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Mar 11, 2018, 21 tweets

🔎 (1) #GlennSimpson worked with California Strategies and registered as a foreign lobbyist for Sheikh Khalid bin Saqr al-Qasimi of the UAE. While this isn’t new info to all they’re very curious details, this report claims $40,000 with his then company SNS Global #FusionGPS

(2) FARA documents by California Strategies show a payment of $55k to #GlennSimpson’s company. Should be noted CA Strategies is run by former Clinton staff including Chris Lehane (AKA Lewinsky smear)

(3) Here’s where is gets very strange Sheikh Khalid bin Saqr al-Qasimi allegedly hired all of these people to create better relationships with the U.S which obviously means paying #ClintonFoundation $50k while HRC is at the @StateDept 🙄

(4) But what do you know on the very same filing #GlennSimpson was paid $233k 👀 so he and HRC were on the same payroll back in 2009 all banked by a disgruntled Prince 😂 BUT technically shouldn’t he face the same charges as #Manafort #FusionGPS

(5) To add to the confusion #GlennSimpson registered his lobbying under “Energy/Nuclear” but failed to actually register with FARA? #FusionGPS

(6) Meanwhile they can call it whatever they want but the “work” California Strategies did has been referred to as a coup (sounds familiar)
It included sex scandals and email hacking #GlennSimpson.…

(7) Further digging shows #GlennSimpson also did work for Sri Lanka? Who is this guy? #FusionGPS

(8) @alekboyd has relentlessly reported about #FusionGPS horror stories with #Venezuela those alone should’ve put Simpson and his merry band out of business.…

(9) Add his attack on the infamous Planned Parenthood videos, his smearing of Christian Coalition leading to Vandersloot being audited four times #GlennSimpson is a parasite.…

(10) So @ChuckGrassley @SenFeinstein @LindseyGrahamSC @SenWhitehouse while you did ask #GlennSimpson for more info can you please add UAE, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Planned Parenthood and Mitt Romney.
Thank you, signed #WeThePeople #RussiaHoax

(11) Oh and maybe Iran that’s who many suspected Khalid was working with when he paid all these slime balls millions, would make sense since Hilda profited 🙄 #GlennSimpson

(12) Reporters know these things btw…

(13) @_VachelLindsay_ @rising_serpent to consider: now that we know Fusion GPS are all former WSJ this little known, heavily redacted lawsuit, takes on a whole new light 🔠 on record working directly with its reporters..…

Did a brief thread on it last month but this was the reporter...

(14) Add #Ecuador to #GlennSimpson’s list he traveled there to report money laundering blah blah let’s just call Simpson what he is

(15) YES #GlennSimpson worked for Obama he is responsible for starting “Keeping GOP Honest” the “truth campaign” that put 8 Americans on a hit list and ruined their businesses. #FusionGPS #Obamagate.

(16) #KeepingGOPhonest put Romney’s donors on a hit list, then Obama weaponized the IRS to give every one of them numerous audits. If @MittRomney wanted to be an honest man he would’ve told everyone this two years ago #FusionGPS #GlennSimpson #ObamaGate…

(17) #GlennSimpson and #LarrySabato also “investigated” the Christian Coalition ominously reporting they were shrouded in secrecy, this sparked #BillClinton FEC lawsuit that would only be dismissed after a long, bitter battle #FusionGPS #Obamagate

(18) The attack on #ChristianCoalition lead to the same brutal tactics we’re familiar with, endless audits by IRS and crippling legal fees this is how #Democrats fight. #FusionGPS #ObamaClintonGate

(19) #GlennSimpson is the go-to hitman for @TheDemocrats everyone knows this including the @FBI @CIA because they’ve worked with him for decades and he’s no stranger to @GOP either #fusionGPS #FollowTheMoney #DrainTheFingSwamp 🐉

(20) @realDonaldTrump best way to curb blood thirsty indie investigators? Prohibit and/or regulate our Intel community from outsourcing. @JulianAssange has warned against it and @gheliason has covered it extensively. 🆘👁‍🗨
#FusionGPS #MikePompeo…

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