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Apr 17, 2018, 11 tweets

I am a #Hindu A #Sanatani
I am Not Tired,Never Will be!

It’s my duty to Expose & Fight the #AntiHindu sepoys of the Western masters ‘promoting #HinduPhobia
धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः

Dharma alone can maintain the Society
धारणात धर्म मित्याहु धर्मो धारयति प्रजाः

Remote controlled Eurocentric Macaulayite agents of
‘Western Insentive system of international travels & grants’,
produces Hindu bashing material.

@INCIndia ‘s mission of uprooting #Hindu culture to ensure uninterrupted dynasty rule,supports them!

Narasingha Sil,Jeffrey Kripal,Sudhir Kakar, many W Scholars, including communists in W Bengal have alleged homosexual relationships between Swami Vivekananda & Ramkrishna Paramhansa😡
#Hinduphobia #CongressAssaultsSaints #AtrocityLiterature

#WakeUpHindus @narendramodi #HinduPatience being tried👇🏻

Ganesha trunk=limp phallus
Broken tusk=castration
Brahmachari’s staff=ditachable penis
Bindi=drop of menstrual blood
Mantras=inarticulate moans of goddess during intercourse

#IAmHindu #IWillFight

Religious studies being hottest field,
its tragic that Indian Classics are banished from 🇮🇳higher education @PrakashJavdekar
Indology studies remain with Western universities,run by W scholars,funded by church & W governments

Hindus aren’t legitimate experts of #Hinduism ??

A case against Wendy Doniger’s book,
‘Hindus:An alternative History’ & Penguin was field by Shiksha Bachao Andolan headed by Dina Nath Batra
@advmonikaarora handled it brilliantly.

Unable to defend,after 4yrs of litigation,the publisher & author withdrew the book from 🇮🇳

Wendy made dramatic comeback with the help of 🇮🇳Secularists,Leftist media, making her book sell & climb the rankings;
Foolish Indians turned her into a celebrity!
A wholesale distortion of #Hindu texts comes from her students,
‘Kali’s child’ by Jeffrey Kripal being one of them

Wendy’s students influence academic mafia that claims to be champion of intellectual freedom
Memberships of dissenting voices r cancelled
American Universities prescribe her📚 on Hinduism

Critics aren’t invited to any of the🇮🇳Literary Festivals where she’s made a celebrity

#AntiHindu uneducated in Sanskrit
with little/no knowledge of #Hinduism
the secular sepoys of West @Ram_Guha @waglenikhil @sagarikaghose @sardesairajdeep ilks promoted WD
English educated #Hindus took the Whitewoman claming to be Sanskrit expert as trure

#IWillFight & replace #HinduPhobia by the #GloriousHinduHeritage
I shall write, debate, expose these fake scholars of #Hinduism
#BharatKiBaat #MannKiBaat @narendramodi @AmitShah @PrakashJavdekar

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