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Interested in Science, Religion, Politics, History, Literature, Technology. Opinions strictly my own. Originally from Lakhnaū, UP. President @Shaktitva
Apr 12, 2018 13 tweets 6 min read
The power of narrative. Wonderfully explained by @Infinitchy facebook.com/ashish.dhar.de… #Asifa “Virtue signalling is an addiction.“ ~ Neha Sri
Jan 15, 2018 11 tweets 4 min read
Recently many a BJP supporters were preaching how BJP winning 2019 is more important for Hindus than them actually doing anything about RTE or Hindus in general.

FYI, BJP had supported RTE, the most anti-Hindu Law created in recent history, in Parliament when it was tabled. Don’t believe me? Here. Now you can argue that maybe BJP didn’t understand that RTE was all about religious apartheid against Hindus, but then why has it never been in their manifesto for the past 7yrs? Will it be in 2019? indiatoday.in/india/story/bj…
Nov 1, 2017 10 tweets 7 min read
#Khichdi के चार यार: आम, पापड़, घी, अचार

Besides nothing beats Urad-khichdi with laal-khadi-mirch-wala-ghee. I learnt recently that Khichdi and Kadhi is a thing. And its not Punjabi kadhi, its some watered down Gujju kadhi.