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Oct 9, 2018, 79 tweets

1) Starting a near-midnight thread, basically to help me collect my thoughts on a variety of related topics.

2) I would really prefer to just do research and then go out with that. But oh well

3) When you see all this I think you'll understand why my head is exploding a little. And it's hard to just stay focused on one thing.

4) This Kavanaugh disaster (for the Democrats, that is) is not going away anytime soon.

5) Because they *started* something here. They got people talking. This isn't going back to wherever it came from.

6) I have a few barometers which I use to test public opinion. Let's begin there, because we need to know what the pulse of society is now--

7) Before the mass arrests take place.
(Yes, isn't it incredible? It's truly going to happen!)

8) 55,677 as of October 1, but who's counting.

9) My first and most important barometer of public opinion is my husband.
Let's just say he is generally more moderate than me.

10) When I told him we were going to have military tribunals, and that Obama was going to be arrested and tried for treason, he said flat out: You are insane.

11) Then I showed him the clip where @LindseyGrahamSC asked BK about the military tribunals.

I will never forget the look on his face.

12) When the story broke about Ford accusing BK, I got that "bad feeling" right away. Of course as we know, upon closer inspection her story kept on falling apart.

But we still had a dinner time family discussion.

That is me with t39YGliyVcw

13) It was the two of us talking, and we had an audience at the table.
His thing was, usually I'm the women's advocate, and it normally takes two to tango.
So why was I so *incredibly* sure that BK is *100%* innocent?

14) The answer came down *not* to an analysis of the letter itself, nor of any specific fact in the case.

Although I never got tired of saying "Julie 'Sweat Socks' Swetnick."

15) Rather, it was the deranged lunacy of the so-called "feminists" and "victims' advocates," which swarmed down on any individual who dared to express any skeps://t.co/wTnGtLgmUb

16) It was also the fact that Leland Keyser was pressured by CF BFF Monica Mclean, to alter her story favorably (and now we know that she gave text messages to the FBI to prove it).


17) I thought it was telling that when I argued about this issue on Facebook with one of these deranged types (how do I know she is deranged? Because she started accusing me of being in an "alternative reality," despite having absolutely zero evidence to back CF) --

18) I got a bunch of Facebook friend requests from acquaintances of Facebook acquaintances, as if in solidarity.

19) And when BK was confirmed and I expressed my joy on LinkedIn, a cascade of people joined in to say THANK GOD.

20) You know the tide is turning when your kid comes to you and shows you #QAnon #2364 about the CF and crime against children and says,

"Mom is this what you were talking about? Is this true?"

you nod.

and then she turns to her husband and tells him all E4PBBKR1Ow

21) Much earlier this year, I recall discussing #QAnon with a group of people. It was a large group. One person said: "That was a brilliant speech."

Half of the group would not so much as shake5h5Z4awSCW

22) Just two months ago I looked up at a local overpass.

There, in Red Solo cups, the high school kids had spelled out: #FlyEaglesFly
Belief was spreading.

23) I had a talk with someone else, not a news junkie, about BK. I told her everything, everything from top to bottom, as much detail as possible.

Ended it: "And don't forget Julie 'Sweat Pants' Swetnick." (Her nickname keeps changing in the story.)

SHE WASjmjokAtEcf

24) And then...this happened.

25) They held the vote for Kavanaugh, and we were watching the livestream on YouTube. The deranged protesters were screaming "SHAME! SHAME!" and that took forever to get rid of; then they were reading off the names for the vote.


26) I jumped up and started HOLLERING, over and over.

27) Everyone was like, "Mom! What's going on!"

And someone -- a very quiet person -- suddenly dropped a truth bomb:
"That's good. We almost were goi" https://t.co/1FxZ6ODpGZ

28) So that's kind of where things stand right now, and now the Left has kicked Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford to the curb, because they don't need her for anything and the questions would be inconvenient, to say the least.

But the feminists have gotten angry.
They want blood.

29) You see? So we have this weird confluence of

Patriots, ready to see arrests,


Feminists who feel that yet again, the White Man has gotten away with it.

30) The problem, of course, is that we do not share a common knowledge base at all.

Some of us have been #WWG1WGA for nearly a year now.

Many are still upset about the 2016 election.

We need what I would call a "giant Moses momePHtmxoc6Px

31) That, right there, is the research that I am working on, but it will take too long to assemble properly.

So for those of you who want to hang around for a bit...here's a few things to consider. That maybe other people will fairly easily understand.

32) Sorry, I took a little break to get a snack, and unfortunately there is nothing to eat.

33) Ok, so where were we?

Things that people can readily understand, about the tsunami of justice that's approaching.

Look no further than the @WSJ.

34) Here is a spreadsheet I just downloaded.
A treasure trove, courtesy of the MSM!


35) This spreadsheet, courtesy of @AsraNomani, shows where the "resistance" is getting its $.

Guess what?

"At least 20 of the largest groups that led the Saturday anti-Kavanaugh protests have been Open Society grantees."

Meaning, Sorwsj.com/articles/georg…ps://t.co/aNFFtMCsBt

36) "The very rude elevator screamers are paid professionals only looking to make Senators look bad. Don’t fall for it! Also, look at all of the professionally made identical signs. Paid for by Soros and others." - @POTUS, OctoberHYnLYgbH3Ub

37) @AsraNomani writes: "On Saturday I also studied the fine print on the signs as protesters waved them defiantly at the Capitol and the high court. They came from a familiar list of Democratic interest groups that have received millions from Mr. Soros:"

38) " the American Civil Liberties Union, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, the Center for Popular Democracy, Human Rights Campaign and on and on."

39) &MoveOn.org5Fa2j, a Democratic organizing and lobbying group founded with Soros money, sent its army of partisan followers regular missives that led them to a Google form to ask for train tickets and places to stay."

40) It's all smoke and mirrors.

41) "Center for Popular Democracy field marshals put protesters through a 'training' Saturday morning. 'Are you ready to be arrested?' she asks. 'Yes!' the crowd shouts, although one woman asks quietly: 'For what?'"

42) The Professional Left is orchestrated.
Start to finish.

43) "One organizer hands out tickets to the Senate visitors gallery for the express purpose of violating the law."

"That they did—the proceedings were repeatedly interrupted by shrieks fromps://t.co/pcTAYSrL6z

44) "The agitators even have help with their handmade sigDpTTRBhsKT

45) Okay?
So now the word's out, the secret's out.
Resistance is a "cash chH5w5mrbT3

47) Que ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

48) So the paid Leftist activism thing is definitely something one can talk about.

(Although certainly one can expect a response about people paid to support @realDonaldTrump...at least once.)

Plaid Shirt Guy *chose* to go, BTW.

49) Here's another thing (I'm going to save the Mengele stuff for another time.)

This one is really fascinating.

It's hard to wrap your head around.

50) BLUF (bottom line up front), the crazy Leftist tactics we are seeing today...
well they come straight from the "Palestinian propaganda" playbook.

This realization shocked me with itamazon.com/Protecting-Pro…LTBGJiAlTy

51) This show, from @ACLJ (@JaySekulow's American Center for Law and Justice, a conservative, anti-Deep State, pro-Israel advocacy group) is also on YouTube.


52) Now if you are like me and you don't want to suffer through 2 hours of talk to get the point, that's OK.

53) The point to convey to people you know is that:
-- we are dealing with a false movement.
-- Linda Sarsour seems to show up consistently at its "events."
-- the narrative runs off a very consistenk25Q7XN5tg

54) Now, the ACLJ video is about a very specific topic - the demonization of Israel through victim p*rn, a callous disregard for human life, and the inevitable resulting lawfare.

55) Basically, they explain

(one minute, I just found a gigantic bag of Skinny Pop popcorn from Costco.)

56) ok, I can actually alternate eating handfuls of this and Tweeting.

57) They explain in this video, absolutely brilliantly, how Israel got fundamentally screwed in the international community of reputation.

58) If you look back at history, like way back to the early 1900s, there were multiple attempts by the international community to split up the land of Israel so that Jews and Arabs could share it.

59) Every time someone came up with a plan, the Jews would say yes.
The Arabs would say no fucking way.

60) The issue for them was the existence of a Jewish state as a Jewish state. Meaning, coexistence was not the problem; land title was.

61) The Arabs therefore started a bunch of wars, which did not work out well for them.

62) The pan-Arab world was so colossally pissed that the Jews had the nerve to take "their" land and create a Jewish state that they expelled 800,000 Jews from all over the region.

Jews that Israel ultimately took in.

63) OK, no more popcorn.

64) So the question comes up, if some people won and some people lost this conflict, why couldn't the two sides just face facts and go on? (like Columbus Day or the end of slavery)

65) And the answer is, because it would have been a blow to Arab pride.

So they developed a plan.

66) The Arab refugees of 1948 were not going to be absorbed into Jordan or another neighboring country.

They were going to serve as permanent political pawns -- until such time as they could retrieve "Palestine" from the JeOrPYvvKEsh

67) For this to work, they had to make the Jews (historically small in number, persecuted and weak, post-Holocaust) into oppressors.

While at the same time, turning the Arabs (a MONSTER majority in terms of size and military might) into the victims.

68) And the only way THAT strategy could work, was for the Arabs to decide that they would literally kill their own kids to win this thing.

That winning was more important than anything.

69) The ACLJ explains the impossibility of this attitude for Israel.

Because the "Palestinian" people, created out of whole cloth, answer to terrorists, who answer to "princes."

These princes simply refuse to recognize Israelps://t.co/WMCKxbijuo

70) In essence, Israel is dealing with "the wrap-up smear."

Palestinians SAY that Jews are occupiers.

Then they CREATE NEWS by launching an attack from a hospital, school;, etc.

Any response is "disproportionate" and ps://t.co/4SKmJ0CK5R

71) Just like the Palestinians, Leftists are perpetually "victims."

No matter how much money they get, or how much power they can iz21xn1cV8

72) Just like the Palestinians, there's nobody truly in charge of the Leftists. Nobody who can definitively take responsibility.
Nobody who you can sit down and negotiate with, in good faith.

73) And just like the Palestinians, the Leftists have this unbelievable, nonstop obsession with "the screen" (as the ACLJ puts it) -- the narrative, the story, the propaganda.

Words and made-for-TV demonsrbeGASPILI

74) Finally, just like how the Israelis treat the Muslims better than the Muslims treat the Muslims...@POTUS supporters are highly welcoming to all who want to listen.

But Leftists have no problem eating their own.

75) Ever since @realDonaldTrump became @POTUS, the Left has had every opportunity to contribute, or at least to offer their own vision of the future.

Instead, every hour of every day, they're screaming, "down with Trump."

Have you3oFnXrVhHY

76) Meanwhile, @POTUS just goes around like a boss.

77) So that, right there, makes 2 concrete things to share with "normies."

#1, the protesters are not only a minority -- they're paid.

#2, the Loony Left has only destructive energy to offer.
Nothing that feels positive, productive oo7vETCQVwY

78) I hope you enjoyed this fairly lengthy thoughtstream :-)

Have a good night.


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