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Sep 9, 2018 5 tweets 2 min read
When ISIS overrun Syria and SAA fled northern Syria the “separatist pigs” defended their homes.

Fares would be the MP of his living room had not the “separatist pigs” defeated ISIS in Kobane.

I suggest you go east of Euphrates yourself instead of sending more young men to die. Furthermore it’s interesting that this MP use the same racist terminology against as the jihadists. What SDF and YPG wants is simple, local autonomy within Syria’s borders and cultural rights. But these cowards who make politics over others blood wants to rule over everyone..
Feb 15, 2018 17 tweets 5 min read
So PYD leader comes with legitimate criticism towards the Turkish regime who been jailing, arresting and putting 100s of 1000s of people out job because of their opinion.

What does these pro-rebel/jihadists tweeps do? They run in defense of Turkey to delegitimize any criticism. First of all, Rojava is not a one party state. It’s one of most obvious lies anti-PYD organizations and people spread. There are plenty of parties in Rojava who takes part in the political system, and plenty of NGOs working free.
Feb 10, 2018 8 tweets 3 min read
The crowd shouts ”Prime minister, take us to Afrin”, he laughs and replies “prepare yourself at the exits, we are going”.

They turned Turkey to a war mongering society supporting invasion of a tiny enclave & laugh same day they lost at least 11 soldiers. The war mongering we witness in Turkey today is nothing new and it has been been centered and directed against Kurds before. But this Turkish Volksgemeinschaft centered around a war against Kurds has clearly accelerated to new levels during Turkey’s invasion of Afrin.