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Apr 14, 2018, 15 tweets

Heading out to the @bostonmarathon! This will be my 12th #marathon and 3rd Boston!

When traveling to another city, whenever possible I have a lot of fun making the trip #carfree from door to door! I'll track my trip in this thread! #BostonMarathon #TransitOriented

Leg 1: Walk to Light Rail Station

As I walked down 5th Ave in #DowntownSeattle, catching a glimpse of the @SeattleMonorail going by was fun! Seeing these sidewalks... not so much! They need some TLC to make them friendlier for all users! ♿🚶


Leg 2: @SoundTransit Link Light Rail ride to @SeaTacAirport

I love the nice view of the #DowntownSeattle skyline I see from this train as it ascends from SODO to Beacon Hill!

View from @SoundTransit Link Light Rail as it enters @SeaTacAirport Station

Leg 3: Walk from @SoundTransit light rail station to inside @SeaTacAirport

In the past couple years, @PortofSeattle has made this connection easier by adding inviting paint and wayfinding signage, as well as a free shuttle for people who need assistance. Way to go!


It turns out that my @saucony running shoes perfectly match the color of this year's @bostonmarathon jacket! That was not planned, just a fun coincidence! 😃

Leg 4: Ride the @SeaTacAirport Satellite Transit System to get to my gate.

This people mover originally opened in 1973!


Near my gate at @SeaTacAirport there is a lovely exhibit honoring influential Asian Americans.


Leg 5: @Delta flight to Boston

I know flying isn't a very sustainable mode of transportation... what would the alternative be? (Other than not traveling) Maybe some high-speed rail is in America's future?

#BostonMarathon #BostonBound

Nice job @BostonLogan Airport for making it easy for travelers to take public transit from the airport!

And the @MBTA Silver Line to @SouthStationBOS is even free!

#TransitOriented #BostonMarathon

Leg 6: Ride the @MBTA T Silver Line to @SouthStationBOS

I love how this bus has luggage racks at the front! Plenty of space for people connecting from @Amtrak or a flight to bring their bags. I'd love to see more space for cargo on public transit in #Seattle.


Leg 7: Ride the @MBTA T Red Line from @SouthStationBOS to Park St

Lots of other @bostonmarathon runners wearing their jackets who were waiting for this train! #TransitOriented #BostonBound

Leg 8: Ride the @MBTA T Green Line

This is the oldest subway line in the United States, dating back to 1897!!
#BostonMarathon #TransitOriented #BostonBound

Leg 9: Walk from @MBTA T stop to my hotel

Aaah almost there 😃 #BostonMarathon #TransitOriented #BostonBound

At my hotel! That concludes my door to door #carfree journey from #Seattle to #Boston for the @bostonmarathon

home ➡️ walk ➡️ Link 🚈 ➡️ walk ➡️ @SeaTacAirport STS ➡️ @Delta ✈️ ➡️ @MBTA Silver Line 🚍 ➡️ Red Line 🚇 ➡️ Green Line ➡️ walk ➡️ hotel

What fun!

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