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Oct 5, 2018, 32 tweets

Starting with 2237, Q links to a Carter article talking about, seems behind closed doors, Brennan's ma Russia narrative was roundly disputed.

While we ponder the reality that Brennan forced a narrative, Trump has another rally. For those who vigilantly braved the liberal lunacy, Trump had a special message.

Threats against Trump supporters are real. For safety reasons, Q shirts were prohibited at the rally on the 21st. Seems threats were being called in and the safety of thousands in attendance was at risk. Buddy up folks, buddy up.

Oh look, a Q proof!

Ok, we're going to need to break 2247 down in a few slides. First, note what Trump is saying in those tweets... The DOJ agrees, Horowitz is looking "at other things" to release, and FVEY members are scared.

Q asks how FVEY members would know what is in a TS FISA warrant. Would be because of the Steele indictment would it? Of course not... using Steele as bait has caused quite a few long distance calls lately... wonder who was listening?

Why do you suppose they're all so afraid? I mean, it's only an act of war they committed. Can hardly wait to see what the MSM drums up to spin this truth.

Just don't think it will work... forget wave, think Tsunami now.

Oh lookie here... threatening Rosenstein with fake stories. Wonder which rat talked to the NYT this time? Somehow I don't think it will work.

FYI: "Nothing to see here" in gematria = 187... guess you know what that means... No deals, no delays, buckle up buttercup!

Here we are at 2252... simply put, ploys by the cabal to force Trump to fire Rosenstein will fail and the FISA DECLAS will happen. Keep your head on a swivel, we've got a couple more weeks to go before the entire house of cards falls.

In the meantime, #EnjoyTheShow... you should be able to spot the players, the playbook is rather old and tattered. Fake news all day, everyday. May I suggest a good movie instead?

in 2254 we find out the cabal, using those fake articles, sought to force Rosenstein to meet with Trump... it failed. The playbook is old, the timing predictable.

NYT, Omarosa... 1 = 1 offensive strategy? Is Omarosa a part of the plan? IDK, but it sure seems there more here than meets the eye. Listen to her segment on The View... seems she got them to agree with her as she shifted the narrative. Interesting.

Then came the articles with Rosenstein disavowing the NYT articles. Sessions backing him is a huge signal. It's rather obvious this story had to have been fed to the NYT...

Regardless of how transparent they were, Schumer followed this silly plan through and "warned" Trump about crossing their imaginary "red line."

Oh lookie here... in 2258, 59, and 60, we find Lynch is talking... a lot! Q says TRUTH reveal... as in "under penalty of "perjury?" Obviously she's caged... what do you think, life vs death? Are Brennan and Hussein the prize? We already know what happened to No Name.

Fake "Sexual Assault" accusations, the go to deep state hit job. Who didn't see this coming?

Don't think they expected to see a GOP with a backbone... #TrustGrassley

2261, "MUSIC IS ABOUT TO STOP." The number is to the WH where "for training purposes may be monitored, but not recorded... I find that hilarious! (Omarosa)

So, all efforts to frustrate Kavanaugh to step down from his nomination have failed... now what? Why seek postponement of the hearings of course. Oh yea, and add a couple more disposable rent a biotches while we're at it.

You have to admit though, watching Avenatti get punked by a bunch of 4Chan kids in real time was simply hilarious! He even shut down his twitter while he attempted to clean up his mess. Aren't lawyers accountable to the Bar?

I have a feeling this story isn't going to end well for those pulling hit jobs out of their back pockets... Grassley definitely is fighting with gloves off!

Looks like "Spartacus" Booker is Spartidust. He may be immune from law suits for what they say on the floor, but his problem now is an informed constituent. Just remember, Horowitz is expediting the FISA release AND "other things he's looking at." Dare I wonder?

After 8 long years of forced weakness, I am so impressed with the GOP today... I knew they all had a backbone, glad they chose now to demonstrate just how strong it was. They're playing this game beautifully!

They are in panic now...GOOD!!! An act of war is serious, guess they too will need an MSM willing to help spin the bad news. #TheWorldIsWatching and Americans are happy to share the playbook for how to win at this game of Deep State destruction.

From 2262, we're told to expect some positive news from MSM in an effort to save their own skins... think it's a day late and a dollar short though. Citizen journalism is the new MSM... let's keep it that way! Oh look, a special message from the rally! I love our direct connect!

Remember when we were told in 2155 that Comey & McCabe were coordinating communication? Well, it seems they were also coordinating that threat against Rosenstein... old playbook though, leaking memos aren't a new tactic... been there done that too! Seems stupidity hath no limits.

Have to say, this show is glorious! I like watching them all destroy themselves. I honestly never thought it would be this thorough. I happily stand corrected.

Think! Why would the IG recommend Rosenstein step down? He works for Sessions not the IG. Could Rosenstein now be a federal witness? BTW: Rachel wanted nothing to do with the Mueller investigation. BO & MO are telling folks they don't need info to vote...NOT NORMAL. Brennan? putz

Nope, this guy doesn't have a care in the world...think about that. FYI John, It's only strange for those not paying attention.

It's time.

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