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Apr 15, 2018, 13 tweets

What is this ? Page 149 - Packet 6 - #HRCemails at vault.fbi.gov/hillary-r.-cli…

This receipt shows that on October 6 2015 the FBI checked into evidence a Datto cloud node in their Washington DC office . This node was confiscated from a co-lo in Pennsylvania. It had the offsite backup copies of the emails which were deleted - this copy was made accidentally

Packet 16 - pages 104 and 105 and 106 - Look at the agent who made the request to collect this cloud node on October 5 2015 ? Agent Peter Strzok .

October 5 2016 - @ChuckGrassley writes his letter to inquire about the Cloud backup copies that may or may not exist of the deleted HRC emails. October 6 2015 . Packet 9, 108-113 (1st 4 pages here).

Summary - It took 24hrs after Grassley letter for the FBI to get off their ass, send military vehicles to the colo datacenter, get the cloud backup copies, drive it to the field office in Washington DC, check it into evidence, and then have it never seen again. #SlimeBallComey

BTW - This easy... easy... simple... observation was a one of the top reasons why the Twitter hero TiG has their account taken away and their history deleted. It had nearly 3000 retweets.

So why was the WIkipedia page for Datto Corp DELETED in 2017 ? A company with tens of thousands of customers, a valuation of over one billion dollars, and closing in on 1000 employees ? Why and who deleted Datto's Wikipedia page?

It was user JzG on WIkipedia

You want to have fun ? Let us see what else user "JzG" on Wikipedia spends their time thinking about, other than backup providers based in Connecticut ... Lyme Disease ? Huh... Climate Change denial ? Hmmm

Obsession with @DineshDSouza ...

Any user on WikiPedia
Look at their edit history
And view edits side-by-side: and see how the liberals and globalists rewrite history in real time to shape public opinion
This user was rewriting details on the Marshall Plan!
Nobody has this much free time - Who is feeding this?

And OF COURSE he also has interest in #Pizzagate ! I mean those who know backup data and WW2 german economy - and lyme disease - and immigration statistics - also study Pizzagate! OF COURSE !!!

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