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Dec 4, 2017, 14 tweets

1) Liberal Salt! There really is no substitute!
(Viewer Discretion Advised)

2) This thread is dedicated to all the Salt Robots out there. You know who you are.

3) A Salt Robot is powered by liberal tears. It is powered by the pain and anguish or liberals. While some may see this as sadistic ,it is not. THIS IS WAR.

4) A primary objective of war is to demoralize the enemy and break his will to fight. Celebrating the pain and suffering of other human beings is not nice, and while we regret their pain, we must remember their hatred for us.

5) They are brainwashed, deranged, and filled with hate. They advocate violence. Do not feel sorry for them. But do celebrate their pain because it is a sign of victory.

6) On Friday night/Saturday morning the #SenateTaxBill was passed 51-50. It was a huge victory for us that we celebrated. I now present to you the reaction of the enemy. The salt if you will. Enjoy!

7) Violent Hot Yoga Cry Baby!
This schitzo can't make up his mind! One minute he is crying in his pillow and the next he is advocating for violence and the assassination of the President. He also likes "hot yoga" and is really upset that hillary lost!!

8) Can we talk about....
Prog brings up non violence, is ignored, and shouted down by violent despondent vandals!

9) I was hoping for a miracle....
This one isn't too violent but it sure is depressing!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

10) Happy Birthday Prog!
Depressed progs crying all over each other and waiting for #TrumpTweets

11) Delusion
Distressed, disgusted, and confused progs think tax cuts are theft! Oh, and Wyden is a boss and a blue wave is coming. ZANY!

12) ENOUGH!!!

13) Stirring the Pot!!
Sometimes ya just gotta get in there and mix things up a bit...

14) To be continued....

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