BREAKING: The White House has said that US President #Trump is canceling his upcoming South America trip to remain in the US "to oversee the American response to Syria." - @NBCNews
This sounds like the US is planning to strike #Syria and Trump will remain in the US to closely monitor responses by #Russia. This is terrible.
BREAKING - British forces are now mobilizing at their bases in #Cyprus for strikes against #Syria. It appears very likely that the US, France and U.K. will strike Syria in the next 24 hours. This is dreadful.
BREAKING: Saudi FM has just said “We are discussing with our allies the steps to respond to the chemical attack in #Syria.” - @AlArabiya_Eng
Although #Cyprus hosts two British bases, this is against their will and was a concession made for Cyprus to get its independence from the U.K. in 1960. These bases are Akrotiri and Dhekelia. On behalf of all Greeks, we’re sorry #Syria that our land will be used to destroy you.
Saudi Arabia has confirmed according to @AlSuraEnglish that it would participate in US-led attacks against #Syria.
#Breaking❗️⚠️Missile defense systems were deployed around the presidential palace in #Syria and the defense ministry in #Damascus, according to a #UN diplomatic source. Aircraft were reportedly transferred to the #Russian base near #Latakia - via @syria_true
A US-led attack on #Syria will be the beginning of the end for the #YPG-led #SDF and all their fighters. Not even necessarily from a military perspective, but everyone in the SDF will be publicly shunned and shamed in post-war Syria for being US puppets.
US has requested a Security Council vote at 3 pm ET on draft resolution to set up inquiry into chemical weapons attack allegation in the Syrian city of #Duma in East #Ghouta - @Reuters #Syria
I think this time, unlike previous times, #Russia has to defend #Syria or else it will be perceived they’re to weak to respond to Western aggression which will mean an intensification of aggression against Russia, especially in border regions like Georgia and Ukraine.
For those wondering; I doubt any US-led strikes against #Syria will happen before the UN Security Council meeting which if I’m not mistaken doesn’t begin for another 6 hours, and will probably go on for several hours.
“BREAKING - OPCW to send independent chemical weapons investigators to #Syria's Douma in what is hailed as a diplomatic breakthrough, hoping to prevent a US-led strike on Syria. #Russia has backed the inspection.” - @AlSuraEnglish
“Today, the OPCW has requested the Syria make the necessary arrangements for such a deployment. This has coincided with a request from Syria and Russia to investigate the allegations of chemical weapons use in Douma. The team is preparing to deploy to Syria shortly,” the OPCW.
Russia has claimed their investigators found no traces of chemicals at the bomb site and US almost went to war over the alleged attack. Someone will be receiving a massive egg on face.
Charles Lister claims the U.S has dispatched USN Carrier Strike Group 8 near #Syria to join USS Donald Cook.

- USS Harry Truman aircraft carrier
- Carrier Air Wing VII
- USS Hué City missile cruiser
- x6 Arleigh Burke-class Destroyers
- x1 Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate
In regards to the above tweet, these additional US warships won’t reach the eastern Mediterranean for about another 12 days.
Countries that have *attacked Syria, *called for an attack or *willing to attack #Syria over false flag chemical attack

- UK
- France
- Saudi
- Israel — via @Souria4Syrians
#Russia’s representative to the UNSC has said to the US that “You will have to deal with the consequences of any upcoming attack on #Syria.”
#Trump to make decision whether to attack #Syria in approximately 1hr 30mins, according to @Souria4Syrians
From #Skripal to #Syria, Will Western Bluffs Spark World War 3?…
Why are people so surprised that #Assad is still in #Syria? Just like Gaddafi, he will live and die a patriot, and he has said so on so many occasions. He didn’t leave Syria when there was a chance #Damascus would fall to head hopping extremist terrorists, why would he leave now?
Russian ambassador to the #UNSC has said: “The strike that you are planning against #Syria will lead to a catastrophic results. We hope that the #OPCW will arrive to Syria as soon as possible.”
#BREAKING: Heavy flight of #US-led coalition aircraft over the #Syria-#Iraq border according to Al-Jazeera.
US warplanes are also flying around the Al-Tanf area of southern #Syria, according to Al-Jazeera.
The Popular Resistance, a pro-Syrian government militia in Kurdish-occupied Raqqa province, just posted a new picture of them targeting American positions inside the province, according to @EasternMediafax. Tomorrow the video & more details will be released by the group.
Despite the US threatening #Russia with World War 3, Russia has continued its anti-terrorist operations in #Syria and are smashing jihadists in #Idlib province with airstrikes.
#Russia has asked #Iran to provide access to IRIAF's 3rd Tactical Fighter Base in #Hamedan to deploy its heavy bombers (probably Tu-22 or Tu-95), Il-78 tankers & use it as refuelling point for fighter jets which are planned to be deployed to #Syria soon. - via @maytham956
Pentagon Correspondent @HansNichols: “Rest easy, world. The Pentagon Press Parking Index (PPPI) indicates that strikes against #Syria tonight are unlikely,”
JUST IN: US-backed Jaish Maghawhir al-Thawra have said on their Telegram that they will attack Deir Ezzor city in eastern #Syria. The city is held by the Syrian government. This shows how closely they coordinate with the US.
Russian warplanes patrolling the Mediterranean Coast of #Syria
This is terrible! #Russia's State TV has told people how to pack for a bomb shelter but told them not to panic. I can’t believe Osama bin Laden loving Jaish al-Islam will potentially be the cause for a Great Power war.
Why don’t the evangelicals in the USA listen to what some of the worlds oldest Christians have to say?
WE’RE BEING CENSORED!!!: Independent Investigative News Sites are dropping off-line!!!:
* Hands Off Syria Sydney - DOWN
* 21 Century Wire (@21WIRE) - DOWN
* Fort Russ (@FortRussNews)- DOWN
* Syria News - DOWN
* Muraselon (@Muraselon) - DOWN
* Fort Russ (@FortRussNews)- DOWN
* Hands Off Syria Sydney - DOWN
* 21 Century Wire (@21WIRE) - DOWN
* Syria News - DOWN
* Muraselon (@Muraselon) - DOWN * South Front - DOWN * Al-Masdar News - Still up for now
“No doubt #Russia, #Iran & #Syria not sitting by idly & waiting for U.S to strike, Russia monitoring all military activities in area, preparing early warning systems, Syrian Army moving planes & weapons to more secure locations & air defenses on high alert.” via @Dannymakkisyria
#BREAKING: The World Health Organisation just just stated:

"Five-hundred patients showed symptoms of chemical attack in #Syria's Eastern #Ghouta.” Just one problem.... they never conducted an on site investigation or spoke to victims.....
UPDATE - World Health Organizations has demanded access to the #Douma chemical site, leading to skepticism of their initial claims of 500 patients having signs & symptoms of chemical poisoning. No link has been established between alleged chemicals in Douma. via @AlSuraEnglish
#Syria’s UN Ambassador embarrasses Nikky Haley on chemical weapons – VIDEO…
Russian official says Moscow will not hesitate to respond to US aggression…
Erdogan condemns alleged chemical attacks in Syria’s Douma – VIDEO…
Trump has directly threatened Russia over Syria! Article coming up
BREAKING: Trump directly threatens war with Russia over Syria…
Le Pen, Melenchon warn against ‘war-mongering’ against Russia over Syria…
In response to Trump’s direct threat on Russia, Russia’s foreign ministry spokesman has said “smart missiles should fly towards terrorists, not legal government"
BREAKING: Russia hits back immediately at Trump’s direct threat of war over Syria…
Russian Embassh of #Australia has released this statement on the aggression against Russian soldiers in #Syria.
BREAKING - Syrian government calls Trump’s tweets 'reckless' and an 'endangerment to international peace and security'. This comes after the US president vowed missile strikes against #Syria, an poked fun of #Russia's alleged inability to stop them. - via @AlSuraEnglish
MAJOR: Russian television advises viewers how to prepare a bomb shelter as tensions run high with US over Syria…
Turkish PM Yıldırım has told #Russia and #US to stop 'street fighting' over #Syria.
Reports that Russian war planes have landed in #Iran. I cannot verify this at the moment.
BREAKING: Soil samples from the alleged chemical weapon site found NO traces of chemical substances. via @SputnikInt
Indications that #Syria strikes imminent:
#Trump announced decision
•US, French military movement
•Syrian Army, #Hezbollah clearing airbases
•Few Airlines who fly over Syria changing routes
•UNSC option failed
#Israel on alert -via @Joyce_Karam
After Trump’s deranged tweet threatening #Russia w/ war, #Putin shows class & responds, stating: “we still hope that common sense will eventually prevail & international relations will enter a constructive course, the entire world system will become more stable and predictable.”
BREAKING - #US Secretary of Defense Mattis says all military preparations for strike against #Syria ready, waiting on Presidents order for which military option he chooses - via @AlSuraEnglish
Psychotic Lindsey Graham is salivating at the idea of World War 3. Truly evil.
Only 20% if Brits support British aggression against #Syria according to a @YouGov poll.
#Iran has vowed to stand with #Syria against foreign aggression - basically, they’d finish off Saudi Arabia once and for all if they US-led coalition attacks Syria. Scary developments.
#UK PM Theresa May ready to join military action against the Assad regime in #Syria without first seeking Parliamentary consent - @BBCNews
I agree with @Souria4Syrians: It's already been 3 days since false flag
- Russia drew red line which delayed US decision to attack #Syria
- hesitation & doubts about the credibility of the story are building up globally
- every minute that goes past Trump looks weaker & weaker.
BREAKING from the White House: Donald Trump holds #Russia and #Syria responsible for #Douma chemical attack despite not being able to provide any evidence
BREAKING from the White House: #Trump has not laid out a timetable on possible #Syria strikes.
Something is very wrong and not adding up with the chemical attack site in #Syria’s Duma…
Independent journal, @VanessaBeeley, who is actually on the ground in #Syria, had this to say about the alleged chemical weapon attack
Asked how close we are to nuclear war (between the US-Russia over #Syria), Mr Buzhinsky said: "Very close - closer than we were during the 1962 Cuban crisis."
Despite #Trump’s threats to potentially start WW3, life in #Damascus is continuing as normal. Photo via @Christian_Syria #Syria
#OPCW in tricky situation in chemical investigation of #Syria if it finds NO chemicals. Is it willing to humiliate Trump globally if it finds NO chemicals or would it lie & say it found some which could legitimize a US attack in Syria even before it is found who is responsible.
Amnesty International reported in 2016 that Jaish al-Islam; the group responsible for the chemical attack allegation in #Douma, East #Ghouta. #Syria
SOME GOOD NEWS? It appears #Russia, #US working on de-escalation options now via a number of "middle men". RUS military stated earlier it's been in touch w/ American Joint Chief of Staff over the issue & there're Rus-#NATO communication/talks via #Turkey. via @MSuchkov_ALM
Latest on #Syria :
•Pentagon is cautious, taking time it needs to prep targets
•Trump tweet got ahead of Generals,NSC officials
•UK cabinet meets Thursday, May sends subs to Mediterranean
•Trump called Erdogan
•High alert & anticipation,waiting for Trump. via @Joyce_Karam
British war planes and cargo jets have been arriving at the British-controlled Akrotiri Airbase in #Cyprus. All signs the U.K. are preparing to strike #Syria
Kuwait airways has stopped its flights to Lebanon. Most likely related to the US-Russia tensions over #Syria.
Syria expert Dr Tim Anderson (@timand2037): “IMHO #Trump has proven himself a weak president and the chance of any decisive intervention in #Syria is zero.”
BREAKING: Trump says strike on Syria might or might not occur - undecided…
How the incident in #Syria changed the relationship between #Russia and the United States…
Syrian presidential advisor confirms: ready for war and nerves of President #Assad are calm and solid…
Russian ships head out to sea from Tartus base in Syria…
Are the Russian-US tensions over #Syria beginning to ease?…
#Germany has said it will not join US-led attacks on #Syria - @SputnikInt
Iran's Ali Akbar Velayati has reminded that the US are exposed in eastern #Syria: “East of the Euphrates [river] is also a very important area. We hope big steps will be taken in order to liberate this area and expel the occupying Americans.”
Turkish President #Erdogan has just spoken to #Putin on the phone about current hostilities with the US. Further details not known yet.
Lebanese sources claiming that the first batch of OPCW investigators landed in #Beirut and are now leaving for #Syria to begin chemical inspection of #Douma site in East #Ghouta.
Macron says France has ‘proof’ Syrian forces used chemical weapons – does not provide it…
BREAKING: #Pentagon does not have evidence of chlorine, sarin use in #Syria’s #Douma - General Mattis
BREAKING: First group of OPCW chemical weapons experts will arrive in #Syria today: Syria's UN envoy - they arrived at #Beirut airport a few hours ago. Most people LEGALLY entering #Syria arrive at Beirut airport and then travel overland to Syria.
US Secretary of Defence Mattis has also said that Trump and the rest of the war hawks would give notification to Congress leaders prior to a possible strike on #Syria.
Mattis acknowledges the dangers of escalation in Syria: "How do we keep this from escalating out of control, if you get my drift on that..." - via @HansNichols
MAJOR: #US has not yet made any decision to launch any military attacks against #Syria - General Mattis
It appears the back channel negotiations between the West and #Russia are yielding results with the US, beginning with Trump’s tweet last night, slowly starting to back off from discussions of strikes against #Syria.
Pentagon Head General Mattis: #Trump has authority to strike #Syria, does not need congressional approval.
Pretty much all right leaning and communist parties in continental Europe are anti-war in #Syria while all the liberals and centrists are pro-war. What strange times we live in.
“A group of international law experts have issued a joint statement warning that a US military strike on Syria would be illegal, if not in self-defense or with UN Security Council authorization,” via @SputnikInt
“Syria reaffirmed willingness to fully cooperate the OPCW and deliver on the obligations consequent to its joining the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Thursday,” - SANA.
“The U.S. now has blood and urine samples that have tested positive for chemical weapons,” two U.S. officials familiar with the intelligence told NBC News. - how the hell did the US get blood and urine samples from Douma and why not question how easily they could be tampered? 😂
According to @WaelAlRussi: “#Syria and #Russia still believes that #US might strike. More counter measures were taken today.”
BREAKING: #UK has approved to attack #Syria if it chooses to do so. “Following a discussion in which every member present made a contribution, Cabinet agreed it was vital that the use of chemical weapons did not go unchallenged,” the UK Cabinet said on Thursday.
Italian press on chemical attack in Syria: No western journalist has found a trace…
“President Trump just finished a meeting with his National Security team to discuss the situation in #Syria. No final decision has been made. We are continuing to asses intelligence and are engaged in conversations with our partners and allies." - Sarah Sanders
Trump President will speak with French President Macron and British Prime Minister May tonight (remember it’s only 5:30pm in New York) about what to do next with #Syria.
Russian diplomat: “Impossible to imagine Russian and American blood being spilt in
US spy planes have arrived in #Crete, #Greece. Most likely because of the #Syria crisis.
NBC Reporter Claims U.S. Officials 'Fairly Confident' Assad Behind Attack, Changes Story One Minute Later
BREAKING - #Trump has put off his final decision on strikes against #Syria after meeting with national security advisors. The alleged reason is an internal conflict between Mattis and Bolton.
Hezbollah rules out Syria unraveling into wider war - newspaper interview…
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: #Syria chemical attack was staged with help of foreign Secret services.
A poll by the Herald Scotland has found that 95% of people are against British military action against #Syria.
The long range defensive weapons sites (Russian/Syrian) in #Syria

Please note that #Russia has several ships and submarines deployed in the Mediterranean Sea which could also carry long range AShMs such as the Kaliber-Onyx-Granit-Moskit. - via @WaelAlRussi
BREAKING!!!: #Russia has said it has proof the #UK took part in staged #Syria chemical attack
The OPCW has said it will begin its investigations into the alleged chemical attack in #Douma tomorrow. #Syria
#Putin and Macron have discussed the tense situation in #Syria over the phone. Further details of the discussion have not been given yet.
Terrorists caught lying!!!!
#BREAKING - #Russia gets permission to use Iranian airbase in event of #US-led attack on #Syria, according to @AlSuraEnglish. #Iran.
In anticipation of any act of aggression, the Syrian Army is on high alert tonight, especially in the military air bases - via @KevorkAlmassian. #Syria.
BREAKING a military sources:

A hostile attack against #Syria is highly expected tonight. via @WaelAlRussi
I doubt the US intend to strike #Syria tonight because its a major Islamic holy day for all sects. Eid e Baithat and the night of Meraj. However, both @KevorkAlmassian & @WaelAlRussi are highly reliable, and the US are stupid enough to do this. So who knows.....
Greek communists and other allies of #Syria have protested today in #Athens to denounce US desires to strike #Syria
More photos from today’s protest organized by the Greek communist party (KKE) in support of #Syria and against US desires to attack the country. These photos are from #Athens, #Greece.
Although smaller in number, communists and anti-imperialists also protested in #Greece’s second largest city, #Thessaloniki, in support of #Syria and made calls for Trump to not attack the country.
#BREAKING - US President Donald #Trump announcement on #Syria official starts in 30 minutes, according to @AlSuraEnglish
Pentagon correspondent @JoeRTabet has just tweeted this: “Just-in: US administration official confirmed to me that a decision to strike #Syria has been taken.”
Approximately 5 minutes until announcement on decision made about #Syria.
Final speculation before announcement. I doubt Trump would announce attacking Syria before actually doing it. Systems are already on red alert in #Syria but giving a direct warning beforehand seems illogical. We wait and see now....
You can watch the anticipated #Trump announcement on #Syria here:
BREAKING: #Trump announces strikes with #France and the #UK against #Syria. #Damascus is already attacked.
Trump has just said the US, France and UK are prepared to use full Military, economic and diplomatic means against #Syria.
#Trump says for #Russia to join “civilized nations”. Trump has also offered access to the most “powerful economy” in the world (the USA) to #Russia and #Iran if they ditch #Syria.
Trump has said that the USA does not seek an #indefinite presence in #Syria” and wants to eventually bring American soldiers home
Trump just said that #US, #France and #UK are fighting for righteous against barbarism. The hypocrisy....
Now we wait for #Russia’s and #Iran’s response. I hope all my friends in #Syria are safe tonight.
Explosions hitting rural areas of #Damascus. Syrian air defense are striking US coalition cruise missiles. #Syria.
Syrian air defense has knocked out at least two cruise missiles. Several cruise missiles hitting areas of rural #Damascus.
US-led missile strikes against #Syria has just hit a civilian neighborhood of #Damascus.
US-led missile strike in eastern #Damascus, #Syria.
Syrian air defense have destroyed a another US missile over #Qutaifa missile base north of #Damascus, #Syria.
Several US-led missiles have hit #Damascus but air defenses have also knocked out many missiles. Clearly #Syria has prepared well for this attack. No word on #Russia yet/
Video of missile attack against #Syria.
All attack by the US-led coalition are for now only attacking #Damascus and nowhere else in #Syria
Rumors (not verified yet) that #Russia IS defending #Damascus from US-led missile attacks.
US-led missile attack concentrating on Dumayr Airbase in #Damascus, #Syria.
CONFIRMED: #Russia IS helping defend #Damascus from US-led missile attack.
Initially ONLY #Damascus attacked, I can now confirm #Hama and #Homs as well. Talk of a 4th city too. I am not sure
US has just announced that #Israel’s intelligence are also involved in missile strikes, giving locations, etc.
US defense officials confirmed to @CNN that American ships and aircraft were used in the strikes
Missiles passing near Russia’s Airbase in #Latakia but not near its Naval base in #Tartous, #Syria.
First wave of missile attacks are over. More are expected.
In this first wave of missile attacks by the US, #France and #UK against #Syria, four civilians have been martyred. RIP
Things are calm for now. Syrians are anticipating a second volley of missile attacks from the US-led coalition.
Confirmed reports, one of the #US missiles has targeted the scientific research center in Barzah district of #Damascus via @Syria_Protector
F###!!! Second wave of missile attacks against #Syria have begun.
Photo of the research center being targeted by #US-led coalition against #Syria #Damascus
Reports that US-led coalition are illegally using Lebanese airspace to attack #Syria.
“Looks like the US is facing great difficulty hitting its targets in Qtaifah missile base north of Damascus, a third wave is still incoming,” @WithinSyriaBlog
#BREAKING - First photo of #Syrian air defense missile launched against #US, #UK and #French cruise missiles striking the capital #Damascus. Via @AlSuraEnglish
Although US-led Air coalition hit Dumayr airbase in East #Damascus, all reports say that the airbase was already emptied out. #Syria
MAJOR! Russian jets have become active in the skies. They have left the Hmeimim airbase in #Latakia province. Not sure what their role is. #Syria
BREAKING!!!! With the US, #France and #Uk attacking #Syria, #ISIS have begun attacking the Syrian Army in south #Damascus!!!!!!
Syrian air defenses have intercepted 13 missiles so far from the attack by US-led forces
Radar guided anti-air guns and anti-air missiles utilized in the air defense of #Damascus. 13 missiles intercepted. Only god knows how many civilians saved from those interceptions.
My phone is crashing from all the Telegram notifications I am getting from #Syria. This has never happened before. This is a terrible sign and shows how powerful the attack was.
Things are calm again in #Syria; for now....
#BREAKING - #Pentagon to deliver briefing on #US strikes in minutes.
Several reports #Latakia has been hit by US-led attack, close to where #Russia’s main #Syria base is.
#BREAKING: Explosions can be heard in a Khan Arnabeh, #Quneitra.

Note: An Iranian base is established in Khan Arnabah - via @Nidalgazaui
West #Damascus now being hit hard with cruise missiles. This are possesses many important bases, including the elite 4th Division HQ via @leithfadel #Syria
Dunford says US did not pre-notify Russia of the Syria strikes and hag strikes sought to minimize risk of Russian casualties - #Syria #Russia #Damascus
US declared first wave of missile attacks against #Syria are over. My friends in #Damascus tell me things are calm at the moment.
Russian military are yet to make a statement about the US-led attacks against #Syria.
Let’s not forget that these attacks against #Syria come on the day that the OPCW were to begin their investigations into the alleged chemical attack. Why didn’t #Trump wait until after their investigation if it is to be proven true?
It’s 5:20am in #Syria. Sunrise in less than an hour. To minimize civilian casualties, I doubt the US-led coalition will launch another wave of missiles now.
BREAKING: Mattis says double the number of weapons used compared to last year's Syria strike, which involved 59 Tomahawk missiles - @Reuters
No electricity in #Damascus right now. via @leithfadel #Syria
Russian Ambassador Antonov : U.S. Actions will have consequences. #Syria
#Damascus Resident to @BBCNews:
"It was mayhem above us. Most missiles shot down. I saw > 20 anti-air missiles launched. They'd fly really high then start weaving across, like they were following their target. I didn't see the cruise missiles but i saw sum falling debris nearby"
I just want to remind everyone that #ISIS in South #Damascus began attacking the Syrian Army when the US-led missile strikes against #Syria began.
BREAKING: Syria says joint attack 'flagrant violation,' 'doomed to fail' - @AFP
Breaking: "What you’ve seen tonight is not the end of the US’s not over” US official tells us. #Syria via @jimsciutto
I’m so relieved to hear all my friends in #Syria are safe and sound.
The Syrian Army intercepted around 50 Tomahawk missiles, according to @KevorkAlmassian. #Syria
“Most of the missile attack has been foiled as of 8 minutes ago. Civilian research center and Red Crescent Housing Center in heavily-populated Barzeh was hit. Few blocks from my house,” @ischark
#Syria’s missile defense system performed well within its capacities by all accounts but was just overwhelmed.
BREAKING - #Canada's PM Trudeau says his country 'supports the decision by #US, #UK and #France' against #Syria.
Right now! This is the beginning of a gathering of people in the Umayaad square of #Damascus in support of the Syrian Army and to send a message of defiance to the triple aggression - Syrians Are Celebrating a "Victory" this morning - via @IvanSidorenko1

• • •

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