1. Here’s the reason for “Trump is literally Hitler”, “Trump is a racist dictator”, “Trump is dangerous to our democracy” rhetoric... they could feel themselves losing & needed an “insurance policy” to protect themselves from being indicted for their other “insurance policy”
2. A plan B perhaps 🤔
3. Imagine you’re the #NWO and you’ve been working hard to get your plans for global government in place. You’ve managed to create the EU, NAFTA, and #Agenda21 and you’re well on your way to implementing #Agenda2030 and the TPP. You’ve got all your ducks in a row...
4. In 2008 you’re beside yourself with glee because you get your perfect puppet into the most important political office in the world @POTUS - AND you’ve managed to secure the next one who is happy to wait her turn. And so you get to 2016. You have to have an election...
5. But, your plan is to make sure that this is your LAST election. So you set out to water down the Republican vote so you can get your girl in office.
6. But then someone comes along who is a pain in you a$$ using rhetoric that could unravel all of your hard work. At first you’re not worried because, you know, this guy is a joke right? But you use your media to make sure everyone thinks the same way...
7. Then he makes his announcement... and you hear him make statements that reveal several things:

1. He’s NOT going to play by the rules.
2. He has an idea of what the people might actually want
3. There’s no way you can allow THIS guy to win because he’s talking sovereignty
8. He also makes a statement that you feel you can exploit to get him out of the race early based upon your “rogue candidate contingency plan”

9. But your “rogue candidate contingency plan” doesn’t work, and Trump not only starts to pick up steam, but is gaining a huge following

10. And you notice that your own candidate, the perfect one who was waiting in the wings for her turn, isn’t quite pulling the same number of people at her get togethers and it takes some effort to get those that DO attend excited...

11. Nobody can understand what’s going on... especially your candidate.

12. Meanwhile you continue with your “rogue candidate contingency plan”, but now, there’s a more urgent factor to it... and this is where it becomes relevant to what is happening today.
13. Once they realised that they were in trouble politically, they also realised they would be in trouble legally because they knew Trump would not be controlled, and he was making noises about draining the swamp of DC. Their perfect candidate was very clear about it...
14. And of course we know about the other “insurance policy” because we’ve been bombarded with it for over a year. It’s called #Russia

But what was plan B?
15. Many have been asking for a long time why certain people are not in jail or being arrested etc. Let’s think about this plan B insurance policy. They had already used the “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobic”, “islamophobic” labels as part of their campaign rhetoric right?
16. This is where it gets useful. By doubling down on this rhetoric since the election, especially in the face of the Russia collusion ruse as well, they can continue to cast doubt upon ANY and ALL indictments made against Democrats and their allies in the #DeepState
17. Because they have continuously pushed the narrative that Trump is “literally Hitler” or a “Stalinist dictator” and that that they must #resist him at all costs to avoid creating an American Reich, they’ve essentially made it impossible to indict ANY of them without suspicion
18. THIS, I believe, is the reason why AG Sessions and Co. are slow walking everything. They want #WeThePeople to get mad 😠, they want the American public to make so much noise that they MUST do something.
19. Without the support of the people, the #NWO puppet swamp rats can claim that any arrests are a purge, are illegal and they may even go so far as to call for violent uprisings. It’s not too far fetched given the optics of THIS moment (the background was a bonus 😉)
20. Either way, the globalist elites get their way... they destroy America which will help them usher in their global system.
21. So how do those who know what is going on deal with this situation?

1. Trust the plan and be patient
2. Publish any and everything you can that shows the “Trump is Hitler” meme for the lie that it is. (@POTUS has been doing an awesome job of this himself btw)
22. Continued...

3. Throw out subtle “thought bombs” to your friends and family that shake up the narrative and eventually red pill them

4. Get behind all #MAGA candidates in 2018

5. Pray
23. And if anyone calls him Hitler to your face ask them this
24. Finally, when the time is right - and I’m sure that it will be obvious - shout out as loud as you can for #Justice

#MAGA #PatriotsUnited #TheRainMakers #MakeItRain #WeThePeople #OneVoice #Qanon @POTUS
Addendum: #Q put out a request for us to get together and make some noise ... so I’m not alone in thinking this is how we get past the “Trump is a Nazi” problem

• • •

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Oct 7, 2018
1. This is the face of a brainwashed useful idiot. This poor soul has fallen for the political indoctrination that he/she, ze, they, it (wouldn’t want to get it wrong 😏) have had forced into their brain since birth via TV, school, and University.
2. These people have been taught to embrace “their truth”. I’ve heard this term bandied about all over the place, even by conservatives, because it has become part of what is considered intellectual political discourse. And... it is total crap.
3. I used to be involved in the so called New Age movement. I remember being taught about this notion of “your truth” in what seemed to be a very logical way. The supposed guru drew a picture on a whiteboard of a car from a birds-eye view. One side was smashed up...
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Oct 2, 2018
1. This technique of having multiple people repeat the same words should be banned. It is hypnosis. The blue light that emanates from video screens is known to place the brain into a state that mimics that induced by hypnosis and meditation...
2. Thus making the viewer more suggestible. It is a trick to use different people in the video as it gives the subconscious the impression that a large number of people support the assertions of the video. This has a triple whammy impact upon the subject.
3. Unless you are awake to the technique, or are not a person who is easily suggestible to begin with, then you have no defence against this assault on your subconscious. This is as bad, if not worse than the old fashioned subliminal messaging banned in the 1970s.
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Sep 1, 2018
1. This cultural cringe is a symptom of the leftist political bent that says there’s something wrong with America being a superpower. I grew up in the 80s & the US flag was proudly placed in numerous movies. As an Aussie I grew to love that flag because it symbolised something
2. To me, it symbolised the idea that my country had a powerful ally that would come to my country’s aid in times of trouble. It symbolised the idea that democracy and freedom were ideals that were worth defending.
3. It symbolised the idea that there was a country that was capable of invading and taking control of my small nation but whose people valued freedom so much, that not only would they never do this, but they would stand up against any country that would.
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Jul 18, 2018
1. Ladies and gentlemen - let me introduce you to the start of the end of the Russia, Russia, Russia scam...
2. The DNC & other Deep State actors - including [RR] want us to believe that this scene is what access to the Wikileaks #PodestaEmails looked like. Substitute the hackers for Russians & the victims for a clueless idiot who used “password” as his password.
3. But, as many have known for a very long time, what ACTUALLY happened looked much more like this scene. This time substitute Snowden for #SethRich and the victims for the same moron mentioned in part 2 of this thread.

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Jun 23, 2018
1. As a former leftist, I understand the altruistic sentiment associated with the illegal immigration issue. I have great sympathy for people seeking refuge from war, political persecution, and poverty. For many in the late 1970s this was a path to freedom from communism in SEA.
2. At the close of the Vietnam and Kampuchean disasters, the world saw a massive influx of “boat people” most of whom ended their arduous journey in Australia. Considering our involvement in the Vietnam war and the evils of communism we, as Aussies, were happy to give them a go.
3. So successful was this intake of people, the Vietnamese community in Australia has become very well integrated into the wider community. Statistics show a relatively small number were boat people.abc.net.au/news/specials/…
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