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May 24, 2018, 22 tweets

Very strange day with @SODEMAction
Outside westminister.
Met 30 unite in community people who were very corbynista.
Talked to 3 none of whom were interested in brexit impact on benefits or universal credit.
Quite dispiriting the lack of basic knowledge.

2/ asked the one of them why they dont inform the rest of the people there on impact on brexit and got a lot of abuse about vince cable clegg torys but no understanding of the impact brexit will have on social care.

Very adamant response saying you dont understand how cuts are affecting people with disabilities and carers. Brexit is not important to us. We have faith in @Keir_Starmer to sort brexit otherwise corbyn would not have put him in that position.
How do we reach them.

Explained I helped care for stroke affected father 8yrs and have had depression before brexit i the anger left her and i became human again.
But it shows as a gammon how difficult it is to influence across class and regional boundaries even on the light side of the force

Then met a lovely boy who asked about the protest. @FlyUnderworld
Dutch mother jamacian father and he was interested and elequent in why brexit was wrong for him but limited information on some relevant subjects.
I talked a little about @InLimboBrexit
And @The3Million

Again it was his lack of information about personally critical subjects like inlimbo for his mother and windrush that was very chilling. There are topics i assume people know that have not got outside my bubble.
But another positive experience and i hope twitter helps him learn.

I then in full gammon undercover mode got a selfy with @SODEMAction to make my day. But as he were packing up a prime gammon came up and started a discussion just as Steve was leaving.
So he left me to talk to him.
Love my euro halo from the flag

The man was a daily mail and express leader who was adament we didnt know what we were talking about.
I then at 1700 started talking to him.
Again like unite against universal credit and @FlyUnderworld passion and interest but not all the information he needed.

Sorry i dont know the lady who was there with @SODEMAction at end of day but she seen the gammons anger and spittle at the start and had to walk away.
I spent 3 hours with Ian.. . .
Talking about brexit.
The first hour was in a spittle filled angry confrontation on street.

The next two were in a pub.
I slowly managed to tear the daily mail from his eyes a little one headline at a time.
As with unite he passionately wants whats best for the country but he didnt have clarity of thought. the longer we talked the easier it was to see why.

By the end of three hours he agreed
1. brexit would be a negative impact on the economy for at least 5 years about 6%
2. The level of real unemployment is much greater than reported due to 0 hours and sanctions.
3. There is no current solution to brexit that shows benefits.

4. Nhs cost were rising but it has been impacted by at least 40% reduction local auth funding cut.graph below.
5. Wants a points system for immigration. Ok couldnt change that.
6.Understands the 3 month employment policy fom and agreed it was benefit should be enforced.

7. The 6% impact on economy will be three times greater than 80s recession.
low unemployment figures from government used to rebut
Bit due to zero hours , sanctions, disability figures we agreed we couldnt trust the employment figures and relate back to 80s

8. That the eu only costs £50? (Fag packet calculation by him but any error is worth the personal effort he took.) a year per person which is less than holiday insurance
Less than one customs carnet......used this later...


9. Customs union proposals will add at least 2 minutes delay to transport and explained @mrjamesob @CiaranVan call to him about importing to norway switzerland costs and time.... which he eventually understood impact on dover etc.
Thanks for clip.

10. Talked about net foreign internal investment collapsing and explained how significant and serious this was.
Graph is terrible but we have dropped to 1% of previous level in last year.
Anyone have a better graph.
He was going to go home and look at this.

11. Talked about bill browder russia and who gets rich from brexit. Real things he didnt believe. Odey, putin, mercer trump etc. Money laundering through uk etc he had a little knowledge but
He was going to listen @Billbrowder and @mrjamesob on way home.

12. Sovereignity. Fail.
westminister undermined by europe we need to be sovereign. Put sufficient doubt in his mind explaining when we leave europe we will have to follow either eu, china or us standards with no say. He believed that britain can influence fictional wto standards

So i didnt change his mind because of sovereignity.
He now questions his facts.

He agrees ecomomy is going to tank 6%.

He has awareness of customs issues.
He understands plight of eu citizens in uk and uk in spain.
He questions the competence/corruption of tories

And how cheap eu iss personally.

And more important he left as a happy more informed person and enjoyed listening and is going to read more.
We are all people.
Lets not forget.

So what did i learn yesterday.
Other @SODEMAction people all have different experiences but all expect brexit to fail. Some are very isolated in their social groups
Basic facts not known by tuc , gammon or young adults.
I cant influence corbynistas well.
But i am #Pineapple

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