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May 7, 2018, 17 tweets

Waiting for @rafiziramli to reveal Invoke’s prediction for #GE14. Research was done from April 28 to May 3 @msiadecides

Terengganu and Kelantan Malays are the most diligent to answer surveys - @rafiziramli #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides

The survey for 2 weeks had 11,991 respondents and found that Malay votes in Selangor, W. Persekutuan and Penang to be higher than BN #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides

Perlis remains with BN but it will be close. You need only 8 seats to form state assembly. The difference between of Malay voters BN- PH is 3.5 % there might be swing to PH. #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides

Penang will win more seats this time around #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides

The prediction in Perak is that there will be a drastic change in Malay votes. PH would increase atleast 10 seats in state assembly. #PRU14 #GE14 @msiadecides

It is a clean sweep for PH. All three major races would vote for PH, it is going to be a clean sweep. #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides

In Putrajaya BN will win but Lembah Pantai PH will win. The Malay vote is key in this area. In order to neutralise overwhelming support of Chinese, BN needs atleast 30 percent swing of Malay votes in especially in Lembah pantai #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides

N9 has now become a PH state from being undecided. #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides

PH is expected to form state government here. This is because of the Malay votes will swing here. PH will have a simple majority to form government. #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides

This is the most drastic change. This is due to the swing of Malay votes. BN is ahead on Malay votes is just about 4-5% but the parliamentary seats that are completely Malay is just 5 to 6 seats #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides

Pahang will remain with BN but PH will win more parliamentary seats. #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides

BN will have a clean sweep. In state assembly, only one seat will be won by PH. #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides

Amanah’s Husam Musa will win in Kota Bahru. The state assembly would fall to BN. PAS will still win no seats. #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides

Four states in Peninsular will remain with BN. PH will win rest and 10-15 seats in Sabah/Sarawak to form government #GE14 #PRU24 @msiadecides

PAS will be completely wiped out in all the seats in Malaysia #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides

PAS president Hadi Awang might lose in Marang, Terengganu which has been his stronghold #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides

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