

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