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Welcome to the “Book Of Q”

Red October Edition Part 2 “Are You Ready For Arrest?”

This will be the continuation QDrops fo October 2018.

Each day that there are QDrops they will be added to this

part of the “Book Of Q”




[Picture Repost]

A picture is worth a thousand words.

See EVIL in the face of FEINSTEIN?

See FEAR & EMOTION in the face of MURKOWSKI?

A phone was present.

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QDrops For September 28, 2018

Power To The People Edition

This is the continuation of today’s #QDrops












D's Playbook (Midterm E):

We will impeach Justice K (ZERO corroborating evidence

and ALL factual witnesses provided by accuser ALL

DENIED ALLEGATIONS) should we take control in NOV.


These people are EVIL, SICK, & STUPID.
You are watching/witnessing the systematic destruction

of the OLD GUARD.



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Google, what is the death toll on Hurricane Maria?

Answer: 2975

Please, remember facts when you vote on Nov 6, 2018.

These f*cktard & his f*ckaroos take no responsibility for their lack of leadership.
We'll #VoteThemAllOut & vote in responsible candidates.

And before any troll jumps on my post telling me: "your source is wikipedia?"

There are official sources, reports, articles, videos that tell us the truth.

Those who have eyes can see.

Those with even half a brain can think for themselves.

So sick & tired of the lies, enough.
How f*cking twisted are you?

So, your inauguration it was "the biggest crowd ever."

But when you have the highest death toll ever & is actually the truth you won't acknowledge it.

Please don't @ me that it wasn't just his fault.

He IS a sh*tty leader, with a sh*tty response.
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Democrats need 2 seats to flip the senate

They need 1 of the following scenarios to come true:

•Democrats need to win Republican held seats in Arizona & Nevada

•They need to hold on to all 26 of their currently held seats, including Indiana & Missouri…
If Democrats lose 1 of their seats, they need to take Arizona, Nevada & Tennessee.

Democrats could sub in Texas for 1 of these 3 seats or carry all 4 & afford to lose 2 of their seats.

They can't afford to lose in West Virginia, where tRump won by more than 40 points in 2016.
Manchin has retained high single digit polling lead in Mountaineer St
It isn't difficult seeing his lead falling given tRump is well liked there

Good news for Dems is: results across these races are correlated
Winning 1 of these tight races means they're likely to win most of em
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We have an illegitimate President. He commited conspiracy in plain sight with a hostile foreign power to attain the Presidency. We are ALL witnesses to his crime.



We have an illegitimate President. He conspired with his attorney to defraud the American People to silence witnesses at a crucial point in his campaign so that Voters would not have complete information with which to make their voting decision.


We have an illegitimate President. He conspired with his attorney to hide campaign donations paid to keep witnesses silent at a crucial point in his campaign.



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After Nov 8, 2016
I thought we'd ALL band together with 1 common goal:

Defeat @realDonaldTrump

Fight his fascist agenda

Remain United States of America

Regardless of ideology

Country before party

Found that in #TheResistance
We ALL Resist different
At times disagree

Before 2016, I wasn't active on Twitter.
Like many of us, alarmed by what I was witnessing little by little I got more involved.
Learned about politics, Congress, Senate, Laws.
If you asked me 4 yrs ago I wouldn't be able to tell ya who represents each state.
I know by heart now.
Once tRump took over on Jan 20, 2017 I got more involved & Summer of last year I met many amazing Resistance brothers & sisters who are family to me til this day.
I created support rooms & joined candidate rooms to help amplify their campaign.
I run across amazing people daily.
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A family member just told me that during the annual mtg of the company he works for-which all employees are mandated to attend-the CEO spent 30 min. extolling the benefits of the Trump presidency. What he essentially attempted to do was to insist that this captive audience show
2/ up for the midterms and “vote red”, telling them that if they didn’t, not only would they ‘lose your rights’, but that it would cost them money and cause them (non-specific) “communication problems”.
3/ I find this unconscionable...this guy-a member of the 1% who has vastly benefited financially from the Trump Tax Plan-stood in front of the room and TOLD his employees who to vote for. #TuesdayThoughts #VoteThemAllOut
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So f*cked up how this a*hole cares more about ratings than the repercussions of separating children from their parents.
A toddler died shortly after being in ICE custody.
But Fox News has the highest morning ratings y'all!
Priorities, amiright.

In case he has you blocked or you have him blocked

THIS is his priority:


NOT the lives of the children he kidnapped
NOT their reunification with their parents
NOT protecting our election process

Fox News Ratings

Didn't point out the obvi:

45 hasn't addressed global warming is creating hell on earth in Northern California with 1 of the worst fires in our state's recorded history.
I already KNEW that statement from @realDonaldTrump won't ever happen, plus he's jelly of us


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11 GOPers acting like Putin's representatives #VoteThemOut:
1. Mark Meadows, chair of the hard-right "Freedom Caucus" (former Tea Party). Ethics scandal:…
His opponent is Philip Price @Price4WNC #NorthCarolina #NC11
11 GOPers acting like Putin's reps, trying to "impeach" Rod Rosenstein:
2. Jim Jordan, #GymJordan named in #OSU #OhioState sex abuse lawsuit…
His opponent is Janet Garrett. She will represent #Ohio #OH04 @Janet4OH
11 RW GOPers attacking US law enforcement instead of investigating Russia's attack on America. #VoteThemAllOut

3. Matt Gaetz of #Florida is "known for doing some pretty despicable things"…
Faces a primary challenge August 28. #FL01…
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Juneteenth honors the last slaves freed in the US in 1865. It celebrates FREEDOM

This yr Trump chose THAT DAY to officially withdraw from the UN HUMAN RIGHTS Council

Days later a federal Judge ordered ALL border families reunited in 30 Days

Tomorrow Trump violates that Order
Children are still in Cages
Parents have been deported AFTER their children were torn from them
The few scenes of reunifications show children TRAUMATIZED
This nightmare isn’t over but the bigger question for our Country is...
If Trump wont follow Federal Orders who will stop him
The one group who can stop Trump are the GOP
They can stop these Human Rights violations but they don’t - WHY?

We need to #VoteThemAllOut to reunite the children

We need to #VoteThemOut to stop a DESPOT from destroying our Nation

We must register AS MANY NEW VOTERS as possible
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This #SundayMorning , we're checking in on #WhereAreTheChildren

4 days are left until the deadline for HHS to reunify all children separated from their parents.

450 out of the nearly 2,500 kids over 5 have been reunited.
Less than 1/5 of those in HHS custody.
(2) The administration has already blown past a previous deadline earlier this month to reunite all children under 5 years of age.

HHS returned only 57 out of the 105 babies & preschoolers, claiming the rest were "ineligible" to be reunited.…
(3) Right now, nearly 850 parents have been interviewed and cleared for reunification but another 229 parents have been deemed ineligible. There are several things that are slowing down this process.

The most frightening one is a lack of clear records.…
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#GOPComplicit incumbents represent their donors over constituents.

🇺🇸All states have a moment
🔴All #GOPTraitors have a thread
💵Top donors tagged to rep(s)
📰Negative news in each thread

🔎from:batmanresist ST## / STSEN

Hold them accountable for their actions.
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Body language doesn't lie.
His lips might attempt to deceive us.
How @realDonaldTrump is comporting himself on the world stage:

▪Visibly disinterested walking along, ahead, all around Queen Elizabeth II, no focus, lost
▪Today 45 is focused, engaged, present, excited with Putin
We may not know what is being said during @realDonaldTrump employee yearly review between him & his puppet master Putin, but body language tells us he made his boss a very happy man.

In less than 2 years his puppet has shattered alliances, dismantled climate accord, alienate us.
We're a hair away from being litte Russia.
You feel angry, frustrated, tied up?
Don't despair, channel your angsty energy toward action, resolve.

Here's How:

•Get involved locally
•Knock doors
•Gather signatures
•Call your rep
•Register voters
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#Batman world’s greatest detective here to pull the @freedomcaucus out of the shadows and highlight their enablement of #TrumpTreason and other crimes.

But first who are they?
@pewresearch shows how far outside of the median these reps fall.…
2. Last week the #FreedomCaucus was busy on a two pronged approach.

First they circled their wagons to defend #GymJordan (like they will for @RepDavid as well) contradicting themselves from last year when they demanded Senator Frankin step down.…
3. Freedom Caucus had a busy week attacking FBI and launching a new effort to impeach Rosenstein.…
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The House Appropriations Committee, passed an amendment allowing taxpayer funded adoption agencies to deny LGBTQ families the ability to adopt a child based on religious objection.

We can't allow this blatant discrimination!
Amendment is on Dept of Labor, Health, Human Services, Education funding bill
If it remains in final bill, it cuts 15% fed adoption funding to states, localities that penalize adoption agencies refusing to place kids in fams conflicting with agency’s religious beliefs/convictions
“House Rs are pandering to their far-right base at expense of LGBTQ people/kids in need of home
Rather than focus empowering fams, uniting
Rs on House Appropriations Committee voted to give child welfare agencies license to discriminate against qualified potential parents”
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Replaced by Andrew Wheeler, energy lobbyist.
His biggest client Murray Energy Co, bills itself as largest coal mining Co in U.S. whose CEO Robert E Murray, vigorously fought Obama admin attempts to reduce carbon emissions, strengthen environment/public health laws
Shortly after 45 took office, Murray, an unabashed climate denier, presented @VP with pro-coal action plan that called for doing away with Clean Power Plan, withdrawing from Paris climate agreement, eliminating federal tax credits for renewable energy, yes halving EPA’s workforce
Wheeler serves as VP of Washington Coal Club, powerful yet little-known federation of 300+ coal producers, lawmakers, business leaders, policy experts who've dedicated themselves to preserving uncertain future of our dirtiest fossil fuel.
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JOIN US: We are calling for a nationwide
#VoteThemOut of these politicians who has took donations from the @NRA.

In this THREAD is a comprehensive list.

We have the power for change. Who will be joining us?
Rep. Robert Aderholt (R) $44,749
Rep. Mike Rogers (R) $30,850
Sen. Richard Shelby (R) $21,350
Rep. Martha Roby (R) $8,000
Rep. Mo Brooks (R) $5,000
Rep. Bradley Byrne (R) $5,000
Rep. Gary Plamer (R) $5,000

Rep. Don Young (R) $62,600
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R) $18,900

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