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Mar 13, 2018, 35 tweets

(1) On Tuesday our great POTUS visits California for the first time since his historic 2016 win. Main event is a visit our #BuildTheWall prototypes. I will have photos below.

Here's Sabine Durden speaking of her late son at the Convention. #AngelMoms #AngelDads #NeverForget

(2) There are dozens of good reasons to #BuildTheWall, but I like to pause and remember the families who lost loved ones first. We have to save lives.

I've gathered photos of the site near San Diego, then I'll show you some Leftist protesters from today. On Tuesday, ignore 'em.

(3) Then the rest of the thread will be my usual relentlessly positive photos about the #POTUSinCA visit, which I'm sure will be another great day for the #MAGA movement of sane, law-abiding Americans. #KeepAmericaGreat #RedWaveRising #GOPUnity

Did I say there will be horses?

(4) OK so here's what the other side of the existing so-called fence in Tijuana looks like. I have to wonder about President Nieto's PR instincts because he allowed the piles of garbage to remain there, right in front of the US prototypes, and they wonder why we say what we do.

(5) This is not an isolated example. There is garbage, dirt, weeds, burnt out cars, and piles of tires up and down the fence in this area, where the international media will be looking within a few hours. And you can climb onto the dirt piles, too.

(6) I think these trailers were parked there in the last few days to enhance the security precautions for the President's visit.

(7) A view from CA looking at the wall prototypes, the low fence, and Tijuana in the background. It wasn't that many years ago that Congress, including many Democrats, voted for the walls/fences on about 1/3 of the border. And they're completely inadequate, not well maintained.

(8) Back in San Diego, the resistance's protest was pretty small. Here's a nice Police Officer chatting with one of them, then things are not so nice. Charming.

(9) This is what "resistance" looks like. Always a lot of SIEU (union) t-shirts, nonsensical slogans, and vapid stares.

(10) REALLY nonsensical slogans here. Followed by screaming at the sky, and defiantly raising their little fists in the air. I call it performance art.

(11) That's all the pre-game photos I have for now. It's going to be a great Tuesday, with #POTUSinCA, the #SacconeForPA18 election results in the evening, and Lord knows what else!

#MAGA #KeepAmericaGreat #BuildTheWall

(12) This is just PERFECT.

#KeepDiggingDemocrats #NovemberIsComing

(13) That's a link to a FOX report of people jumping the flimsy fence from the Mexico side WHILE an MSNBC crew was filming a story about the border wall prototypes nearby.


(14) A lot of big news today! Here's the President speaking to the press about the changing of the guard at the State Department, before departing for #POTUSinCA: speaking to Marines at Miramar, inspecting the wall prototypes near San Diego and hosting a fundraiser in LA. #MAGA

(15) Pause for one moment and consider that the last time this man was in California, he was running for President and promising to #BuildTheWall. Today he set foot in CA again where the necessary first stage of the project has been completed. #KeepAmericaGreat #MAGA

(16) POTUS had a great day on Tuesday at MCAS Miramar, the border wall prototypes, and a fundraising dinner in LA. Here's his departure from Joint Base Andrews, and arrival at San Diego then Miramar.

(17) On arrival at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, POTUS tossed what I think was a MAGA hat into the crowd.

(18) Big, big crowd at the USMC base. Mostly Marines but also some kids and civilians there.

(19) I love seeing POTUS visit military bases because he represents all of us in thanking them, they love him, he loves them, and they're not as able to attend rallies due to where they are and what they're required to do. A special day for them.

(20) POTUS then travelled from the Marines base to the border wall prototypes South of San Diego. The fence to the right of the motorcade is the Northern perimeter of the prototypes site. They are driving to the East.

(21) Rep Hunter and his Dad, the former Rep Hunter were on site for the Presidential visit.

(22) President Trump's arrival at the prototypes for our big, beautiful border wall. So exciting. #BuildTheWall #MakeAmericaSafeAgain

(23) Seasoned construction industry professional Donald Trump discusses the 8 prototypes with officials. A builder to rebuild America.👷‍♂️🏗️

(25) #AmericansAreDreamersToo at the President's visit to the border wall prototypes on Tuesday.

(27) Great to see so many supporters out in California on Tuesday. People who understand the issues and why illegal entry into the USA has got to be addressed, as soon as possible. No borders, no country.

(29) Meanwhile, over the old fence, when you didn't even bother to clean up the garbage strewn around the area near the USA's wall prototypes and you stand among it to protest another country's policies, I don't think I need to take your view into account. Fix your own country.

(30) Shoutout to the CBP & ICE personnel, and their equine officers, for keeping the border secure where they can get to. We pray for your safety. #BlueLivesMatter

(31) After visiting the wall prototypes, POTUS flew from San Diego to Los Angeles, touching down in the rain at LAX. He's excited to be there!

(32) Great shot of #HotConservativeMen poster boy Stephen Miller stepping off Air Force One while POTUS greets LA locals.

(33) A supporter waves as the President's motorcade passes through Los Angeles on Tuesday.

When I find some more photos from the LA stopover I will tweet them below.

(34) Photos of POTUS leaving Los Angeles this morning.

(35) Some more great photos from yesterday at the border wall prototypes.

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