Tinu Is Back & Not Reading DMs. Profile picture
Writer. Speaker. Founder. She/her #TinuSpeaks #DisabledBlackTalk @tinu@mastodon.social Back but not reading DMs/mutual aid tags.

Feb 1, 2018, 6 tweets

A5. Well she's already giving me Black Panther. So... #spooniechat

A5. I think I need to see if 4 times & get back to you. #SpoonieChat

A5. All this Black excellence in a Black blockbuster during Black history month. Unlessyspoonie Godmother has another Obama term in there or a new election? Dunno.

A5. My friend sent me an electric blanket throw. It's like having a heating pad I can wrap my legs in. I'm as warm as a Joey on Friends. #SpoonieChat

A5. I guess I could use a full time man? Two part timers is getting old. #SpoonieChat

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