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Seems Yezidi's continued to be ignored in #Afrin despite of nobel peace price for @NadiaMuradBasee. Turkish-backed armed groups threaten Yezidi's in Afrin, calling on them to convert to Islam, building mosques in their areas (1)…
Report: "[Armed] groups pushed to imposed an Islamic environment on the area’s Yazidis and forced them to attend Islamic mosques for prayers as well as changing some Yazidi centers in #Afrin into Islamic mosques and destroying some Yazidi shrines and looting their contents." (2)
On July 14, the Afrin Media Center reported that the Turkish-backed Descendants of the Prophet brigade turned the house of an Ezidi, 60-year-old Hannan Nasiru, in the Basoufan village, into a mosque (3)…
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1-The Turkish soldiers and their affiliates are running a prostitution network of Kurdish womens in Afrin. One FSA medias was angry at the Turks for arresting one of them (Salah al-Safi) and threatened to expose them if he wasnt released. The Turks refused so they posted proofs
2- They have in their possession a lot of video proofs and pictures which they will release if he isn't free from the Turks prison. This is crazy stuff that the UN is letting happening.This FSA channel is no better wince they are only releasing this for their own agendas #Afrin
3-But we need to take a stand against this and we need to speak to our political representatives in whatever country we are living in. This cannot go any longer because each days that goes on there is man and women suffering from those #WarCrimes #twitterkurds
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Scandalo in #Olanda: il governo ha supportato e finanziato diversi gruppi jhiadisti in #Siria

1) Il governo olandese ha sostenuto finanziariamente e logisticamente diversi gruppi jhiadisti in #Siria, i c.d. “ribelli” dell'Esercito Libero Siriano. Lo rivela un inchiesta del programma televisivo Nieuwsuur che sta destando un vero e proprio terremoto politico in #Olanda.
2) Nel contesto del programma NLA (assistenza non letale), i Paesi Bassi hanno inviato attrezzature di logistica a ben 22 gruppi armati in Siria fino all'inizio di quest'anno. Si trattava di aiuti classificati come “non letali”, destinati ai gruppi di combattimento "moderati".
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Our volunteers inside #Afrin confirm that #Turkish army has closed the border crossing in village of Nisria of Jindirese town, where #FSA fractions used to smuggle armament and people into #Turkey, after a dispute between smugglers. The smugglers have instead started to++
use the border crosssing at village of Hamam of the same town.

Sources on the ground told AAN that #Turkish troops closely collaborate with the smugglers to use the crossing into Turkey in exchange for $1.500 per person. The smuggling activities on the border with #Turkey++
video of which has just been released and been circulated on social media platforms, has increased after the recent operations by #YPG targeting terrorists and other local groups targeting both terrorists and their families.
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Thread Upsum
#IRGC and #Hezbollah have trained hundreds of #SDF fighters who will be joining the #SAA offensive on the W. #Aleppo - #Saraqeb Axis. The deal was forged in August and immediately put to work.
It began back in July when an #SDF delegation met Gen. Ali Mamlouk in #Damascus. His coterie included the #SAA Coordination officer with #Iran-ian forces. He berated the SDF for dealing with Americans, called them “US agents” and asked them to "show loyalty" to #Syria.
Then, negotiations began when #SDF offered to take part in the forthcoming #Idlib offensive, as a way of building trust between both parties. In return, the #SAA would have to back up their claim for #Afrin. The idea sounded agreeable and tweaks began.
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Two car bombs detonated in front of the Headquarters of a Free Syrian Army faction in #Afrin town centre in northwestern Syria. At least 10 people dead, including civilians.
"Afrin Hawks" or the "Afrin Falcons" have claimed responsibility for the twin attacks. The brigade is supposedly a unit of the US-backed Kurdish #YPG.
The Afrin Hawks vow to continue terror attacks in #Afrin if the Arab settlers from East Ghouta do not leave the Kurdish majority region.
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It’s extraordinary just how much BS gets created in people’s minds.

I never once expressed “support” for #Turkey’s #Afrin operation.

- Did I say it was inevitable? Yes.
- Did I observe it & comment on its advance vis-a-vis broader #Syria dynamics (i.e. my job)? Yes.
My critique has always been about the imbalance/s created in northern #Syria by U.S. counter-#ISIS policy.

The #YPG was/is the #PKK - all U.S. officials admit that in private. That didn’t necessarily have to preclude working with them, but ignoring it caused big, big problems.
#pt: As an analyst of terrorist groups, I did see a certain irony & short-sightedness in the words of one top, serving U.S. official, “allying with a terrorist group (#PKK) to fight another terrorist group (#ISIS).”

It’s got nothing to do with any position on #Kurds, whatsoever.
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U.S. counter-#ISIS strategy & its insistence on ignoring/denying the #YPG’s roots helped give birth to problems like #Afrin today.

Everything was driven by short-term objectives, with their long-term implications constantly swept aside as inconvenient distractions.

Now look.
Was the U.S. right [at the time] to partner with the #YPG? Absolutely.

Were sufficient, honest efforts put in place to balance the consequences of working with the #YPG? No.

The result = a profound imbalance & a security challenge that #Turkey was always going to hit back at.
#pt: The #YPG did a superb job at liberating territory from #ISIS control; they were a truly reliable partner.

BUT, the U.S’s creation of a profound imbalance in northern #Syria - ironically - created the conditions in which the #YPG stood to lose a great deal.

Look at #Afrin.
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1. I urge young #Kurds across the US to be more politically active. No excuses. Know your elected representatives, get in touch with their offices & educate them on the Kurdish plight. Kurds with access to Capital Hill in DC have more responsibility, we can influence policy.
2. We don’t need fancy offices. We know what brings Kurdistan down, we know who those are that work with Turkey, Iran. We can provide lawmakers with a different voice, one that is for the sole interest of Kurdistan. For how long will you complain but do nothing to change it?
3. Take advantage of the institutions that exist, they’re for us to utilize. Don’t allow corrupt individuals & offices to push party agendas. You have access to members of Congress, as Kurdish officials do. It’s very simple. Call👉make an appointment👉educate.
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#Thread on how a generation/generations of Syrian have been brain washed.
A few years ago I was working with Syrian refugees and I realised that
on of the strategical path to stop extremism is to make sure Syrian refugees are in safe hands/lands as they get exploited by many.1/1
In Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and in some camps in Iraqi Kurdistan young Syrian girls are looked and used as sex slaves. This has reached a new level in Turkey and Syrian teenage girls get sold like in territories held by ISIS. 1/2…
This has resulted in more hatred towards Assad and Iran as well as Europeans for the deal they signed with Turkey. Furthermore, Syrian refugees in Turkey are the first victims of more radical Islamism ideology implemented by current government in charge. 1/3
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#Thread on what’s happening in #Afrin under Turkish backed forces.

Turkish backed forces raped three girls age 15.

This interview was published on HaberTurk TV(27th of March).

Reporter in Turkish: What has changed in Afrin?What do you think about Turkish humanitarian aid?1/1
Old Kurdish man: We as the people of Afrin want these forces to leave. They aren't Free Syrian Army. They are thieves, rapists, terrorists and Turkish backed forces are destroying our houses. Last night Turkish backed forces raped three fifteen-year-old girls.
The interpreter however interpreted: We don't want non Afrinis here.YPG didn't belong to Afrin, stole our properties, were bad to our women.We don't want YPG because they are not the owner of Afrin. 1/3
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Instead of giving back the city of Afrin to the central government of #Damascus, #YPG took the decision on behalf of all inhabitants, #Kurdxs and Arabs, to pull out and allow #Turkey to occupy it: #YPG "greatest" strategy. No place for Kurds even in the mountains now.
#YPG militants were described for years as "best fighters" and "best military partners" but the war in #Afrin showed they are not best fighters and they are worse planners with no strategy.
In both #Iraq and #Syria, #Kurds political leadership pushed the Kurdish population future and dreams for at least another 100 year back (and I am positive here) as a result of their alliance with the #USA in both cases and countries.
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What are strategic options for the US in Syria over Turkey-#YPG debacle? Only four, none perfect:
1) Strategic procrastination
2) Prefer Turkey over #YPG
3) Prefer YPG over Turkey
4) Play an active role in reconciling Turkey and YPG/#PKK

#thread +
+ First option is strategic procrastination: trying to put a bandaid on big problems with / between Turkey & YPG, hoping things will eventually work themselves out. They won’t, they’ll only get worse, & US will eventually be blamed by *both* Turkey & YPG +
+Strategic procrastination also includes “piecemeal concessions” to both Turkey and YPG to temporarily calm them down. This won’t work. Divide & conflict between TR & YPG is real, and deepening every day. No “smart, cheap, fast” solutions here. Big problem requires big solution +
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THREAD on #Russia's stance in Eastern #Ghouta:
1.#Putin convened a National Security Council meeting today to discuss the situatiion,;directed all RUS agencies involved in #Syria abide by the 2401 #UNSC Resolution, emphasized "terrorists [in the area] continue their provocations"
2. Despite the UN vote #Moscow stands firm in its position:Western media campaign around East #Ghouta is "crocodile tears","they been silent on militants shelling of #Damascus for 2 years now that #SAA,RU go after militants (yes,not only HTS)everyone suddenly cares for civilians"
3.Yet the scale of humanitarian tragedy demanded urgent action.The decision to let civilians out seen as temporary fix since many radicals will flee along w/ them, amass in other parts of town,thus humanitarian tragedies where radical shild w/ civilians doomed to repeat
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With the continuous flow of hundreds of well trained and armed Syrian popular forces, the Turkish #OliveBranchOperation is expected to be halted in the coming week: #Damascus clear confrontational attitude towards #Ankara seems obvious +
#Turkey knows that #Damascus is not acting alone and that #Russia is not far from seeing the Central government regain control of the Kurdish #Afrin enclave when #Kurds accepted all the Syrian gov conditions +
In the coming weeks, #Russia and #Ankara will have to find a way out to save #Turkey's face and present a scenario where everybody is a winner, including the #Kurds who have managed to save the destruction of the enclave.+
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#Russia is discussing/finalising with #Turkey the cease-fire in #Afrin to allow 4000 #SAA men to take control of the entire city, surrounding villages, establish 52 positions in the enclave and deploy forces on the borders with #Turkey.
Thos who believe the deployment of the Syrian army will only be on the 160 km along the borders with #Turkey are mistaken because that was the initial request of the Afrin administration from day one, rejected by the government of #Damascus.
#Few minutes ago, #Damascus was informed that #Turkey is still rejecting few articles in the deal regarding #Afrin. Negotiators are still positive and hope to undo the problem in the next hours.
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NEW - #Ahrar al-Sham & Nour al-Din al-Zinki have merged, creating Jabhat Tahrir Souriya, branded with “green” revolutionary flag.

- Ahrar leader Hassan Soufan = leader
- #Zinki leader Tawfiq Shahbuddin = deputy

“JTS” calls on other groups to join for greater unity.
#pt: What does “JTS’s” formation mean?

- Unlikely to be a full merger, but closer Ahrar-Zinki coordinating ties have been clear for months.

- Northern #Syria’s two biggest non-#HTS factions are compiling (with Syrian Islamic Council backing) pressure on #Jolani & HTS.
I’m told that x4 sub-factions of #HTS have agreed to join the newly formed Jabhat Tahrir Souriya (#JTS) and at least x5 others are negotiating possible terms.

#Syria #Idlib
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Turkey's Diyanet (!/DIYANET) has instructed over 140 mosques in the Netherlands (!/ISN) to pray for Erdogan's victory in #Afrin, promoting jihad and martyrdom:
In Germany too, Turkish mosques have been instructed by Diyanet to pray for Erdogan's victory:
Dutch and German mosques acting as the long arm of Erdogan and promoting #jihad and #martyrdom is just another example of how the Islamization of Turkey is threatening Europe. Read our moment for a collection of more examples:…
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C'è il forte sospetto che la #Turchia abbia utilizzato gas chimici contro la popolazione di #Afrin, in particolare cloro.

Ieri sera intorno alle 22 sei civili provenienti dal villaggio di Erende sono arrivati all'ospedale di #Afrin lamentando grossi problemi di respirazioni. I dottori hanno constatato gli effetti del gas cloro.
Il cloro è un gas soffocante diffuso liberandolo da apposite bombole, che provoca una tosse spasmodica con gravi lesioni polmonari che spesso portano alla morte per asfissia.
#Afrin #Erdogan #Turchia
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With the #Afrin deal coming to a near end, the #Kurds is al-Hasaka may no longer be fit as "best #USA partners" in #Syria. However, the #USA occupation forces will find another partner to stay in the Levant, the most important presence for these forces +
Because #USA protects an #ISIS enclave in north-east #Syria, #ISIS becomes a necessary element to justify the #USA presence and to wave it in the face of #Iraq . US is pushing #NATO into #Iraq so the US won't look alone in Mesopotamia and the Levant.
As the #USA insists in occupying #Syria and in staying in #Iraq, their forceful presence will be a negative element in PM Haidar Abadi's electoral campaign. #Iran won't accept NATO's presence in #Iraq and #Syria (USA).
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The crowd shouts ”Prime minister, take us to Afrin”, he laughs and replies “prepare yourself at the exits, we are going”.

They turned Turkey to a war mongering society supporting invasion of a tiny enclave & laugh same day they lost at least 11 soldiers.
The war mongering we witness in Turkey today is nothing new and it has been been centered and directed against Kurds before. But this Turkish Volksgemeinschaft centered around a war against Kurds has clearly accelerated to new levels during Turkey’s invasion of Afrin.
While Turkey mobilize their whole society and their lobby, some Turkey minus Kurds experts and pro jihadist Syria analyst activists works hard to find any angle where they can trash YPG/J, who are merely defending their homeland against a NATO army & their jihadist foot soldiers.
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#SRO | IMPORTANT - The work we're doing, #SRO (about all fighting groups in #Syria) with @Endemic22 (about #FSA and peaceful protest history) is an urgent and needed work : we're saving, for history, what happened in #Syria as #Fb, #Youtube and #Twitter deleting all events (1).
#SRO | IMPORTANT - To others who have time to make this job : open word document and save history with links to Youtube videos, screenshots, places where events you're archiving took place... We must save all what can be saved. Already tens of thousands documents disappeared (2).
#SRO | IMPORTANT - Who will remember #Afrin coalition in winter 2012-2013 that took, together, arabs and kurds, over regime Battalion 135 that was shelling Afrin and Azaz ? Who will remember FSA was really #FSA fighting for a really Free #Syria when it freed #Qusayr in 2012 ? (3)
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#SRO - What happened in Kusham area is the first real and strong #US action to protect its interests, the #SDF and its military advisors... Be sure this will reinforce #SDF recuitment policy and popularity... (1)
#SRO - Since weeks, as #Afrin offensive began and since #US administration thretened to cut support of clashes against #Turkey, recruitment for #SDF ranks was decreasing seriously (it was clear for #Raqqa governorate and #Manbij area) (2).
#SRO - #US intervention to strike a regime offensive, killing dozens and destroying dozen tanks, isn't about to erase #US stance on #Afrin, but population in Northern Federation to consider their ally with another point of view : yes, #US can be a good ally when needed... (END).
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The battle of #Afrin #Efrin :
#Turkey is in am impossible position to break through the Kurdish defenders in Afrin city and enclave. Its proxies, including Jihadists, are incapable of occupying and keeping significant position in the Syrian Kurdish enclave +
#Turkey is confronted with only two options:
a. Surround the enclave
b. Push its own forces (several thousands of Turkish Army)
Both options are not feasible +
a. Surrounding the Afrin enclave is not possible because the south of Afrin is open to the Syrian Army line, happy to provide assistance to the Kurds even if the their intentions to declare a Federation and have linked themselves to the US.
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