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Apr 8, 2018, 10 tweets

Breaking: First batch of hostages held in #Douma, for the last three years by #Jaish_al_Islam (#JAI) are being released and handed to #Syrian military. Live Via #Syrian_al_Akhbariya TV

.2/ Women and young girls amongs the first batch to be freed. Names are being posted and broadcasted by the TV so their families know of their survival.

.3/ This is the first batch (about 35 individuals) amongst others to follow. Many families had gathered earlier in the day, some from other parts of the country desperately hoping that their missed ones are amongst those being held in Douma.

.4/ Scenes of women reunited with husbands and fathers, others calling relatives to let them know they are free.

.4/ Bissan was 18 month sold (a year & a half old) when she was kidnapped with her mother. Freed today, she is six years old.

.5/ This whole family father, mother, daughter & son were kidnapped four and a half years old.

.6/ Mother, son and daughter freed, reunited with brother and niece, held for four years & four months.

.7/ This woman, her children and 12 members of her family have been held for 4 years and four months.

.7/ Mother and daughter freed in first batch...

.8/ This mother awaits, fearful, in tears and hoping her son is alive & will be amongst those freed.

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