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1/ now The only thing that @JeffFlake has to do is exactly what he did last week. Last Thurs. night he looked like he was going to be yes vote to move the #Kavanaugh nom forward, but he didn't do that. His comments today (attached) make it appear as though he will vote yes.
2/ Instead, @JeffFlake should give some thought to saying that the FBI investigation that he called for & got isn't complete enuf w/o the rest of the witnesses & the 2 subjects being interviewed. He can stop this tomorrow, and he should. #CancelKanavaugh #FridayFeeIing
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1. #Antitrust Sherman Act
Antitrust Clayton Act
Antitrust Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914.

#Google , #Twitter and #Facebook violate all 3 Laws.
they must be broken-up and shattered.

remember United States vs. Rockefeller's Standard Oil - 1911
2. "United States Antitrust Law is a collection of Federal and State Government Laws that regulates the conduct and organization of business corporations to promote fair competition."
3. "The Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice, State governments and private parties may bring actions in the Courts to enforce the #Antitrust Laws."
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A couple things after getting attacked by trolls/bots for now 12 hours straight.
1. @twitter still has lots of work to do to get rid of fake accounts and bots. Happy to help if they want some advice.
2. Trolls work by threats, intimidation, psyops. Part of game is to overwhelm...
By overwhelm, I mean to "gang up" + try to make it seem there are more than there really are.
3. Besides the low to no information shared, almost always resort to threats/memes/both when pushed back
4. Timing, timing - rapidity + # of tweets directed @ you + accts attacking...
Timing of how quickly their friends run to their rescue is also a major tell
5. Some of the insults are just plain stupid, bad english, bad composition
6. However most insults designed to try to get in your head. To scare you. To make you question your beliefs. To mindf×ck you...
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A thought as to why this might be...…
See, Google is very well positioned in the market. They are tied to the Android phone platform (the only viable option other than @Apple) not to mention "Google it" is synonymous with answering questions. That's whats called massive brand aweness.
Google has prositioned themselves as a utility. Utilities don't need to be fresh or hip. They need to work and work effectively.
Don't get me wrong, Google is into some seemingly spooky 💩, however facts are facts...

Google it.
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The opposition to #QAnon is mildly shocking and shows me how little the average person is interested in deep dive research, reading and soul searching critical thinking. I get it but it’s still so appalling that people will reject something so adamantly without reading it.. #MAGA
I started following #QAnon back around Halloween of 2017. Just after the posts started to appear on #4Chan. I never migrated to that board. Originally I heard about Q on the generalist conspiracy message board Above Top Secret.
#ATS was a place I visited mostly for entertainment value. At first when I read about #QAnon, I was intrigued but not at all sold on what was actually happening. As certain events such as Podesta and #HRC‘s supposed Arrest Dates passed, I questioned the movement.
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Question for @jack based on testimony: Where else does the Quality Filter/behavioral tools limit the exposure of tweets from accounts deemed low quality? How long does the rating last? Do tweets from accounts deemed low quality fail to show up in the timelines of their followers?
Given the liberal bias among #Twitter employees & many of those external entities involved, who can accurately judge whether particular news outlets are fairly described, rated and treated? Does Twitter have people in their feedback loops who can point out the confirmation bias?
Quality Filter previously used (“who follows you”, “who you follow” and “who you retweet”) as behavioral signals. Is this still the case? How is Twitter dealing with the “guilt by association” aspect of this?
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JUST IN: @Twitter CEO @Jack Dorsey says in prepared testimony to Congress: ' #Twitter does not use political ideology to make any decisions'.
He is due to appear before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Wednesday 5th Sept 2018.
Here’s the full testimony:…
WATCH #LIVE : @Twitter CEO @jack and #Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg testify on foreign interference.…
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!!NEW Q Drops!! 9/4/18 11:54 Ex 1 - 'Being Afraid'
Does HRC care about you?
If she cared about protecting you…
Would she sell out America’s secrets and Uranium to China/Russia [Ex 1]? #QAnon #EnjoyTheShow #NowComesThePain #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight @realDonaldTrump
2. They always thought if charges were brought [v. them] they would ultimately be safe [SC control].
[AS] out
[HRC] appointment(s) >>
End of all ends.
Did Anthony Kennedy have a choice? #QAnon #EnjoyTheShow #NowComesThePain #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight @realDonaldTrump
3. Was this the original plan according to HRC election win?
What evidence was he shown?
RBG replacement [lifetime appointment - age]? What’s at STAKE? #QAnon #SCOTUS #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight @realDonaldTrump
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#HILO #Aylan

Mañana hace 3 años que encontraron a Aylan muerto en la playa. Nos repetirán la imagen en el telediario del niño muerto.

¿Hay algún detalle de la foto que os llame la atención? No pongo la foto porque #Twitter puede cerrar la cuenta y porque todos la habéis visto.
Para todo el que haya tenido que presenciar una muerte judicial en la playa sabe que un cuerpo no acaba así, sea un niño o adulto.

Ni en esa postura tan "perfecta" para la foto, ni con la ropa puesta de ese modo. La mayoría de ropa acaba bajada o sin ella por el oleaje.
Y otro tema es el bombo que se le da a la desgraciada muerte de este niño, ¿alguien recuerda la muerte de la niña de #Niza? Pongo la foto suave, hay otra en internet que sale destrozada.

El final es que ninguno de los dos se merecía la muerte y menos de ese modo.
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#Twitter: what is it good for? How do you get good at it? And what will we do when it's gone? Today in pulp I share a few insights I've gleaned from almost five years of running this account.

Its about to get all meta...
Most people's tweets are a stream of consciousness, and Twitter itself is a daily flow of 500 million of these across the surface of your phone. You are currently looking at the collective unconscious of the planet...
And like any examination of the unconscious you will see things on Twitter that fascinate you and things that disgust you. This is part of its attraction: the filters of discourse become permeable, allowing the unsayable to leak across.
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Isso é grave!

Tudo começa na noite do dia 30 de julho de 2018, quando @jairbolsonaro destruiu, ao vivo, os militantes disfarçados de jornalistas do #RodaViva ... Naquela noite tivemos o Tweet abaixo: #VotoBolsonaro17
Antes de prosseguir, vocês precisam saber quem é Glenn Greenwald e de onde ele é. De forma bem resumida, as imagens a seguir explicam bem:
Continuando... Pelo desespero do establishment, com a já provável vitória de Jair Bolsonaro, como o próprio jornalista disse, eles estão em busca de uma "estratégia eficaz para bater Bolsonaro", então, eis que surge, no dia 23 de agosto, a seguinte matéria:
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“They keep posting, but no one sees their content.” - writes @PoliticalShort and @davereaboi an excellent OpEd on how #twitter is using “Quality Filter” algorithm to quietly silence many voices.…
Here we go; known tweeps from #SaudiArabia are also facing similar censorship on #Twitter, Arabic hashtag:
#تويتر_يحارب_المغرد_السعودي that says:
“Twitter fighting Saudi Tweep” is once again active:
#BREAKING : @Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to testify before House Energy and Commerce Committee.
"When decisions about data and content are made using opaque processes, the American people are right to raise concerns," Committee Chair Greg Walden says.
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Statement from @StephGrisham45 in light of this morning's @POTUS #Twitter storm that some would interpret as 'bullying.' #BeBest
Pressed on the cyberbullying issue, @StephGrisham45 comments, per radio pooler @sarahmccammon, that @FLOTUS has "said before that she is aware of the criticism, but it won't deter her from doing what she thinks is right.”
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Things like this #Twitter does not show on my time-line. You have to dig through my comments to see. 👇
We are being systematically told to hate each other. If you are from the right you should hate the left and vice versa. There is a lot more to us than that.
The 'right' is being brainwashed as much as the left to cause hate, division and fear. You don't see it yet... You will... eventually.
Nobody is teaching you the fact that your everybody liberals are NOT the paid actors you see on TV and Newspapers. They real people, they hate
Lies and they hate the push for the #pedophilia agenda as much as we do.
The media, the 'at' media is telling you to hate this people. They are telling you that because they are 'liberals' they embrace pedophilia and, what is worst, you are all buying into the bullshit.
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Q! 🔥 8/14 #QAnon

Note to AJ shills. Nobody hacks a site and brings it down, but publishes a useful and informative redirect page—so obvious this is a staged attack. Why am I not surprised?

Actors will act.
We target NBC.
NBC targets Q.
We are in control.
Q! 🔥 8/14 #QAnon #TrustThePlan

Important takeaway.
We've had the ball the entire time.
Think offense.
Why did POTUS move his entire operation out of TT the DAY AFTER the ADM ROGERS [SCIF] MEETING?
Q! 🔥 8/14 #QAnon #TrustThePLAN!!!!!👊🏼🇺🇸👊🏼

They are in full blown panic mode.
Enjoy the show.
Each FAKE NEWS article written or attack is a badge of honor - military grade.
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Are the TV news media actually culpable for today’s terrorist attack by constantly reinforcing a narrative where any criticism of Islam is forbidden? Must be silenced on the grounds it is, bigoted, racist, Islamophobic, or insert your own favourite buzzword here now. Thread 1/13
So after a news cycle of seemingly never-ending Boris bashing by all of the major UK TV stations over a joke made at the expense of a religion, whose adherents we are constantly informed by the same TV stations are all peaceful and not suffering from mental health issues. 2/13
Or in the case of the suicide bombers “we may never know their true motivation” even when this is in fact not the case, fortunately no-one was killed this time, which makes a very refreshing change, but that appears to have been more down to luck than anything else. 3/13
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1-I need to look into what triggers shills to come to my account and why. Because when they do, they all seem to concentrate in the same posts and have (allgegdly) no connection to each other.
What's more, #memes seem to trigger them and not posts per se.
& specific #hashtags
2- @CIA and other shills are DICKS. you know why? Cos you are all morons enough to come at the same time and concentrate in the same FUCKING post?
Are you seriously that dumb?
I don't need a degree to teach u the basics of stealth and concealment,but apparently you need a lesson
3-So here is the lessons:
-If you want to seem genuine, you need to come at me at different times and concentrating on different posts.
-If you all come at me at once (pretending not to know each other) and talking about the same post, I know are all FUCKING SHILLS

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One of my favorites, Peter Van Buren has been permanently banned from twitter. "This followed exchanges with several mainstream journalists over their support for America’s wars and unwillingness to challenge the lies of government.
After two days of silence, Twitter sent me an auto-response saying what I wrote “harasses, intimidates, or uses fear to silence someone else’s voice.”
#hypocrites #censorship #twitter…
Archive is here. You decide.…
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I am taking daily screen shots of my Gofundme page ea. posting on @LinkedIn The viewing stats don't increase while both posts it's between do & the most recent (in recent activity) has 0 views, yet it's the 1st post, while generic posts following it increase in views @DarrellIssa
😠Can't win for losing when all popular social media sites are #DeepState #PedoProtectors💥 @FTC @realDonaldTrump @DarrellIssa
"LinkedIn doesn’t want you to know when they're censoring you… which is why I can still see it. At least #Facebook & #Twitter tell you they're shutting your content down." Quote👇… #YouTube #Google #LinkedIn #Censorship @realDonaldTrump @FTC @DarrellIssa
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According to some recent data by @conspirator0 who analyzed the Russian IRA Twitter data dump the conspiracy hashtags of #pizzagate, #pedogate, #qanon ect appear 2 have first been used by these accts in a measurable way in Nov 2016 & really ramping up in Nov 2017. #infosec #psyop
Looking at our current reverse engineered #Hamilton68 #Twitter accts which are described as Russian influencer accts here ( .. our domestic Hamilton68 subset pushing #qanon has diverged significantly from the top Alt-right activist accts pushing #walkaway
Here are our previous threads on the fake propaganda #walkaway campaign
and here . Its interesting that #walkaway seems 2b slowly dying in propaganda value to the Russian influencer #Hamilton68 accounts. #infosec #psyop
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@ShawnTheAtheist Disagree because of the dominance of #socialmedia: The platforms that banned #InfoWars reach over 2 billion people & as such are not just "private companies". What we need fast is a Digital Bill of Rights to ensure a #FreeInternet & a free exchange of ideas on all platforms.
@ShawnTheAtheist 2. I do not value #InfoWars & #AlexJones as provider of "news". I see them more as infotainment, with the focus being less on "info", but all #censorship is a slippery slope!
Fact the top opinion-shapers realised the power of #socialmedia & they don't like it!
@ShawnTheAtheist 3. #Censorship & different forms of #Shadowbanning have existed for years.
I just came out of a shadowban on #Twitter, when my #impressions dropped from 270.000 in a day to just 10.000 - Reason: I disagreed with Jack Dorsey on Twitter not using censorship (indeed ironic!).
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Thread by @TheRealVAnon: "They are dropping like flies out there. purges Conservatives again. They used to purge in too. Once, in Cambodia thhey call it the Cambodian Genocide. It killed 25% of the country’s population. Th […]" #Twitter #Russia #maga #msm…
Absolute Must Read especially if your Conservative and being QDF Shadowbanned By Twitter #QDF
Moments ago..if this is you, Read!
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On expérimente un nouveau format sur #Twitter pour raconter l'histoire de @DianeDup avec Les @PetitesCantines

Une histoire d'entrepreneur à découvrir dans son intégralité sur le magazine n°3 à commander ici :…

[Histoire à dérouler > ]
Les plus terribles tragédies obligent parfois à des rebonds qui sont le début d’aventures magnifiques.
Après avoir perdu son mari dans un accident de voiture impliquant aussi ses trois enfants, Diane Dupré la Tour prend la décision de quitter le confort d’une vie salariée et un poste prestigieux pour se lancer dans l’entrepreneuriat social.
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