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Apr 9, 2018, 27 tweets

The representative for the #Netherlands is trying to shame #Russia into not using its veto to defend Bashar al-Asad's "mass atrocities". Best of luck ....

Amb. @nikkihaley asked about gas attacks and then attacks on the first-responders: "Who does this? Only a monster does this."

#Russia's hands are "covered in the blood of Syrian children", the Ambassador says, and "cannot be ashamed ... we have tried that before."

Amb. @nikkihaley attacks #Russia for its backing of #Asad, something "no civilized government" would do; its help in directing the siege-and-starve campaigns in #Syria; and its assistance to the broader war crimes.

The U.S. "will not be held hostage" to Moscow's veto.

Amb. @nikkihaley concludes by saying it is beyond the time for showing pictures of dead children or appealing to conscience. Either the Security Council acts or it will have "demonstrated its utter and complete failure ... Either way, the United States will respond [to Asad]."

One positive of the Trump administration: it does not play the Kremlin's game of pretending we do not know who has carried out these chemical attacks, as the Obama administration used to do.

The British representative at the #UNSC says that Britain supports an independent investigation of the chemical attack in #Syria. That #Russia (and #Iran) do not suggests they have something to fear.

The British representative at the U.N. says #Russia has supported the use of WMD from Salisbury to Syria.

The Chinese tyranny declares itself opposed to the use of force or the threat of force in international relations, an adherent to a "principled position" based on the U.N. Charter.

#Kazakhstan's representative suggests the only evidence for the chemical attack in #Syria is the @SyriaCivilDef and thinks #Russia's claim that no chemical attack happened must be taken seriously.

#Bolivia's representative says "unilateral" military action in #Syria would be "illegal", and would "undermine" the sovereignty of the country.

#Russia's occupation and ongoing assistance in massacre and displacement falls within what Bolivia's government considers acceptable.

The Russians have the floor back at the U.N. .....

#Russia's representative has three points:
(1) U.S. must call them "Russian Federation"
(2) CIA has abducted the Skripals and other mad things
(3) Moscow's narratives never get listened to ("footage was clearly staged") and hints at the "WW3" stuff if anyone acts against Asad.

The civilized countries refused to stay in the room as Asad's blood-drenched henchman lied to the chamber.

"Note that we call it the 'American administration' not 'regime' because this is the United Nations and it's shameful."

Asad's representative, Bashar al-Jaafari, led off with the key matters.

Asad's henchman is now onto #Israel's "aggression" against #Iran's occupation officials in #Syria as a violation of Syria's sovereignty.

Asad's representative at the #UNSC says his government is very concerned about human rights violations in #Syria (by rebel groups).

Asad's representative is quoting Martin Luther King at the U.N. ....

Asad's representative says Western states are professional liars who lied to aggress against Korea, Vietnam, and Somalia, then lied to create "takfiri terrorists" -- IS, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, etc. all to undo the Syrian government.

Erm ... Asad's representative at the U.N. just used that demented Newseek article (…) as evidence in his talk, mentioning the author by name as an authority.

"The White Helmets, which were established by British intelligence" - representative of the Asad regime.

Asad's representative: we've written 145 letters to #OPCW; "you don't read those letters and you don't respond to those letters". We told you the White Helmets were preparing to "film Hollywood-like scenes" so they could "incite against Syria".

Asad's representative concludes by inviting U.N. inspectors to Duma ... Al-Jaafari then blames the U.N. for the delays of the 2013 mission, which was hindered at every turn by the Asad regime.

Asad's representative says his regime "officially accuses" America, Britain, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey of providing chemical weapons to ISIS, al-Qaeda, and rebel groups so they can frame the Asad regime to pave the way for "aggression".

Asad's representative says that his system "does not possess any chemical weapons of any kind, even chlorine"

The meeting at the Security Council has adjourned. That was something else. #Russia's and #Asad's representatives just went for it right out the box.

Naturally, the Asad regime is about to take charge of the United Nations disarmament committee that produced the treaty banning chemical weapons.…

U.S. pushing for a vote at the Security Council for 3 PM [20:00 UK time]. Will surely be vetoed by #Russia and the strikes against #Asad could begin any time after that.…

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