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Mar 23, 2018, 17 tweets

1. Catching up on #Q post analyses: #QAnon had mentioned a reference to Deep Dream on Feb 18. Looking into it took time because it took 96 hours to process my 90 second video

from this:

into this: - rather devilish!

2. It turns out that #QAnon had confirmed to us then that

DEEP DREAM= TWITTER, & that it was related to the sudden loss of twitter followers that many of us had suddenly sustained very shortly after #Q's post. But what @Snowden had to do with it was a matter of much speculation

3. So, since then, #QAnon posted last Sat an interesting bit:

"Projection.<-----------------------------Attribution of blame outward
Russia>D/HRC<------------------------We're supposed to think not DNC
Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political <-Google!

4. So it appears that #Q was telling us that Google was using it's AI technology to operate the twitter bots, NOT "Russia". But see next tweet: No. 5

5. So @prayingmedic had noticed a post that is very significant to exactly what #Q was telling us: An #Anon claiming to be a Google employee posted it on 4chan. It details Google's plan to use AI to push political narratives on social media! #QAnon Wow!

6. Then on Wed this wk #QAnon tells us:

"We have the algorithm.
Thank you @ Snowden.

This has interpreted to mean that @Snowden was serving a white hat function in cooperating with #QAnon in the reveal of the Google AI algorithm being used on social media to censor speech.

MZ. = Mark Zuckerberg of facebook
RT. = Rizvi Traverse (most think), Rex Tillerson (unlikely)?
1 former intel dir = wow!

#QAnon is maybe mocking @Snowden having left a back door open here, some think. #Q is showing world they know about meeting and so, that plan will "FAIL"

8. So a lot has changed in a week's time, & #QAnon had told us to expect it this week. Only a little over a week ago anons were worried #Sessions would let McCabe skate, but #Q told us to "trust the plan" the eve before #McCabe was fired! Q predicted 3 "booms" for this week.

9. Since #QAnon's 3 "booms" predictions last week, now this week:

Boom - McCabe fired
Boom - Tillerson fired
Boom - McMaster fired

After Cohn'd been fired he had told us previously to "expect more" - #Q

10. Last Sat #QAnon was referring to "TRUMP ADMIN v2", version 2 of the Trump administration, BEFORE this week's changes. Was #Q posing the question as to whether Flynn maybe serving a role, "know[ing] where the bodies are buried"?

11. #Q predicted that rooting out the #DeepState friendlies would put them into "panic mode" granting that we may "enjoy the show", the "March madness" show. #QAnon

12. #Q had told us on Wenesday that, laughably, #DeepState #FBI holdovers had opened up a file on #QAnon because of his "boom boom" statements. More significantly, Q predicts the Austin bomber's death 4am Wednesday, hours before he exploded himself in his car. Wow.

13. Illustrative of the #DeepStateInPanic #MockingbirdMedia LameStream efforts, #Q shares w us a video with phony canned laughter, phonier than the #Clowns' "anti-muslim" video for #Benghazi coverup. They mischaracterize an anon's question as #QAnon's prediction. Can't even read.

14. The above #fakenews hit on us falsely stated (to canned laughter) that #Q predicted #HRC's arrest in October. Instead, Q was clarifying that they were only keeping track of her border crossings. It was well worth re-reading all of #QAnon's Oct posts:

15. #Q refers to the extent of our government's corruption - bad!
Many anons' consensus re #QAnon's post here:
FBI - mueller comey mccabe
DOJ - holder lynch rosenstein
State - hrc kerry
Plus another 29,18,and 41 ppl respectively in those depts yet.

16. Rod Rosenstein's lawyer wife has represented:

Robert Muller 3x
James Comey 5x
Barack Obama 45x
Kathleen Sebelius 56x
Bill Clinton 40x
Hillary 17x

"Historically this indicates that the individual is a protected clown op"…

#Q: "follow the wives" #QAnon

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