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Oct 9, 2018, 11 tweets

U.S. President Donald Trump has accepted the resignation of Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador.

My gut tells me an even bigger story will develop.

Rest assured #Iran's regime is terrified about who Trump/Pompeo will appoint as their new envoy.

Amb. Nikki Haley spoke six months ago with President Donald Trump about the subject of resigning.
Will be staying at this post until the end of the year.

Amb. Nikki Haley saying she will be campaigning for President Trump in 2020.

Amb. @nikkihaley was firm in reminding #Iran's regime how things have changed. Significantly.

I've known this regime for many years.
This is the only language they take seriously.

Amb. @NikkiHaley was always on target about #Iran's regime:

"Iran is the biggest issue we have right now"

Compare this to @BarackObama kneeling to the mullahs' demands...


Hat's off to Amb. @nikkihaley for voicing strong words about what was about to become an extremely deadly & disastrous campaign by #Iran, Russia & Assad against #Idlib in northwest #Syria.

Best put by Amb. @nikkihaley

The courage of Amb. @nikkihaley will always be remembered as truly commendable.

She is also a champion of supporting the people of #Iran.

With all due respect to Amb. @nikkihaley, and considering the extremely high expectations after her phenomenal tenure, in your opinion, who is fit to follow her footsteps and become the next U.S. Ambassador to the UN?

Another one of my favorite memories of the courageous Amb. @nikkihaley, a champion of #WalkAway & never fearing to voice the brutality of the #Iran-backed Assad regime in #Syria.

Wishing her the best & something tells me we she has a very bright future ahead of her.


Some names floating as possible replacements for Amb. Nikki Haley as U.S. Ambassador to the UN:

Amb. @RichardGrenell

Dina Habib Powell

Sen. @BobCorker

Sen. @KellyAyotte

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