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May 22, 2018, 33 tweets

1. #QAnon reminds us that Sessions appointing Federal Prosecutor Huber is much better than a 2nd Special Counsel mess. Huber working with Horowitz is a powerful combination - investigating crimes since last Nov. "Flood is coming". #Q

2. #QAnon: "Did you see the Ryan [PR] interview a short time ago?"

Mr Ryan's asked, "Do you have any concern's about the President's approach to the DOJ & do you think DOJ is doing enough? #Q

3. #QAnon's pointer on the above is quite significant. In PR discussing the Special Counsel investigation in the context of "releasing all the documents" for "checks on any Executive Branch abuse of power" he is affirming House support to include [Hussein]'s abuse of Exec pwr #Q.

4. So #QAnon is not only elucidating the moxie behind pointing the #DeepState's own "suicide" gun against themselves, since last "suicide weekend", but also the "rapid fire" achievement of a second branch of gov giving immediate support. Bravo, #Q!

5. Also, on #QAnon's mention of the Ryan interview, Mr Ryan is asked, "Do you think it is appropriate for your members to ask for the identity of an FBI 'informant' (#StefanHalper) to be revealed? #Q

6. To #QAnon's point about #PaulRyan, being in the target box "[PR]", yes, it is good when "you are 'FREE' to make better decisions", despite noise about accelerating Ryan's retirement so as to force a Dim vote on Pelosi as well.


7. #QAnon also had [CNN] in the target box. "Space limitations inside the venue. such that..."the EPA was able to accommodate only 10 reporters and that it provided a livestream 'for those we could not accommodate'." #Q…

8. #QAnon informs us that #NellieOhr failed in her attempt to circumvent the #NSA; the wife of former Assoc Deputy Atty General #BruceOhr securing a Ham radio license 1 month after her firm (#FusionGPS) contracted w MI6's Steele for the #DirtyDossier #Q…

9. #QAnon elucidates the real point of his mention of [CNN] being in the target box: Breaking story about #McCabe using his #FBI position to perpetrate the #DeepStateCabal's "#InsurancePolicy" on the American people, using #CNN to advance the deception. #Q…

10. #QAnon Are we having a nice "rapid fire" afternoon yet?
It sure was a beautiful out of Air Force One on 11/09/17!

"It's happening.

11. #QAnon 11/09/17

"Map provides picture.
Picture provides 40,000ft. v.
40,000ft. v. is classified.
Why is a map useful?
Think direction.
Think full picture.


[C]los[I]ng [A]ct:
Impossible to clean.
Operations --> [N]o [S]uch [A]gency

Maps #Q confirmed:

12. Today's #QAnon Air Force One pics are from same set as Nov 2017. #Q's showing that today's #Q is the same Q as always. The sequence done because the attack[s] were anticipated. Are they coordinated? Well, the attacks will intensify on [all sides].

13. 11/09/17 was during the time when @POTUS was making his Korea trip.

14. There's never doubt about Nov #QAnon being the same as now #QAnon. An anon notes the pictures correspond to "Trump's Asia trip 11/3 for 11 days. AF1 images are seconds apart. Look at reflection. Can see fingers. Look at white inside reflection… same camera took pics." #Q

15. Link to most recent prior #QAnon thread is here:…

16. @threadreaderapp please unroll latest #QAnon thread here:

17. The meaning of #QAnon's "Pain in -23" has been entirely clarified by an anon.

First, @POTUS'd set the [marker] with his typo.


18. Next, #QAnon intentionally exposes their trip code "NowC@mesTHEP@in—-23!!!", referencing the same foreshadowing as @POTUS' last tweet.

19. Next, @POTUS tweets another typo, this time including an apostrophe to the word "Oh'". Aren't apostrophes used to replace missing letters? So, the word could be read as "Oh_".


20. Exactly 23 hours after @POTUS' [marker], and exactly 23 minutes after @POTUS' previous tweet, President Donald John Trump drops the MOAB, and, "now comes the pain".


21. The next day, news drops confirming the meaning of the President's typo.

Oh' = Ohr


23. Following that #QAnon let us know of Nellie Ohr's failed ploy to evade NSA using Ham radio. #Q

Nellie we know was working for #FusionGPS who worked on #DirtyDossier while her husband was Assoc AG at DOJ. More on that and #CrossfireHurricane here:

24. Clarification of #QAnon's "D5" reference. #Q'd told us to "Learn chess." In reference to @julianassange's mysterious post of famous Casablanca chess match: Once D5 move's made, all the other moves flow naturally, inexorably, in 10 moves to checkmate. Triple entendre master.

25. #QAnon: "Why are they continuing" internally? They are trying to protect their income/businesses, others are the infestation of #clowns and #clown contractors. #NowComesThePain Attacks will intensify [all sides]. #Q

26. #QAnon: Rod Rosenstein's originally not going to be included in tomorrow's #SpyGate White House briefing, in lieu of principal associate deputy AG Ed O’Callahan. Now, DOJ'll host 2 briefings Thursday, 1st w RR, Kelly, Nunes & Gowdy, 2nd mtg with all+bipartisan “Gang of 8. #Q

27. #QAnon apparently indicates significance to Rod Rosenstein originally being planned not to attend, with link to orig Fox News article:… #Q

Since updated in WaPo:…

& Hill:…

28. To #QAnon's "Now comes the pain in -23", now, May 23rd, Senator Grassley requests un-redacted Strzok-Page texts.

Senator apparently didn't appreciate Rosenstein redacting the price of McCabe's $70,000 table.


29. Text messages between Strzok & Page refer to "CH" consistent with reference to #CrossfireHurricane. Although the discussion on the codename has it redacted, it fits the context and timeline.

30. #QAnon Timing of media spin on #SpyGate means only a few, very high up could've leaked it for pre-spin. Very few origlly knew of SpyGate meaning leakers're from a small pool of ppl. OK to leak to press for spin but too "dangerous" to release. 🤨

"These people are stupid.

31. In addition to Sen Grassley's (above) May 23rd letter asking for release of unredacted Strzok-Page texts, an anon compiles what else happened on #QAnon's "Now comes the pain -23" May 23, #Q.

32. #QAnon called attn to Rod Rosenstein "recuse or forcefully be terminated" after "the 'extremely guarded & highly classified' information is finally revealed to House investigators, DNI, public etc." Today Sessions re-asssigned RR's Chief of Staff.… #Q

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