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Good morning, Patriots
A NEW DAY...each of us doing our part

This article is about "newly uncovered text messages"

Q #977

FEB 12, 2009

💥 What is significance of 2.12.09?
One possibility:
State Dept Personnel matters being discussed through an email dated 2/12/09

As a time marker, HRC was sworn in as Sec of State on Feb 2, 2009

Another possibility:
HRC was in Indonesia shortly after being sworn in, Feb 2009.
This is one her speeches.
#Obama #Muslims #SharedValues

Drilling down to precise dates, HRC's first trip was on Feb 15th.

Conflicts of interest were raging prior to her approval. Specifically about The Clinton Foundation and CGI. Obama asked HRC to sign an agreement.

This is the DECEMBER 2008 Memo of Understanding between Clinton Foundation and the Obama Admin Rep (Valerie Jarrett)

In JANUARY 2009 HRC sent her own letter related to conflicts of interest

On FEB 13, HRC talks with the Asia Society and refers to SMART POWER.
You need only listen to this for a few minutes.

This article is about SMART POWER. Long document, so do a word search for the term to move thru it quickly. Looks like it is about false flags and ratlines/networks.

Another possibility?
PLANE CRASH 2-12-2009

Q #978
Yesterday, 3-28-18, foreign bad actors attacked the GA board on which Q posts. It has been shutdown by Q (team).

Q #979
New board being created, Q acknowledges

Do you remember the first slide of yesterday's thread?

Q #980

Anon is worried about losing track of Q - given the board(s) may be changed.

See previous slide
"you elected us..."

UPDATE on Q's reference to HRC and 2-12-2009
Concensus on the board is that it was the plane crash Colgan #3407

Connecting the dots:
On the comms about the Second Amendment...Look closely at the TIMES

on 3/28/18
POTUS fired Shulkin

December 2017 video, in his second year of reporting @GeorgWebb talked about FAKE DOCTORS being hired at the Veterans Admin. When you drill down or this issue - as GW has - you see global drug ratlines as well as Vets getting 1/2 and 1/4 strength meds.

Look at Q post from yesterday 3/28/18
Look at the TIME

Now look at tweet from @realDonaldTrump
Look at the DAY and TIME

MORE ON 2-12-2009

Once in December 2017 and twice in January 2018 Q said that 7 out of 10 plane crashes are TARGETED KILLS

WE CAN BE SURE...if Q knew about the 7/10, then @POTUS did too.

Commercial Aviation being 'safer' is just one of the things @POTUS is doing quietly, behind the scenes with his team. @realDonaldTrump is doing MUCH more than we know! 🇺🇸

Signing off now, Patriots.
Let the record show...the man is building a wall.
Don't let our flag drop, lads.


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