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Apr 3, 2018, 52 tweets

1) This is my #Qanon thread for posts beginning April 2, 2018.

Q posts can be found here:

My theme: Anticipate Arrests in April [AAA]

2) Last week, there was concern that #Qanon had been locked out of his Great Awakening /GA/ board. An IT anon explained what that would involve. I believe we can trust that Q has taken the necessary precautions and is the same Q who first posted in October of 2017.

3) #QAnon did a security test last night before posting.

4) An anon asked how #Qanon's easter was.

5) #Qanon responded.

@therealroseanne 's discussions about Q have brought a lot more attention to his post.

6) Here's a closeup of the image #Qanon posted.

7) An anon asked if he was on the right track concerning #Qanon's post from last week about Hillary.

8) #Qanon responded, noting that the timestamp on his post was the key.

9) The airplane crash was reported to have happened around 22:17 (10:17 pm)
#Qanon posted at 22:17

I believe we have confirmation that Hillary was somehow involved and that the real story will be revealed.

10) This was #Qanon's next post.

Since it's the DOJ's policy not to discuss ongoing investigations, why the exception to announce John #Huber's work with DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz?

11) Here's the article #Qanon posted.
Jonathan Turley, an expert on government investigations, outlines the reasons why he believes #Huber's work with the Inspector General is a better approach than appointing a second Special Counsel.

12) John Huber was originally appointed by Barack Obama. He resigned when Donald Trump was elected. #Trump and Jeff #Sessions renewed his appointment and he was confirmed unanimously by the Senate for a 4-year term.

13) #Huber was selected by #Trump and #Sessions because they trust him. Their plan to prosecute the corroptocrats hinges on Huber's integrity and his ability to run a tight ship and avoid compromise. His prosecution will be written about in history books.
#Qanon #StayWoke

14) #Qanon responded to his previous post asking what Jeff #Sessions was specifically recused from.

He posted a link to the page that explains how the Department of Justice interacts with the media.

15) Here's the link #Qanon posted.
(The policy is a short read and worth checking out.)

16) I'm sure they have their own policy, but did you know that the OIG's office is exempt from the media policy followed by the DOJ?
#Qanon #StayWoke

17) Here's an excerpt from Jeff #Sessions' statement about his recusal.

I'm not sure what Q is getting at regarding Sessions' recusal. I assume it has something to do with the overall strategy of Sessions and #Trump and it may become apparent in the future.
#Qanon #StayWoke

18) #Qaon said, "Watch the EOs."
Pay attention to future Executive Orders from #Trump

Here's the page where Presidential actions are archived.

19) #Qanon posted this.

April looks to be an interesting month.

20) #Qanon said:
April [A]
Note: [A] is used 3 times in this post.
We know that the Inspector General's report is due out soon.

21) Jeff Sessions has increasingly come under attack from conservatives who suspect he's a deep state plant.

Q has told us to trust Sessions.

This article from Conservative Treehouse shows how widespread the criticism has become.
#Qanon #StayWoke…

22) #Qanon said: RR problems

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was one of the people who authorized the renewal of the FISA application on Carter Page. The House Intel Committee report suggested he was connected to Christopher Steele via Bruce Ohr.…

23) #Qanon said:
"Seals Broken"
It's been widely reported that thousands of sealed indictments are waiting to be unsealed and the people involved prosecuted.

Here's a report on sealed indictments as of March 31.…

24) If you'd like to do your own research on sealed indictments, this page explains how to do it.
#Qanon #StayWoke…

25) #Qanon said:
Why was Huber made public?
Why now?
Everything has meaning.

26) We know that Jeff #Sessions is tight-lipped about investigations.
Why would he make public the work of Huber?
Why NOW?
Because Huber's work is mostly done and it's time to prosecute.
(Making it public now doesn't interfere with the investigation.)

27) Indictments and Prosecution involve a Grand Jury. We know that one has been impaneled because of statements made by Bob Goodlatte.
#Qanon #StayWoke…

28) #Qanon said:
For those who have been waiting for the hammer to drop on the Awan brothers scandal, it seems like the day of reckoning is drawing nigh. Here's the latest from Luke Rosiak.…

29) #Qanon said:

He previously suggested there is a recording of the conversations between Lorett Lynch and Bill Clinton on the Phoenix Tarmac.

Time for the release?

30) #Qanon said:

31) #Qanon has previously said that just as President #Trump was able to get North Korea to seek terms of peace, he'll get Iran to negotiate a new peace agreement.

Here's an article I wrote outlining what I believe to be the President's plan for Iran.…

32) This article details what I believe is the President's plan for North Korea.

33) #Qanon said that in April, we can expect more to be revealed about the #UraniumOne scandal and corruption in the FBI & DOJ.

We'll also learn more about what's really happening in the Robert Mueller investigation.

34) #Qanon said:
Election Integrity.

He previously shared part of a report on election fraud. It looks like more information will be coming.

35) #Qanon said:
Immigration Bill.
Military start.
BIG month.

36) #Qanon responded to his previous post by adding this.

37) Here's one problem Facebook is dealing with.

38) Here's an even bigger problem for Facebook and Google.
Unlike the U.S, Europe takes privacy seriously. Emanual Macron is suggesting they may be too big to regulate and may need to be dismantled.

39) An anon was disappointed by "March madness."

#Qanon responded.

Did anyone see the North Korea peace negotiations coming?
We're winning bigly.

40) There is no disappointment without expectation.
So if you don't want to be disappointed, keep your expectations realistic.

41) An anon noticed that the President used the phrase "Tip Top Tippy Top" in his address during the White House Easter egg roll.

#Qanon said it was requested that he use the phrase to give confirmation to the anons that he was acknowledging them.

42) The president Tweeted a video that included the part of the speech that #Qanon referenced.

43) What's the connection?
Unless you're an anon, you wouldn't make the connection.

The "Tippy top" is a wooden top that the anons have discussed in previous threads.

44) #Qanon posted this.

45) #Qanon said:
"Where we go one, we go all."
This is reported to be the inscription on the bell of the boat that JFK owned.

46) #Qanon said:
Drops will go fast.
WH clean SIG.

President #Trump has been cleaning the White House of leakers and spies. Once they're gone, cleaning up the filth can begin. Until then, it's not safe to proceed. (The corruptocrats are being tipped off by leakers)

47) #Qanon said:
Everything is planned.

The Alliance of generals, admirals and patriots who are helping #Trump expose and prosecute bad actors have been planning this operation for years. We need to have patience.…

48) #Qanon said:
We Fight.
Lexington. Concord.
(First battles of the Revolutionary war - Fought on April 19)

49) #Qanon responded to his previous post.
He says we should not just trust, but "follow" new National Security Adviser John Bolton

(Bolton is no longer involved in foreign policy. His role is national security. Don't worry about his hawkishness. It's not important right now.)

50) #Qanon said it's important for researchers to archive their work offline so they don't lose it due to hacking or catastrophic failure. But I think everyone should take precautions in the event that Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc, shut down their platforms.

51) #Qanon said:
The streets will not be safe for them.

(I'll let you draw your own conclusions.)

52) #Qanon responded to his previous post with this.
Although there are deep state operators onsite, he's safe and so is the team.

Please keep them in prayer?

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