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Apr 28, 2018, 12 tweets

#SouthCarolina, please call your state Reps & Senators to block these resolutions to call a Constitutional Convention. These are coming from all sides, left, right and in between! #KochBrothers org CoS, Tea Party & Citizens United orgs are getting desperate! #NoConConForAnything

The first two on this list are promoted by American-promise-dot-net. The third is another organization or possibly written by independent Republicans--13 of them. In all, SIXTEEN Republicans are endorsing legislation to ban Citizens United! Don't you think that's strange?!?

Here's evidence of American-promise-dot-net endorsing these first 2 bills H4174 and S0571! Tell your legislators to vote NO on these deceitful bills!
Republicans posing as Democrats! Wake up blue!!! #NoConCon

Here's two more bills for the "Balanced Federal Budget" which now has resolutions from 28 out of 34 states and #Iowa is fairly close! There are also two more for term limits—one is truncated from Convention of States (CoS) and one from Term Limits-dot-org. #NoConCon

This shows they are desperate and trying to throw everything but the kitchen sink up against the wall to see what sticks! Please help us block these resolutions and bogus calls for a Constitutional Convention! #SouthCarolina #NoConConForAnything #WeThePeopleAreAwake

If you don't know what a Constitutional Convention is, there is a tutorial here. If you don't have a lot of time, go to the end and there are two quicker tutorials. #NoConCon #NoConConForAnything

Posting ConCon 101-EZ+ #NoConCon

No byline but I love this synopsis from "Crossover Update: Bills Unlikely to Pass this Year," written by the South Carolina Policy Council:…

From the SCPC excerpt: "The problems with those bills (calls for SC & U.S. ConCon) are the same—namely that the most glaring problems in both state & federal gov't are not caused by their respective constitutions, & constitutional conventions would likely do more harm than good."

Got to give commendations to @scpolicycouncil! I'm writing these long threads and they summed it up pretty well in that one sentence! #NoConCon

Correction on the first two images. There was one resolution missing from the Convention of States (CoS) page which was placed on the Citizens United page by mistake. Reposting.
#NoConCon #NoConConForAnything

Reposting Citizens United resolutions. h/t to @VanessaTurnbul1
#NoConCon #NoConConForAnything

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