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#Moscow: S-300 to #Syria in 2 weeks. #Israel will be limited to bombing #Syria from afar, coordinate any flight above #Lebanon and #Syria with #Russia hours before and #Damascus won't hesitate to bring down an #Israeli jet over #Lebanon and Syria.

This is a major blow to #Israel and #USA.

#Syria can also, potentially, bring down any hostile force in the air occupying #Syrian territory.

#Riussia, by delivering the S-300 to #Syria, needs to deliver protection system around it.

#Russia is hitting 2 birds (Israel & US) in 1 stone (S-300 to #Syria).

I don't think this is the only price #Israel will pay for the 15 Russian servicemen killed. More to come.

Adding: #Iran Bavar to #Syria

Israel omnipotence is coming to an end.

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An unexpected scene outside #Vancouver Provincial Court today ahead of Ibrahim Ali's court appearance. Counter protests have drowned out a vigil planned by the #Syrian community. Many here are blaming @JustinTrudeau's acceptance of refugees for Marrisa Shen's murder. @GlobalBC
“Where’s Trudeau?” is now being chanted outside the #Vancouver Provincial Courthouse. Dozens of demonstrators tell us they’re here in support of Marrisa Shen’s Family. Demonstrators we’ve spoken to say Ibrahim Ali, who came to #Canada as a #Syrian refugee, wasn’t properly vetted.
Members of the #Syrian community living in #Vancouver have now set up a candlelight vigil outside the courthouse where Ibrahim Ali, accused in the murder of Marrisa Shen, is scheduled to appear today. Here’s what they had to tell us. @GlobalBC
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In order to truly understand the dynamic inside the #Syrian Armed Opposition, one must start to look into the ever closer marriage between the the Moslem Brotherhood and Nusra / al-Qaeda. Both have been joined at the hip through the sponsorship & support of #Qatar #Turkey ==>
2-Moslem Brotherhood (MB) lost its original military wing during the battle with the Syrian State in the 80’s. Best to think of Nusra/HTS/al-Qaeda in #Syria today as the new military wing of the M Brotherhood. One is the brain, the other represents arms & legs of the same body
3-The coordination between MB & Nusra/HTS/al-Qaeda has afforded the latter the chance to transform itself from non-state actor that had been hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan to an outfit with clear lines of communications to regional capitals that are supporting the MB
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#Assad has repeatedly vowed to retake “Every Inch of #Syria”. While the pledge seemed unrealistic early on, it suddenly doesn’t seem too far fetched. But is Assad’s vow only about land, or is there something more fundamental that has been cornerstone of the leadership’s strategy
2-Vowing to “Take Every Inch of #Syria back” started as early as 2013 when Damascus would make the pledge in private to Western officials who came looking for solutions. Such officials were known to have warned Damascus that, even if possible, such would take years to achieve =>
3-Since the pledge was first used in private in 2013, the #Syrian leadership has stuck to its vow and made it clear that there can’t be a political solution until every inch of the country is taken back under State control first. This fundamental premise continues today
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Thread - Was #Syrian Ba’ath Party Economic Policy which was built on Self-reliance and local industry ahead of its time? Did that policy anticipate what we know now as the power of Western Economic Sanctions? Has Erdogan been lately repeating words taken from Baathist textbooks?
2-It’s hard to argue with possibility that the answers to all the above questions is in the affirmative. Coming from a Neo-Liberal Free Markets proponent like myself, I must admit to now seeing the political rationale behind deciding to shun globalization & purity of free markets
3-Having just listened to Erdogan’s lspeech calling on shunning imports and trying on local industry instead, one can’t help but see the similarities with the Baathist policies that I grew up with in #Syria . His attack on America and its economic power also sounded too familiar
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INTERESTING on Current Health Care in #Syria

Close friend had his wrist broken & needed surgery. Went to private section of a public hospital. Syrian doctor who used to work in Germany operated on him. Cost? SYP 13,000 or US$ 30.

How is it so cheap I ask? Read on =>
2- Turns out, Assad had personally instructed all public hospitals to charge for operations the same rate as before the war started. Given fact that local currency is now 1/10 of its value, an operation such as this now cost US$30 versus US$ 300 before the crisis started
3-While all may not be well in #Syrian healthcare, this is merely to describe how Damascus has decided to insulate this sector from inflation that has hit all other areas of household consumption. State is aware that Syrians are desperately in need of affordable healthcare
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1. #WhiteHelmets basics! 1. 'NGO' #Fake financed by majority of regime change govts UK/US-led. 2. 'Impartial' #Fake Muslim Brotherhood, sectarian group as admitted by James Le Mesurier himself. 3. 'Paramedics' #Fake procedures hve been severely criticised by experts
2. #WhiteHelmets basics! 4. 'Humanitarians' #Fake participated in & mopped up terrorist executions of #Syrian civilians & #SAA POWs in violation of all Geneva Convention rules of war. 5. 'Unarmed' #Fake see dozens of images of WH carrying arms recently (not in past as claimed)
3. #WhiteHelmets basics! 6. 'No terrorist connections' #Fake over 65 WH identitified having ties to hardcore extremist & terrorist groups, hundreds more to "moderate" extremists. Leadership demonstrate allegiance to Nusra Front etc. WH praised 3 times by Nusra Front #AlQaeda.
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From Shabaa to Maarbeh all borders with occupied Golan Heights & with #Jordan are free & under the control of the #Syrian Army.
#ISIS in Yarmouk Bassin is totally defeated eliminated by the Syrian Army & its allies. East of Qunietra Jabbat al-Khashab & Tarnaja r almost over.
More than 13,000 Jihadists of ex-Jabhat alNusra (aka HTS which is the same) have been shipped from the south of Syria to #Idlib (to those ignorants saying "no jihadists in the south).

In #Idlib, there are around 2 million people, including IDP. Thousands of civilians are leaving DAILY the biggest Jihadists stronghold after Tora Bora through a corridor established by #Russia from #Idlib towards the Government-controlled area.

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41 killed and 30 wounded in #ISIS (3) suicide #PBIEDs and militants group attack in the (druse) southern #Syrian city of #Suweida this morning, precisely in the open fruit market.

Syrian security killed the attackers following a street fight.

ISIS has a presence in #Quneitra.
#ISIS attacked four villages, south- East, bordering al-Badiya (Syrian steppe) before reaching #Suweida market. The group used the element of surprise and still engaged with the Syrian army in many spots.

ISIS has the possibility to mount deadly attacks

Death toll of #Suweida increased to 50 and 78 wounded caused by #ISIS.

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Firing from above the #Lebanese Bekaa Valley (violating the Lebanese airspace), #Israel bombed #Syrian positions by launching at least 3 missiles against the province of Hama.
The Israeli jets attack of the Misyaf area is unusual and taking place for the first time before the nigh fall.

#Israel is able to violate the Lebanese airspace and attack #Syria because the Lebanese Army is not allowed (by US) to have anti-air missiles.

#Russia offered to provide the Lebanese government with defensive weapons but the offer was rejected.

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Important Thread that describes why Southern Front (and other areas) seem to fall quickly into #SyrianArmy hands once military operations get underway. The answer lies in the painstaking secret negotiations/reconciliations that Damascus has long invested in ==>
2-Take #Daraa where key members of Syrian leadership decided to invest significant time & resources traveling back and forth to the region in the hope of reaching out to opposition leaders. This process linked into higher gear early in 2015 & when Damascus knew #Geneva would fail
3-As negotiations/reconciliations seemed to proceed, however, Damascus soon discovered a pattern. Leaders who engaged in such talks soon lost financial & military support of their sponsors. Those countries quickly found new leaders willing to sabotage the seemingly agreed deals
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#Israel should be happy to have the Syrian Army back on the borders in Assuweida-Daraa-Quneitra as it was the case for thirty odd years without any significant incident,rather than protecting uncontrollable salafi-Wahhabi radicals who can wake up from one day two another & attack
The war in Syria is almost over: #ISIS will continue attacking (with no strategic purposes like in #Iraq), #Idlib and al-Hasaka are considered under occupation forces. Now the Syrian government can call for general elections any time in liberated #Syria

The last remaining pocket is expected to fall slowly but surely. It might take some time after the US-Russia summit next month to agree on removing #ISIS (Jaish Khaled bin al-waleed) from Quneitra.

Civilians living in #Idlib will think carefully.

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#Syria launched 10s of missiles against 4 #Israel/I military objectives in the occupied #GolanHeight in response to continuous Israeli provocation of war (hitting Syrian & allies' targets in various locations).

#Israel/I jets violated #Lebanon airspace last night to bomb #Syria
#Israel continuous provocation to trigger another war in #Syria w/ #Iran has been met with Iranian refraining from retaliating coz it is due to the hosting country to respond.

#Russia is constantly asking #Damascus to avoid falling into Israel's trap

#Israel intercepted 4 out of 20 missiles launched by #Syria air defence system into occupied #GolanHeight. 16 missiles reached their targets according to Damascus.

#Israel, before the Syrian retaliation, bombed several targets in #Syria for the fourth time in less than a month.
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#BREAKING: Incoming rocket sirens heard in northern #Israel
#BREAKING: Additional sirens heard in northern #Israel’s #GolanHeight communities
Video of siren going off in #Druze village of Majdal Shams in northern #Israel moments ago
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.@StateDept: There is no doubt about #Assad regime's pattern of chemical weapons. Since 2014, the OPCW assigned responsibility to Assad for multiple sarin & chlorine attacks. We've noticed there’s an awful lot of Russian #Propaganda out there, so we thought we’d offer some facts:
FACT: The #Syrian regime used chemical weapons near #Douma on April 7, killed at least 45 people and sickening hundreds more. Our information is consistent and corroborated by multiple sources, from military intelligence to social media users, NGOs to international organizations.
FACT: The joint U.S.-UK-France strikes were a justified, legitimate and proportionate response to the #Syria government's continued use of chemical weapons on its own people.
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There is no doubt about #Assad regime's pattern of chemical weapons. Since 2014, the OPCW assigned responsibility to Assad for multiple sarin & chlorine attacks.

We've noticed there’s an awful lot of Russian #Propaganda out there, so we thought we’d offer some facts:
FACT: The #Syrian regime used chemical weapons near #Douma on April 7, killed at least 45 people and sickening hundreds more. Our information is consistent and corroborated by multiple sources, from military intelligence to social media users, NGOs to international organizations.
FACT: The joint U.S.-UK-France strikes were a justified, legitimate and proportionate response to the #Syria government's continued use of chemical weapons on its own people.
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Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the Russian General Staff Colonel General Sergei #Rudskoy holds briefing for mass media on situation in #Syria
#Rudskoy: USA alongside its allies conducted a missile strike by its air and naval carriers targeting military and civil facilities of #SYRIA on April 14 at 3.42 am - 5.10 am (MSK). Russian AD systems at #Khmeimim and #Tartus air base timely located and controlled all launches
#SYRIA #Rudskoy: B-1B, F-15 and F-16 aircraft, USAF, as well as Tornado airplanes, UK RAF, over the Mediterranean Sea, and the USS Laboon and USS Monterey, in the Red Sea, were used during the operation. Announced French aircraft have not been registered
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#Breakingnews :: explosions in the #Syrian capital #Damascus in #Syria after #Trump speech .
The pro Syrian regime sources :: the Syrian regime defenses trying to attack the USA missiles.
local sources :: explosions in the city of #Mayadin southeast of #DeirezZorin #Syria .
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1+/ Many Syrians I spoke to on the ground told me:" We have tried the opposition, #AQ #ISIS. Because of these, we are so grateful to return under the ruling of a government no matter who is ruling. These have destroyed our country with no purpose but to return to 2011 situation".
2+/ Syrians on the ground, who were opposing #Assad:" Different rebels fought one another in the street, over taxes, money, food supply, humanitarian aids, imposing taxes on merchandise w/o offering security at least. We are at a point where #Assad looks almost as a saver to us".
3+/ #Syrian. on the ground told me:" Eight years of war for no purpose. Today the west wants to bomb us. We don't care anymore because we want either to die or to end this nightmare and go back to our previous life".
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In few moments will share some information about the forthcoming war in #Syria.
1+/ The US/EU war on Syria is expected in the next 10 hours according to sources in #Syria close to decision makers.

All Syrian troops were ordered to empty their barracks and keep 5% presence only.
2+/ #USA and #EU may target - as expected - the Syrian Air Force (many dislocated and other spread but not flying), the central for command and control, all radars and known anti-air missiles, Ministry of Defence, Presidential Palace and other sensitive Syrian bases.
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BREAKING: The White House has said that US President #Trump is canceling his upcoming South America trip to remain in the US "to oversee the American response to Syria." - @NBCNews
This sounds like the US is planning to strike #Syria and Trump will remain in the US to closely monitor responses by #Russia. This is terrible.
BREAKING - British forces are now mobilizing at their bases in #Cyprus for strikes against #Syria. It appears very likely that the US, France and U.K. will strike Syria in the next 24 hours. This is dreadful.
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Breaking: First batch of hostages held in #Douma, for the last three years by #Jaish_al_Islam (#JAI) are being released and handed to #Syrian military. Live Via #Syrian_al_Akhbariya TV
.2/ Women and young girls amongs the first batch to be freed. Names are being posted and broadcasted by the TV so their families know of their survival.
.3/ This is the first batch (about 35 individuals) amongst others to follow. Many families had gathered earlier in the day, some from other parts of the country desperately hoping that their missed ones are amongst those being held in Douma.
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The first busses carrying hundreds of "Jaish al-Islam" and members of their families are leaving NOW #Duma. The beginning of clearing #Damascus. #Syria.
626 "Jaish al-Islam" militants/families have left #Ghouta towards #Aleppo - #Jarablus . The evacuation is slow because the Syrian Army wants to make sure the 100s of millions (JAL requested to take away $900 m but the request was rejected) r not taken away
Jaish al-Islam is expected to join the fight against #AQ & other Jihadists under #Turkey flag in the city and rural #Idlib where #Ankara is planning to eliminate those who don't obey its agenda. #Russia threatened #Idlib if #AQ remain in it, strong.
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With the continuous flow of hundreds of well trained and armed Syrian popular forces, the Turkish #OliveBranchOperation is expected to be halted in the coming week: #Damascus clear confrontational attitude towards #Ankara seems obvious +
#Turkey knows that #Damascus is not acting alone and that #Russia is not far from seeing the Central government regain control of the Kurdish #Afrin enclave when #Kurds accepted all the Syrian gov conditions +
In the coming weeks, #Russia and #Ankara will have to find a way out to save #Turkey's face and present a scenario where everybody is a winner, including the #Kurds who have managed to save the destruction of the enclave.+
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