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Updating Twitter disability hashtag thread.

@AllisonR has educated me that I should use Sentence Case for #Accessibility. Graphic reads: # symbol followed by the word Hashtag in white lettering on a blue background.
I have #brainfog so I know I missed someone. Please add your favorite resources as a reply.
Do you want to share your disability experience with others? Try these hashtags.

Amplifying stories

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A5. Yes. I think it's because either I have been disbelieved so much about the intensity & pain level.

Or just that there's nothing a person not in chronic pain would understand.
A5. Example. I was shown an x-ray of my hands when they were investigating my rhematoid factor. They asked me what happened to my right ring finger. The bones in the top are completely smashed. #SpoonieChat
A5. They asked me to explain. I told them the truth - this happened in 2006. I don't report pain that isn't worse than the pain in my back or nerve pain in the body. I honestly thought it was a sprain. #SpoonieChat
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A4. An organization that has us as meaningful participants in programs.

I'd also like to see more public information and Isaac to inform the public of the necessity of accessibility. #SpoonieChat
A4. And a PSA about the fact that wheelchair users and people who use other mobility ads can sometimes walk w/o them and NOT be frauds would be nice.

*PSA - why won't autocorrect let me be great? 🤣 #spooniechat
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A10. I never know what to share here. Always forget the question is coming. 🤣

Only news right now is that I'll be starting my Early Voting resource soon. It's harder to be disenfranchised if you vote early or by absentee/mail-inz. #spooniechat
It's most helpful in states where they tell you when your vote has been counting. Also try @resistbot @make5calls @hellovote & #PostcardstoVoters
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A6. A tool that could help me organize many people to come different parts of the jobs to mobilize people. An abled advocate to fill in my gaps. #spooniechat
A6. I've considered building a tool that would let us borrow it barter each others spoons. #SpoonieChat
I've been an activist since forge. Raising awareness, spreading news, telling human interest stories, making calls, protesting, boycotting, buycotting etc - it's all activism.

Now we have more tools. But there are those with a vested interest in us not using our voices.
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A5. I was super-annoyimg about whether to disclose once I reached acceptance of my situation.

So I wrote about it on my small business blog. And people embraced me so warmly. #spooniechat
A5. I learned that a LOT of people are disabled entrepreneurs and hiding it. #Ableism is that strong. The culture is that focused on working yourself into an early grave.

I feel compelled and happy to help if I can.

A5. #SpoonieChat helped me so much.
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I met friends here too. @Aoiferocksitout, my rock and one of the sweetest, nicest people I ever met.
@alexhaagaard one of my mentors
@painandcats_ who has this great way of putting frustrations I can't even name into words.
@DawnMGibson, who teaches me so much
I also find out other friends are #spoonies or otherwise #disabled through activities online and here.
If I wasn't part of the online community I wouldn't know about
@DisVisibility & her amazing work
@mikes_recovery & changing media perceptions
@Imani_Barbarin who shows me how to be bold when I think I'm inadequate...

I'm getting tired but there's almost 100 others. #spooniechat
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#SpoonieChat has also given me more ways to contribute to the world.

Even when I'm housebound I can be supportive of other isolated Spoonies.
I can call people once I get to know them through DMs. I can give advice outside of Spoonie tips. #spooniechat
Being able to contribute offsets the internalized ableist thought that you don't matter in the world.

That you're productive.

That you'll leave behind a better world. #spooniechat
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With the exception of my closest friend, I didn't know other people had conflicting #chronicillness or more than one. Not until I went online.

Then I found people who understood that some suggested solutions aggravate other conditions.

It's a comforting, peaceful break not to have to explain that what solves one illness aggravated another.
It's great emotional support to be able to talk about the health issue of the day, to vent and not be accused of wanting something other than understanding & commiseration.

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Having the #spooniechat community on Twitter helps me find resources and tips for my chronic illness in a way I don't get from doctors.
Doctors and non-spoonie friends suggest things, meaning well, that aren't practical, attainable or helpful.

But other people who have my symptoms or disease have field-tested answers.
It may be hard to understand if you've never been house-bound or bed-bound from #chronicpain or #fatigue.

You don't have the error ofmsrgin for experimentation.
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A7. It changes with the crowd and the space. There are things I'll talk about on Twitter or Facebook that I won't on my blog or can't in person.

My filter is usually whether it might help someone who is in our community or should be. #SpoonieChat
A7. The exception is #cancer. There's too much silence around cancer and a third of us will get it. So the rest of us will know people with it.

A7. The treatment decisions are off-limits though. So many people think they know the #cancer cure, but their "cures" are hurting folks. #SpoonieChat
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A6. There are so many misunderstandings? I don't even know where to begin.

@painandcats_ had a good one earlier this week that happened to me. It was people being happy I'm not on my cane some days. #SpoonieChat
A6. Not always. When people express it as joy that you feel better it's great.

I went down the stairs earlier this week & 1 of the junior twins shouted "Auntie Tinu is feeling much more better!" #SpoonieChat
A6. Then they cheered "Auntie Tinu! AUNTIE TINU!" And I almost cried in the sheer happy of it.

Their emphasis was on my wellness.

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A5. Anticipation of how inconsiderate non-disabled people can be.

At first it was Shane. But then I thought - why am I ashamed that I'm sick? #SpoonieChat
A5. The answer was that I was ashamed because of how I observed how other people treat disabled or chronically ill people. #SpoonieChat
A5. I didn't want them to treat ME that way.

Then this all came into my consciousness and I realized- I'm not the one who should feel bad.

Being a #spoonie is not a crime. #SpoonieChat
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Sorry I had to shout but I sure didn't hear when I was one of the abled folk. I did what I THOUGHT would help, but in reality, I had to stop going to my favorite events, to protest, to marches because they are NOT ACCESSIBLE to me. #SpoonieChat
a9. Example of when an event is somewhat accessible but the instructions are not so much. I pointed this out and got dragged for it of course. #spooniechat
a9. So being the busy-body that I am, I tried to create an organization to make any event we'd want to attend accessible via digital connection. #spooniechat
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A8. Tv or films. Catching up on my shows.

Video games. Mobile or OC - I can't have a game console when I'm not rich. Literally nothing gets done.

A8. Good conversation. On the phone though.

I kind of hate video chat because it takes too much prep.

By the time I'm ready & comfortable I'm too exhausted. #spooniechat
Seriously if I agree to a video chat I really like you. If I suggested it then I love you. Deeply. #SpoonieChat
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A5. Well she's already giving me Black Panther. So... #spooniechat
A5. I think I need to see if 4 times & get back to you. #SpoonieChat
A5. All this Black excellence in a Black blockbuster during Black history month. Unlessyspoonie Godmother has another Obama term in there or a new election? Dunno.
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