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Global Energy Network Institute focuses on interconnection of electric power networks between nations with an emphasis on tapping renewable energy resources.

Mar 28, 2018, 7 tweets

Saudi Arabia and SoftBank Plan World's Largest #Solar Project #supergrid #HVDC #MENA #NEOM #OBOR @geidco

Saudi Arabia and Egypt are also planning a$1.6 billion, 3000 MW transmission line to link the two countries and the GCC Gulf State grid -

.@Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son is also driving force behind Asia #SuperGrid project, linking power grids + renewables in 4 countries: China, S. Korea, Russia & Japan - #solar #wind #HVDC #climatechange

Both Asia #SuperGrid and European/Middle East #MedGrid projects are part of vision for global energy network called "Global Energy Interconnection" under study by UN and China-based @geidco group

.@geidco has attracted support from many blue-chip global corporations & NGO's with Masayoshi Son and former SecDOE Steven Chu serving as vice-chairs

.geidco Chairman Liu Zhenya was previously CEO of China's @state_grid Corp, world's largest electric utility w/ assets of $478.5 billion and 930K employees

.@MikeBloomberg and @JerryBrownGov are also co-chairing Global Climate Action Summit @GCAS2018 Sept 2018 in San Francisco #climatechange #solar #wind #COP24

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