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May 9, 2018, 55 tweets

(1) Thread: #NorthKorea prisoners hopefully about to be released while Secretary Pompeo is there. I will use this thread for photos and updates over the next while.

#MAGA #PeaceIsThePrize #PeaceThroughStrength #FreeNorthKorea

(2) I feel like I should at least learn the names of the three men who have been suffering under the deadly Kim regime while President Trump and his team work to free them.

>Kim Hak-song
>Kim Dong-chul
>Kim Sang-duk

God bless them & their families.

(3) We value each and every human life in the world. This is what separates us from the totalitarian rulers of North Korea, China, Russia, Iran and Syria. For example.

The fight for freedom will never end, but I'm glad I'm on America's side.

(4) #NorthKorea has released the 3 prisoners:

(5) 2am arrival at Andrews Air Force Base. #PeaceIsThePrize

(6) The family of Otto Warmbier are in our prayers and we will always remember what they go through.

(7) Another photo of the three Mr Kims: Sang-duk, Dong-chul, and Hak-song.

It's just gone 6pm Eastern, which is T-8 hours. #SoExcited

(8) Former prisoners in North Korea Laura Ling and Euna Lee were welcomed in Burbank, CA in August 2009.

(9) Perhaps the most iconic homecoming for US citizens caught up in totalitarianism was that of the Iranian hostages in January 1981. 52 Americans freed after a 444 day ordeal. Like today, a GOP President did what a Democrat President could not.

(10 Update at 7.43pm Eastern:

>Plane refuelling at Anchorage
>FLOTUS will be there with POTUS (This will be epic. Remember where she lived during the Cold War)
>Arrival will be some time after 2am
>Sleep is for the weak


(11) I am pondering the likely reasons for Pompeo's plane to arrive after 2am Eastern, when he could've arranged arrival after dawn. IMO:

>Why wait one minute longer than you have to
>The intended audiences are not just in the USA (see next tweet)
>TV footage for b/fast news.

(12) At 2am Eastern the time in the following places will be:

>PT: 11pm
>Sydney: 4pm
>Tokyo, Seoul: 3pm
>Beijing: 2pm
>Tehran: 10.30am
>Moscow: 9am
>London: 7am

America celebrates this milestone that affects the whole world. #MAGA

(13) I can't help but be excited for the arrival of the former hostages. It's tempered with realistic expectations though. We don't know what condition they are in after their ordeal. They might appear briefly then go to private rooms with family. We will still celebrate.🎉

(14) Local TV station photo of Pompeo's plane in Anchorage earlier. There are two planes, one with medical facilities in case the 3 men need them.

Time at Joint Base Andrews is now 10.30pm. Try to sleep if you dare!

(15) Good morning, May 10, 2018 is here.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 

T-2 hours, approximately. Statement released earlier by the 3 freed hostages, en route.

(16) Screenshot of a photo from the meeting between Pompeo and Kim in the last 24 hours. Best Secretary of State in many years.

(17) Are any of them going to get a wink of sleep tonight? Proud of them.

(18) Yuge American flag being hoisted at JBA. Good live coverage on FOX atm.

(19) Here's the full statement from the released detainees. It's better than the snippet shown on FOX.

Such a historic moment. #MAGA

(20) And a better version of the photo. #PeaceIsThePrize

(21) A good summary of the latest news on this story.…

(22) Info about the released detainees:…

(23) Cable TV networks are covering the event and the WH feed will go live at 2.10am ET (11.10pm PT).

(24) FOX News Ed Henry took over at 1am and said:

>POTUS and FLOTUS leaving the WH at around 2am

>Arrival of the #Returnees now expected around 3am

>Live coverage for the next several hours

(25) Per FOX, POTUS will travel to Andrews on Marine One with FLOTUS, VP, Bolton and others at around 2am.

18-20 hours of travel for the returnees today.

(26) One of the returnees lives near Washington DC. The two reporters travelling with Pompeo noticed that the returnees boarded the plane unassisted, so that is a good sign.

(27) POTUS and VP both called Otto Warmbier's parents, and Sec Purdue led the Cabinet meeting in prayer for them today.

Nothing can take away their pain but at least they know every effort is being made for peace and safety for others.

(28) First confirmation that Karen Pence will be there too. Pences will take Marine 2 there first, at around 2am, then the Trumps on Marine 1. 10 min flight.

2 planes: Pompeo will land first & be greeted by POTUS. Then the larger plane with the three returnees will land.

(29) Remember Ji Seong-Ho at the #SOTU in January? For me he represents the bravery of all defectors from totalitarian regimes, and the spirit of those still trapped in terrible conditions inside #NoKo.

#PeaceIsThePrize step by step...

(30) 2.04am ET: Marine Two has arrived at Andrews with VP and Karen Pence.

Word is the returnees' families won't be there, as the 3 are being taken to Walter Reed Medical Center. Seems prudent. I think the families will be at Walter Reed.

(31) POTUS has boarded Marine One, didn't stop for reporters.

(32) Gotta feel for #TheExpert Barron Trump trying to sleep with Marine One taking off nearby.

Who am I kidding? He'll be at his desk plotting world domination. Or playing Minecraft.

(33) Official livestream starting soon:

POTUS and FLOTUS have just arrived at Andrews and walked inside the VIP terminal to wait with the Pences. Aircraft seen landing, could be Pompeo.

(34) Per FOX, the returnees' plane will land in 20 minutes at around 2.50am.

IIRC, expect at least 10 minutes for it to taxi into position and passengers to emerge.

History in the making.

(35) Pompeo virtually ran off the plane, he's so high energy. Then he boarded an Air Force bus with his staff because he doesn't always need a limo. Off to the VIP terminal to wait with the others for the second plane.

T-25 minutes.

(36) #Ready at Andrews to welcome the returnees. Aircraft is in sight and about to land.

(37) Aircraft is almost in place. POTUS will board it to greet them privately. When they emerge they don't plan to speak before leaving for Walter Reed. POTUS will speak at a podium.

(38) Two sets of airstairs pulling up to the 737. No audio for a while, just pictures.

The 3 returnees have been travelling for 20 hours. Easy does it. Plenty of time.

(39) WH livestream now running. The couples walking up the stairs

(40) Eventually we will see photos of the Trumps & Pences with the three men and those who have been caring for them in-flight. I like the dignified way this is all being done. Their wellbeing is paramount.

FOX feed:…

WH feed:

(41) They're stepping off the plane right now

(42) Huge cheering

(43) Historic moment


(45) I'll have better photos later, in a new thread. Will add a few more tweets below.

(47) The returnees have left for Walter Reed and the Trumps and Pences on their helicopters. VP will give interviews on the breakfast shows of three networks. #HighEnergy #NotTiredOfWinning

3.16am Eastern.


(49) Kim Dong-chul, Tony Kim and Kim Hak-song at Andrews.

I think his hand gestures represent his faith, and the victory sign (incorrectly reported by the press as a peace sign. I think it's about his personal victory over detention.)

(50) Great photos of their homecoming. #USA #Freedom

(I think in my tweet above he was just in the process of raising both fingers
to make the victory sign.) ✌️✌️

(51) As Trump supporter I'm not surprised by this, but I want to point out that every aspect of this welcome home event was planned and carried out with dignity and care. In no way did Trump or anyone try to steal their limelight. Presidential.✅

(52) Video from Dan Scavino

(53) Another great photo of the sheer JOY on the faces of these three returnees this morning.

(54) Just heard a few bars of this song on FOX, so I had to share the whole song with you. The #USA is such a great country that Americans who hate it refuse to leave, and foreigners like me will move heaven and earth to become Americans (one day).🇺🇸

(55) If POTUS tweeted this himself around 6am, I doubt he got any sleep after arriving back at the WH after 4am. #SleepIsForTheWeak.

Oh and BTW, he takes off around 4pm today for a rally in Indiana. #HighEnergy #VeryStableGenius

(56) My follow-on thread, which is mostly photos. Thanks for all the great feedback. What a great night for America and the world! #Freedom


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