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1. Dear financial journalists. If you’ve been here a while and know the difference between crispy chicken rendang and its proper form, my apologies - please skip this thread. For those who sit in offices in Spore, HK, Beijing or London panic googling M’sia, please read on...
2. The events that led up to and since #GE14 have few parallels in history. A kleptocracy was peacefully voted out of power against all odds. Msians overcame electoral fraud, restricted media, abuse of power, murders, etc to get here. It isn’t possible without fortitude.
3. So this is the first thing to understand, i.e., Msians are angry and motivated. An 82% voter turnout on a weekday shows this. We’ve been outraged and are now motivated by the opportunity to rebuild. We understand the historic importance of this moment for our children.
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1MDB update from MOF:
1. The Directors of 1MDB confirmed that 1MDB was “insolvent”
2. 1MDB is unable to repay its debts
3. Arul Kanda says he is on garden leave therefore Arul says doesn't know what's happening in the company

4. Arul Kanda says all financial matters were handled strictly by the company CFO
5. Arul Kanda says he is absolutely uncertain as to what the value of these ‘investments’ are
6. Arul Kanda says he doesn't know whether they even exist in the first place
7. LGE FinMin has instructed PwC to conduct a special position audit on 1MDB
8. LGE FinMin says "Arul Kanda’s response was utterly shocking and preposterous because prior to the change of government, he toured the country preaching the financial viability of 1MDB"
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@msiadecides interviewed Anwar Ibrahim yesterday at his home.

These are excerpts and views from @anwaribrahim interview

Pix by @acinoseth
On Malaysians future:

“There will a new dawn for Malaysia. There will be a new breed of Malaysians who think Malaysian.” -@anwaribrahim
On why Malaysians voted for Pakatan Harapan:

“This has got to sink in mindset of all leaders of PH. They don’t support because of leaders, they support because they want a change” - @anwaribrahim
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On #1MDB, @Reuters reports that MACC found evidences that Najib received 1MDB funds in his personal account.

MACC wanted to investigate further, and their request was rejected by the AG.…
MACC found Najib received $10.6 million in 2015. Request to investigate further was rejected by the AG.
A reminder on how Najib consistently tried to deny any involvement and then he came up with confusing contradictory narratives to justify the transfer of the funds into his account:
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I'm going to start a thread on #PRU14 analysis. Feel free to join in on the conversation.

Let's start with voters themselves, before we jump into results....

Malaysians over 21 = 18,359,670
Registered voters = 14,940,624
#GE14 turnout = 12,299,514 (82.32%)
Even though turnout for 2018GE > 2013GE, the absolute people coming out to vote is the highest in Malaysia's history. This is remarkable because voting day is mid-week.

Until today, SPR/EC do not provide explanation why they made voting day on Wednesday
Now on to the results....

UMNO is the biggest loser. GE13= 88 seats (+9) GE18= 54 (-34)
BN 2nd biggest losre. GE13= 133 seats (-7) GE18= 79 (-54)

Losses on BN is across the board. PBB (-1), PRS (-3), MCA (-6), MIC (-2).... you get the idea
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Mahathir presser now:

We will announce 3 most senior ministers today firstly.
Ministry of Finance: LIM GUAN ENG
Ministry of Home Affairs: MUHYIDDIN YASSIN
Ministry of Defense: MAT SABU
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@WIRED ran a long story on the misinformation campaign (fake news campaign) run by a BN cybertrooper in Malaysia.

It's a long read, and highly reccomended.…
BN first indulged into cybercampaigns of fake news after the 2008 elections.
BN fake news campaign started in 2008.
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A senior PBB leader says S'wak BN had a contingency plan to leave BN anyway. This would be huge: losing just PBB alone makes BN shrink by 13 seats. PRS is the next biggest parliamentary component in BN, with 3 seats. That would make MIC the 2nd biggest party in BN, with 2 seats.
A Semenanjung parties only BN would only have 60 seats, 55 (91%) from Umno. Barisan Nasional would be Barisan Melayu Bersama Tiga Orang Bukan Melayu. BN may as well collapse.
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If you're a voter and wanna remove the ink on your finger, try these few with cloth. This is a small thread :

1. Nail polish remover

- Easy to find
- But your girlfriend or mother might scold you
- Might leave some stubborn smell on your finger, but will go away quick
2. Baking soda + lemon

- 2nd most effective method
- May cause lil thinning of skin as its slightly acidic. You'll end up with smooth finger lol
- Leaves stubborn lemon smell
- Extra : You can do teeth whitening with this but may cause enamel thinning with it's acidic effect.
3. Bleach + baking soda

- Might damage skin a little
- Might have slight effect on sensitive skin, may cause rash
- Might cause nausea as bleach is a fast evaporating chemical

This (bleach + baking soda) is by far the most effective method as tested by my friend.
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Regarding some of the complaints we have gotten about this article from @coconutskl… #GE14 (1)
When we wrote that the former Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri had called Robert Kuok a“tranny” we were aiming to translate his remarks as accurately as possible. To use the politically correct word “transgender” would not have been accurate. (2)
In order to convey this to our readers, we translated it as such, and included the context by adding a screencap of the incident that was recorded. We admit the language is strong, but we wanted to convey the crudeness and disrespect that the former Minister was speaking with (3)
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DAY 2 of new Pakatan Harapan government: "There is no senior party, no junior party here. We are all equal... it is decided for the moment we are only going to create a small cabinet of important ministers. Not a full cabinet," says Dr Mahathir. #GE14
Dr Mahathir says core ministries will be:
2. Home affairs
3. Defense
4. Education
5. Rural development
6. Economy
7. Public works
8. Transport
9. Multimedia, Science and Technology
10. Foreign Affairs
"If any money is paid to ministers or anyone to cross over, we will regard that as corruption. Just like paying money to get votes. MACC seems to have ignored this throughout the election...we will properly investigate all of this. Because we want to follow the rule of law..."
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Don’t worry about #Malaysia ’s #GST repeal, higher #Oil and sales tax will help. #ge14. The BN lost control of government. Dr. #MahathirMohamad stated that he will repeal the goods and services tax (GST) and replace it with the sales and services tax (SST). Why? @chedetofficial
#Najib passed the #GST to offset declining revenue as dependence on #oil backfired when oil prices collapsed. It's a tax on the final consumer & generates more tax revenue than the SST. In 2017, GST was 25% of the total tax revenue and 3.3% of GDP - key reason people are negative
But what's key is the rise of oil, which raises oil tax. So #GST becomes less key! Look at the relationship b/n oil and oil tax. Very strong! We assume oil rises to 73 (basically now) & 10% increase of subsidy, & SST revenue (less than GST). Let's look at what happens to fiscal
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Wow Raf Yaakob dah officially mengaku kakak ipar dia tu Rosmah's biological daughter.

Terbongkar habis semua cerita after #GE14
Fazley pun dah bersuara

ok makcik bawang mari bersatu !
Additional revelation by Rosmah's daughter herself. Boleh baca sini :

(nota kaki : Dia bukan anak Farid Ismeth. Gosip semata-mata. Farid tak terlibat 😅)
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More than 7.3 million Tweets were sent during the 1.5 weeks of the historic #MalaysiaElection, as politics and #GE14 occupied the nation's attention.
Election Day discussions overtook all other conversations in Malaysia yesterday, with over 4.2 million #GE14 Tweets coming through in the past 24 hours alone from across Malaysia and around the world. @Trendsmap
Between the two political coalitions, @pakatanharapan_ narrowly held the edge against @barisanasional with share of mentions in the Twitter #GE14 conversation.
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Madius of UPKO nego a better deal than Jeffrey of STAR (a well known 🐸)
UPKO ada 4 seat dan 1 parlimen (?) tidak silap saya. Kalau UPKO join Warisan, Tun M akan jadi PM Malaysia.
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Now that Mahathir's back in power, let's revisit his 1991 objective of making #Malaysia a rich country by 2020.

We're 2 years away & the economy is just halfway there.

At the current growth rate, it gets to $20k gdp/capita by 2030. Mahathir will be 104 years old.

Just in case...

White line is Malaysia's GDP per Capita
Blue is South Korea's
Yellow is Singapore's

Ringgit's Brexit Moment, Pain First Gain Later
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The morning after #GE14: Police block the main entrance to the National Palace. "The government has not been formed. Nothing is happening here," - one officer tells me. Dr Mahathir told us he would be sworn in today.
Palace confirms swearing in won't be taking place today, with heightened security at each entrance. When will Dr Mahathir be sworn in? #GE14
This photo is circulating but this is not the outfit that PM candidates wear when being sworn in. Stay tuned for updates on what's actually happening with Dr Mahathir's swearing in. #GE14
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3org inilah yang memulakan kebangkitan rakyat. Mereka berani stood up what is right and fight what is wrong termasuklah hilang pangkat #GE14
Kalau tak disebabkan pemecatan mereka ini, tak adalah parti Bersatu, tak adalah kerjasama Pakatan Harapan. Tak adalah pengorbanan Tun M
Bayangkan. Menolak ketepi perbezaan ideologi yg mereka musuhi selama 22thun. Memaafkan kesalahan yg telah dilakukan. Kerana apa ? KeranaMU🇲🇾
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I’m not one to engage in small talk. One of my least favourite things to do is to make small talk especially with strangers. And I’m not known to have an approchable face. But today my journey from KUL-BKI to vote, 3 strangers thought the opposite.
1. My grab driver who is an uncle from Sarawak, but voting in Klang. Asked me if I knew about Sarawak report and talked about how the country needed change. He also asked if i was for change or for status quo.
2. Some random uncle on the MRT who used to work in SG and will be voting in KJ. He offered me his seat, i declined. He ended up standing together with me. Asked me what race I was, and guessed that I was Christian and Kadazan.
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"kita baru 16 takyah fikir pasal politik" listen up dimwit, this is OUR generation we're talking about, OUR future.
how are we going to 'bangkit' when minds like these are the ones holding us back? if we don't start from now, when will we?
tolongla. this is OUR country. pengorbanan tidak mengirakan umur. so tell me, when will we? in the next 5 years? no hunny, too late.
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At Lucky Garden in Bangsar for Arul Kanda’s talk with Lembah Pantai folk #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides
Crowd boos a BN volunteer that is comparing Raja Nong Chik’s social media account and @n_izzah #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides
1MDB’s Arul Kanda giving a overview of the scandal ridden fund #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides
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Pada 9hb Mei ini, isi rumah ayah saya insyaAllah solid 6 undi untuk PH di Parlimen Pasir Gudang dan DUN Johor Jaya. Dari 6 undi ini, hanya saya seorang bukan tinggal di Johor dan Parlimen yang disebut di atas.
Kenapa saya masih mahu balik mengundi dan mengapa memilih untuk tidak mengundi di tempat saya bermastautin sekarang?
Jawapan mudahnya kerana undi adalah hak setiap rakyat Malaysia yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan.

Jawapan teknikalnya pula:
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Waiting for @rafiziramli to reveal Invoke’s prediction for #GE14. Research was done from April 28 to May 3 @msiadecides
Terengganu and Kelantan Malays are the most diligent to answer surveys - @rafiziramli #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides
The survey for 2 weeks had 11,991 respondents and found that Malay votes in Selangor, W. Persekutuan and Penang to be higher than BN #GE14 #PRU14 @msiadecides
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Don't let BN & the EC steal #GE14 - every vote counts. They are doing the best they can to discourage voting, and so the only appropriate response is to come out early & vote in droves.
In case you missed the dirty tricks that the incumbent government has utilised, here are the most important points, and why they matter:
1. Gerrymandering and Malapportionment by the Election Commission

This GE is gerrymandering & malapportionment on steroids. Despite the 13th Schedule of FC to ensure that the number of voters in constituencies are “approximately equal”, they have done the opposite blatantly.
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