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Mar 14, 2018, 16 tweets

In honor of #PiDay - JOKES!

Watch out - Mr. Magoo is going after those Confederate statues! #PiDay

Here is Mr. Magoo delivering a pay-off to Stormy Daniels. I was with Brian Williams when I took this with my cellphone. Yeah, that's right. My. SMARTphone. #PiDay

I'm going to throw this in for NO REASON. Or maybe 1000 reasons. Take your pick! I mean, this guy would never hire Mr. Magoo. Or would he?

Yeah, that's right. What day IS this? Ides of March? Whoops - that's TOMORROW. Never mind. Oh, yeah. It's Einstein's birthday!

#VSG #PiDay

Here's a great one! Southern gentleman Mr. Magoo telling Sally Yates about the latest in CARDBOARD BOXES.

Whoops! Why she slipped on a MUSLIM BANana peel in an area that was clearly marked NO VIRTUE SIGNALING OR THE PLOT FOLDS. Too bad! Have a cardboard box, Sally! #PiDay

AHA! We caught Mr. Magoo counting his BRIBES from Hillary Clinton! Why, we had better #FireSessions!

Oh - wait a minute. I'm sorry - I misspoke! This digital photo was taken in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Mr. Magoo is counting CLINTON CASH. Oh, RATS! He's doing his JOB! #PiDay

Here's my FAVORITE picture of Mr. Magoo - BANNING GUNS! See, there was a DNC-CNN plot in a place called #Parkland to use Eric Holder's Promise Program, Tavistock and #CrisisBrats to BAN GUNS and - OMG - Mr. Magoo! You released Fast-and-Furious documents instead! SO BLIND! #PiDay

Here's Mr. Magoo with his MUSLIM CAP and KORAN and - OH WAIT! That was John Brennan!

This is Mr. Magoo wearing his night-cap, reading a report from the SECRET FISA abuse investigation ALREADY IN PROGRESS!

And then Wolf Moon yells from the audience: "IT'S A COOKBOOK!"


Here's Mr. Magoo helping Rex Tillerson lose a little weight so he'll fit through the door of the State Department on the way out!

Now we love Rex and think he was AWESOME. But when it's time to DROP THE DIME ON CANKLES, we want NEMESIS POMPEO in State, GETTIN' THE GOODS. #PiDay

Here, we see an angry CANKLES GOON forced to wheel Mr. Magoo around to all these jobs she thought he couldn't do because he's "recused". Remember - if you're ever working for TRUMP, who expects stuff to GET DONE, then make sure you're only forbidden to work on total BS. #PiDay

In this picture, we see Mr. Magoo checking the Fake News to make sure it's still GOOD AND FAKE before the usual Friday nuclear drops.

Maggie Haterman, above the fold! Is she WRONG? With Magoo on the job HA!

"Socialism dies in the sunlight!" That's it - right? #PiDay

When Christmas season rolls around, Mr. Magoo LOVES to be Santa Claus!

So what's IN STYLE this year? How about some



Mr. Magoo has all kinds of friends! Here we see somebody - either Kerry or Mueller, giving him an OBAMA COMFORT DOLL, just like the one NYT Editor Jill Abramson has! But since Mr. Magoo doesn't have a PURSE to put it in, maybe he can clear up some space in GITMO for it! #PiDay

Medical ski boots are going to be extremely popular this year, as the Indictment Solstice approaches. Here we see Mr. Magoo negotiating with the true leader of the EU for an extra large shipment to EUROPE.

#PiDay #QAnon #Skilluminati #TheBootIsReal

And what's this? Mr. Magoo and Stormy Daniels AGAIN? I tell you, they're up to something! Trump had better #FireSessions if he wants to keep Stormy! She's got them goo-goo eyes for Magoo!

#PiDay #TheStormy

But here's my favorite picture of all. This is Mr. Magoo telling the Democrats how Trump is gonna ride 'em like a rented mule in both 2018 AND 2020.

So how would Mr. Magoo know that?

Why I guess the man is just blessed with extraordinary vision of SOME KIND.



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