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Apr 16, 2018, 16 tweets

Remember when former EPA Administrator lied three times under oath but only the Executive Branch could’ve held her criminally responsible, we all know how that went. @GOP need to grow a pair and start defending @EPAScottPruitt #MondayMotivation…

Oh look, there’s former @EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy hanging out at the Olympics in Rio and guess what? She flew there first class🔍✈️💸 #BootPruitt #memories

Gina McCarthy hooked her buddies up at Harvard with $45 million in grants, for an alleged independent study but it was in close contact with them the whole time but all we’re going to hear about is a $43k sound booth in a government office🙄 #ScottPruitt #Hypocrisy

This is why media never talked about #EPA Gina McCarthy, she hated coal and worked vigorously to eliminate it. @EPAScottPruitt has cleared the way for AMERICAN JOBS and nothing pisses off @TheDemocrats more. #MondayMotivaton #ScottPruitt

Why doesn’t @TGowdySC write a letter to finally see Gina McCarthy’s conflict of interest, since former admin wouldn’t, he wrote quite the zinger about @EPAScottPruitt #TruthMatters…

Just checking out the Myan ruins because that’s official business right @EPA @USGAO @usgaolegal #EPA

Maybe we should ask how much it cost taxpayers for Gina McCarthy to fly to Cusco and Urubamba to play dress up with a Huilloc Indigenous girl, this seems totally work related right? #BootPruitt #DoubleStandard #EPA

WTF does reading have to do with the Environmental Protection Agency, oh my bad it was the “the magic school bus & climate change” that changes everything, this trip to Kigali seems totally legit now #ScottPruitt

Just a quick glance at #EPA Gina McCarthy record is quite interesting how did they spend $214,397 on a conference no one attended🤣Probably because of her precious Clean Water Act that crippled small businesses #ScottPruitt

Another gem from former #EPA $196,635 paid by the @EPA for a non-EPA traveler, that’s totally normal. Accountability is important but WHY have #Democrats just suddenly started doing it🤷🏼‍♀️ #SoreLosers

It’s all about control @EPAScottPruitt has been slashing the impossible and expensive regulations put in place by former #EPA meant to reduce sea level rise by 1/100th of an inch AND put people out of jobs in #Chicago all done with ZERO transparency🙄

While Democrats and Republicans pursue an enema of all things @EPAScottPruitt former admin did whatever they pleased, including deleting records because it would’ve shown how hugely they hooked up outside agencies #EPA

The former @EPA was rogue even a Federal Judge said so but muhhhh Scott Pruitt spent too much on a secure phone booth 💩…

Truth about the former #EPA 👇honestly all the politicians attacking @EPAScottPruitt should be looked at closely, chances are they have side deals that depend on all the regulations put in place that he’s now slashing. #TeamPruitt…

Not a joke BTW that’s really the former EPA🤣

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