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Apr 6, 2018, 31 tweets

(1) #PhotoThread: Team Trump current events. April 5, 2018. #MAGA #KeepAmericaGreat

You can find links to all my photo threads at:…

BELOW: #POTUS waves to the WH press corps aboard AF1 returning to DC today, with Deputy Press Sec Hogan Gidley in b/g.

(2) Here's a link to the previous thread, which started on March 22, 2018. Thanks for all your RTs, likes and comments on my photo threads. I enjoy bringing them to you. #MAGA

(3) A red tailed hawk sits on the exterior of the White House on April 3rd. The hawk has created a nest atop the Eisenhower Office Building. (Official WH photo)

The level of Trump administration hawkishness increases today as Ambassador Bolton formally begins his NSA tenure.

(4) POTUS is applauded at the end of a tax reform roundtable discussion in WV last week. He ended up speaking about immigration as well as tax.

(5) Lt Gen McMaster was farewelled with gratitude and respect on Friday.

Amb Bolton tweeted a lovely message & photo: "All the best to H.R. McMaster as he departs the NSC. He is a true leader and patriot, and I am thankful for his long service to our country."

(6) Sec Mattis with the Slovenian Minister of Defense recently at the Pentagon. There must be about 8 female Defense Ministers he has met so far. They all love him.

#MattisMagic #WarriorMonk #MarriedToTheUSA

(7) Another Mattis photo, because I don't need a reason.

This was taken at the ceremonial welcome for the Slovenian Minister of Defense.

(8) Very serious POTUS today talking about what needs to be done about Assad's heinous chemical weapons attack, aided and abetted by Russia, Iran and their associated terrorist networks.

(9) Adversaries should know by now not to underestimate this President of the United States of America and his civilian and military leadership teams.

(10) POTUS welcomes Amb Bolton to the administration. "It's an honor to serve," Bolton replies.


(11) VP CoS Nick Ayers, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump look on as the Cabinet meeting gets underway.

(22) Acting Secretary of State Sullivan, a career diplomat, is handling his role professionally, unlike so many others who were not freely chosen by Trump. I'm sure he didn't sign up to do this job with Donald Trump but he RESPECTS THE OFFICE. A dying breed, it seems.

(23) Just a casual photo of FLOTUS at a WH event today... but she effortlessly makes it look like a top-of-the-line fashion photo shoot. She just exudes beauty, warmth and love. And it drives our opponents insane with envy. Good.

(24) If, like Betsy and Melania, you have the brains, beauty, & character to marry a very successful businessman & share a great life with him, the left will disregard everything you ever achieve in your own right... just another gold digger. Oh, but they're the "feminists."

(25) Info and photos about the above FLOTUS event:…

(26) The President and First Lady after having dinner at the Trump International Hotel in DC at the weekend.

(27) Some photos from last week when POTUS was leaving for his visit to WV.

(28) POTUS leaving the WH for WV, arriving there, and speaking to media on the way back to DC.

(29) DHS Sec Kirstjen Nielsen speaking about the National Guard Border Deployment. The Arizona Governor with his troops as they deployed.

(30) Sec Mattis and the Defense Minister of the Netherlands. They all love him.

(31) Secretary of Energy Rick Perry is thriving in this role. I really hope that many in the Cabinet stay on into Trump's second term.

(32) This photo triggered the ever loving f**k out of Bill Kristol. Ahoy! 🚢 

(33) Great photos but I would have preferred to see the #StealthElf wear a hat in solidarity with the others.🤠

(34) I think of all Cabinet members @SBALinda McMahon gets to do the best site visits!

#SmallBusiness @ABCBrewMech used #TaxCutsAndJobsAct @SBAgov loans to expand from its original brewpub in downtown Harrisburg to a series of six restaurants in central PA. #JobsJobsJobs #MAGA

(35) This bill signing has not received the level of coverage it should have. The video is better than photos at conveying this emotional and historic event.

(36) Sec Zinke & his dog on the way to work... "At @Interior, we started allowing employees to bring their pups to work one day each month. Dogs in the office is a proven way to improve mental health, collaboration, & productivity. Next doggy day is this Friday! #NationalPetDay"

(37) VP prepares for his Latin America trip.

(38) More trip preparation for the VP and his team.

(39) @IvankaTrump with Wilburine @SecretaryRoss and other Cabinet members at the CEO Summit of the Americas dinner in Lima, Peru tonight. #SummitAmericas

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