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Nov 1, 2017, 10 tweets

#Khichdi के चार यार: आम, पापड़, घी, अचार

Besides nothing beats Urad-khichdi with laal-khadi-mirch-wala-ghee.

I learnt recently that Khichdi and Kadhi is a thing. And its not Punjabi kadhi, its some watered down Gujju kadhi.

Urad-dal #khichdi with red chillies fried in ghee, poured on top with the ghee 😍 #TasteOfUP
Image is copied from internet.

But Bisi Bele Bath was literally “love at first bite”. 😍 hungryforever.com/recipe/bisi-be… #TasteOfKarnataka

A friend made Mint Pongal once. Totally in love with all kinds of Pongals archanaskitchen.com/pudina-khara-p… #khichdi #TasteOfTamilNadu

Then there is the awesome Ven Pongal. Try the spicy variant and you’ll be blown away vahrehvah.com/ven-pongal-sou… #Khichdi #TasteOfTamilNadu

Then there is the Pulagam. I’ve had the spicier variant of it but couldnt find its image. sailusfood.com/2006/06/27/and… #TasteOfAndhra #Khichdi

And if you havent had Bajra #Khichdi from Rajasthan, you dont know what you’re missing tarladalal.com/Bajra-Khichdi-… #TasteOfRajasthan

So clearly, nothing is more suited to be the national food if not #Khichdi - if you know any more types, reply & I’ll share #crowdsourcing

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