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Oct 2, 2017, 8 tweets

BREAKING: CNN Reports Active Shooter Loose on Las Vegas Strip Near Mandalay Bay Casino - Hospital Treating Multiple Gunshot Victims

CNN Reports 2 Dead,24 Wounded,Active Shooter Now At Belagio Area,Possible Automatic Weapon Fire,1 Suspect Dead in Mandalay Bay Upper Flr Rm

CNN Reports Belagio Shooter was on Upper Floor Rapid Fire Bursts at 30,000 Concert Attendees,All LV Ambulances Out,McCarren Airport Closed

CNN showing #SocialMedia Vid of Automatic Fire Bursts from 32nd Floor of Hotel at Outdoor Concert Crowd. Multiple Shooters, 1 Suspect Dead

CNN says at least 24 shot-12 Critical,at Las Vegas Automatic Weapon High Rise Sniper Attack on 30,000 Outdoor Concert Goers - Airport Closed

Correction: CNN Eyewitness Reports Mandelay (not Belagio) Shooter was on Upper Floor-Rapid Fire Bursts at 30k Outdoor Show #vegasshooting

CORRECTION: LV Police report they think there was only a single shooter,correcting prev reports of poss. multiple shooters #LasVegasShooting

Comprehensive Report on #LasVagasShooting from the Daily Mail(includes leaked graphic photos) dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4… #AltGovDaily #WHPDaily

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