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May 14, 2018, 16 tweets

The American voting system is busted. Shattered. They’re trying to take away your vote by saying you’re not a citizen, by saying you voted in another state, by giving you provisional ballots for some cockamamie reason, by purging you from the voter rolls

These obstacles are put in the way of mostly voters of color — that’s the real issue. We have an apartheid election system in the US. And I’m very concerned that some groups and politicians talk about #VoteSuppression but avoid the issue of race.…

Q: Do you think that's out of fear, obliviousness, or something more sinister?

A: The Democratic Party was the party of #JimCrow. It’s in its DNA. If everyone got to vote, the party’s elite would be out on its ass — right, Bernie?…


Q: The courts have had problems ruling against #gerrymandering because they’ve had problems legally defining it. Is there is clear standard to determine if there is gerrymandering?… #AskGregAQuestion #ProgressivePath18

Q: Given the current composition of Congress (and SCOTUS), what hope do you have for the restoration of the #VotingRightsAct?… #AskGregAQuestion #ProgressivePath18

Q: #KrisKobach has been quiet lately. What swamp is he swimming in as he takes away votes?… #AskGregAQuestion #ProgressivePath18

Q: Do you think our national "electoral dysfunction" is built on the assumption that voters aren't smart enough to know what's being done to suppress the vote?… #AskGregAQuestion #ProgressivePath18

Q: How can we convince people to get out and vote when often their votes don’t count? Do you think the 2016 election outcome will deter people from voting this year?… #AskGregAQuestion #ProgressivePath18 #BernieOrBust

Q: With regards to felon voters — who can vote in many states but often don’t realize it — is this a question of education? Letting people who think they can't vote know that they CAN?… #AskGregAQuestion #ProgressivePath18

Q: In a town in PA where I used to live my new neighbor (who was Black) had to get registered in her new location. I took her to get registered. On the day of voting she and us (hubby and I) had to fight to get her the proper ballot. She voted and it counted.

Q: Some states do have automatic #VoterRegistration, a la "#MotorVoter" laws... Is this a path forward?… #AskGregAQuestion #ProgressivePath18 #Resist

Q: Would making Election Day a public holiday help?

A: We DO have a day off for voting: it’s called Early Voting. The problem is the GOP to cut it back.…

#AskGregAQuestion #ProgressivePath18 #Resist

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