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Back with a vengeance

Feb 7, 2018, 15 tweets

1) #GrassleyMemo Declassified! (see what's new)👇

2) #GrassleyMemo Declassified portions. (page one)

3) #GrassleyMemo Declassified portions (page two)

4) #GrassleyMemo Declassified portions (page three)

5) #GrassleyMemo Declassified portions (page four)

6) #GrassleyMemo Declassified portions (page five)

7) #GrassleyMemo Declassified portions (page six)

8) #GrassleyMemo Declassified portions (page seven)

9) #GrassleyMemo Declassified portions (page eight)

11) CONFIRMS that Comey and the FBI had an extended relationship with Steele and relied heavily on him and the #SteeleDossier "Mr. Steele himself was considered reliable due to his past work for the Bureau" (page 2)

12) CONFIRMS that Comey and the FBI worked for the Hillary Clinton Campaign. Perkins Coie got paid. #FusionGPS got paid. Steele got paid. Are we to believe that Comey did not get paid in some form? Why the slavish devotion? (page 3)

13) FBI lied to the court by omission!
October 2016 FBI suspends relationship with Steele for leaking to the press yet repeatedly tells the court they do not believe it was intentional! #GrassleyMemo reveals Steele leaked PRIOR to Oct 2016. FBI withheld this from the court (pg4)

14) CONFIRMS that the State Department fed Steele information used in the #SteeleDossier (page 6)

15) #GrassleyMemo demonstrates that the sole source for the FISA warrant was Christopher Steele. A source that was NEVER VERIFIED. Thus, an unverified source was used to spy on Americans. Grassley puts the FBI and DOJ firmly on the hook for not verifying and for omission. (p7-8)

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