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Apr 18, 2018, 9 tweets

Hillary Comey McCabe Strok Page Yates Boente referred by 12 members of Congress to the DOJ for prosecution.
Obstruction of Agency & Congress
Illegal Foreign Donations to Campaign
Failure to Disclose Donations
Deprivation of rights

Comey's Charges

Hillary's Charges

Lynch Charges

McCabe Charges

Strok Page Charges

Signers of the Carter Paige FISA warrant application
Comey McCabe Yates Boente

Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Strok, Page, Lynch facing charges.
Congressional referral to DOJ today!
#MAGA #Qanon #LockHerUp #WWG1WGA #WWGOWGA #TheGreatAwakeing #TrustSessions @FedupWithSwamp @seanhannity @bchapman151 @B75434425 @DestroyIllusion @ItsAngryBob

If the charges stick there are many years at stake for the accused.

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