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Well, Rahm is right. Obama said the same thing to blacks when he was running for president. Only difference Obama was liked. Rahm isn't. Rahm Emanuel under increasing fire for linking Chicago violence and morals in minority neighborhoods #FoxNews
The liberal social culture of the left has caused the lack of morals in many black households. History will show blacks are in general conservatives but liberal programs creating dependency and taking away pride has killed it. #WalkAway
Blacks would do so much better if they #WalkAway from the Democratic plantation of oppression and dependency.
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Y’all there is already a dance routine going

Today is gonna be awesome.
Jazz hands. There are jazz hands. You guys don’t even know how entirely overexcited I get by people having entirely unabashed fun. I’m losing it over here.
And I was worried the rain would put a damper on things. They’re just gonna dance in ponchos
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On 71st and Jeffrey there’s already been one arrest.
The scene is immediately tense as the man in the van says he can’t breathe and officers immediately circle up.
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings
July 16, 17, 18, 19, 2018 👇
1. In April of 2010 a female's torso, decapitated head, legs & left arm were found floating in the Haina River in the DR. She had been strangled & was subsequently decapitated/dismembered. Segura was a fugitive for 8 yrs.
#DanielSegura #DominicanRepublic…
2. In Nov 2017, a chat room notified NCMEC that an image of child porn had been uploaded. Authorities linked the ip address with Parker Pendergraph who was a band director at local schools. They found more than 500 images of child porn in his residence.…
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A block away and you can hear protesters outside Rahm’s house. Police have blocked the road.
The scene as dozens of protesters speak on police brutality in #chicago
A prayer: Laquan, rekia, Michael, harith: they were not alone
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OK people. I'm live tweeting @neo4j's #Chicago #GraphTour event today.
We are currently in the keynote. The speaker is talking about how popular Neo4j is
Keynote now telling us about all the new Neo4j features. Examples: location filter, including 3d. Auto cache reheating. I'm interested to know if auto cache reheating is working with query patterns or meant to replace them or what
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The scene at 71st and Jeffrey now.
Across the street, police question some young men.
In roll a couple dozen bike cops and six cruisers
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Racist in #Chicago drops the n-bomb on brotha minding his business and catches the Blue Line to FadeTown. #TrumpsAmerica #Resist #3rdRailFade #Nah #PunchANazi2018
Footnote: If you ever talking shit, and see a Black dude come out his work clothes, the only thing that should be on your mind is escaping quickly as possible.
2nd Footnote: I want this same energy from the brothas when these racists outchea harassing the sistas.
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Hello Chicago! Police have closed the Dan Ryan expressway in order to make the point that protesters shutting down the freeway is bad.
This of course has made me late for the protest in which nobody will be allowed to shut down the expressway
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This protest isn't even scheduled to start for another fifteen minutes and Daley Plaza is already full.
#KeepFamiliesTogether this crowd size already tho
#Chicago #KeepFamiliesTogetherMarch this is an anonymous service y'all spread the word
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In case you need a reminder that people are good, here’s a story in many tweets. At my office, we take turns cleaning the kitchen—wiping down counters, etc., plus on Friday, we clean out the two refrigerators. Today was my fridge day.
The deal with the fridge is, if someone has written their name on an item, you keep it. Unlabeled items get thrown away. It’s not the worst task, but it’s not all that fun. So I decided to make it fun.
I told my coworkers that for every labeled item, I’d donate a certain amount to the Greater #Chicago @FoodDepository. For every item I had to throw away, I would subtract (a lesser amount) from the total. I just kinda hoped this would make people label their stuff. But then...
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Remember when former EPA Administrator lied three times under oath but only the Executive Branch could’ve held her criminally responsible, we all know how that went. @GOP need to grow a pair and start defending @EPAScottPruitt #MondayMotivation…
Oh look, there’s former @EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy hanging out at the Olympics in Rio and guess what? She flew there first class🔍✈️💸 #BootPruitt #memories
Gina McCarthy hooked her buddies up at Harvard with $45 million in grants, for an alleged independent study but it was in close contact with them the whole time but all we’re going to hear about is a $43k sound booth in a government office🙄 #ScottPruitt #Hypocrisy
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THREAD: On Friday, to mark the start of #IBDAwarenessWeek, the wonderful @bottomline_ibd published a series of videos highlighting advice to those newly diagnosed with #IBD (#Crohns, #UC or #INDColitis). Thought I'd try and collate them here and then unroll...
1. First up @BigWoofa from Peterborough. #IBD #IBDAwarenessWeek #IBDVoices
2. Next on to Brighton's @quitegutsy #IBD #IBDAwarenessWeek #IBDVoices
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