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What’s more shameful is the White American majority voted for Trump precisely so this would happen, and the more he justifies such heinous actions by calling the undocumented “animals” the more his approval rating rebounds. #ThisIsAmerica
Never forget that White Americans voted in majority for dictator Donald Trump and EVERY racist, inhumane atrocity his corrupt government commits. @HillaryClinton called them deplorable for a reason and they prove it daily.
Propane Jane discusses how the deplorables’ dehumanization of marginalized groups has paved the way for dismantling of every civil rights advancement of the 20th Century and the illegitimate ascendancy of #InstabilityInChief via @RickSmithShow…
Y’all should’ve known Donald Trump and anyone he appointed would gladly separate children from their parents, abuse and neglect them, then give them away to human traffickers the SECOND he came down that escalator and called Mexican people rapists.
He’s always projecting.
Y’all should’ve known Donald Trump would gleefully preside over the orphaning and disappearance of immigrant children when he built an entire campaign for president on Birtherism.
Every racist, xenophobic, hyperbolic piece of rhetoric that’s seeped from Donald Trump’s mouth was the pretext for every heinous action he’s taken while illegitimately occupying the WH. The people who voted for him understood exactly what he intended and are equally responsible.
Don’t ever fix your mouth to say you can’t fathom how 1930s Germany elected Hitler or abided by his atrocities for so long when you are literally watching Trump and his gang of White Nationalists follow in his footsteps with impunity.
The Republican Party and its media apparatus on @FoxNews & AM radio have successfully dehumanized people of color in the minds of the White majority to the extent that police brutality/extrajudicial murder and ICE internment camps are the result. All it takes is hatred & power.
It also takes a complicit, corporatized media that’s willing to propagate propaganda for profit because a culture war is good for ratings.
This is why folk are taking a knee on everything America claims to stand for right now. Racism is written into not only our national anthem, but ALL of our founding documents. It still remains the LAW OF THIS LAND.
Racism remains the law of this land because the White American majority keeps voting for it. Exit polls don’t lie and until we have sense enough to stop ceding power to oppressive people, the oppression will continue. It’s not rocket science.
This is precisely what we were foreshadowing when we told you we needed reliable White allies to beat back the KKK and Nazis at the gate. You told us we were playing “identity politics” and you took your ball of White privilege and went home.
Fuck you very much for all of this.
For the umpteenth time, this is what “or bust” and the greater of two evils looks like. You couldn’t just listen to people of color though, you had to actually witness more racist atrocities to believe it would happen. Wake the fuck up already.
Is the Trump Administration Running a Child-Trafficking Ring or Nah? Follow Me Down the Rabbit Hole… via @TheRoot #WhereAreTheChildren
Border Patrol shoots and kills unarmed woman after Trump’s border surge…
How Trump is dehumanizing Latinos via @CNN
White House announces plan to use racism to hold on to seats in 2018…
New study connects white American bigotry with support for authoritarianism… via @NBCNews #SouthernStrategy101
Santorum declares 1500 kids lost by Trump administration 'not lost'…
'Barbaric': America's cruel history of separating children from their parents… via @mySA
LISTEN: Jeff Sessions gets an unexpected grilling from conservative radio host for ripping migrant families apart…
Ted Cruz defends Trump policy of ripping kids away from parents…
Over 30 Senators Introduce Bill to Block DHS from Separating Families at Border — Not a Single Republican Joins @alternet…
Texas inspectors find series of violations at youth “shelters”… via @houstonchron
Trump administration now ripping nursing babies from their mothers…
Undocumented immigrants in the South denied access to water, electricity, and gas… via @thinkprogress #InternmentCamps #DeathPanels #Sociopathy
Four-star general warns Trump's family separation policy echoes Nazis… #AmericanSociopath
Not one Republican supports bill stopping Trump’s attack on families… #GOPSociopathy
Report: Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Pushed for Border Separation Policy… via @thedailybeast Fucking Nazi. 🤬
Fox host defends putting kids in cages by claiming they're not cages…
UN human rights chief blasts Trump for abuse of children…
Exclusive: US officials likely lost track of nearly 6,000 unaccompanied migrant kids… #WhereAreTheChildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity
State Department Q&A backfires as public demands answers on stolen kids…
If you’re a Latinx who still supports Trump/the @GOP after “build the wall”, Alicia Machado, “Mexicans are rapists and MS-13”, thousands dead/displaced in Puerto Rico and migrant Latinx children separated from their parents in internment camps, YOU HATE YOURSELF & YOUR HERITAGE.
Republicans couldn’t possibly make it any clearer that they hate Latinos and don’t want to share this country with them, anyone who still thinks they give a damn about minority outreach or increasing their share of the Latinx vote is DELUSIONAL or a terrible fucking liar.
The Republican Party is systematically attempting to imprison or deport Latinx immigrants in an effort to extort free/forced labor from them and stave off the impending minority status of White Americans. This is as Nazi/Confederate as it gets and there’s NO escaping this fact.
Please take note that they aren’t rounding up all the White people who vote Republican for racism’s sake but still hire undocumented Latinx immigrants to do all their dirty work for them. They’d have no reason to come here if the White people who hate them stopped *needing* them.
Please take note that they aren’t rounding up all the White people who vote Republican and own all the for-profit “detention facilities” that are literally crafting more ways to get rich off of the institutionalized internment of Black and Brown people. Nazis and Confederates.
The @GOP never got serious about passing comprehensive immigration policy with a path to citizenship during the Obama years because ultimately their goal is to subjugate Latin immigrants to apartheid. They waited until their Nazi was installed to reveal their true intentions.
Truth be told, Republicans want migrant workers here, they just don’t want to pay them or give them equal access to the American Dream. They’re addicted to chattel slavery and will do whatever they can to revive it. They’re throwing migrant children away because they can’t work.
We don’t typically use this word in regards to America but this is the same ethnic cleansing our government has admonished other nations for doing, as if it hasn’t been practiced with religious regularity on this soil ever since 1492.
Republicans don’t ever stop rebutting the outcome of the Civil War or the Civil Rights Movement because they are forever intent on creating a race based class system that keeps White people at the top of the food chain. They simply won’t settle for less than apartheid.
The same people who support the systematic criminalization, mass incarceration and extrajudicial murder of Black people support the systematic criminalization, separation and detention of Latino migrants. This is NOT a coincidence or a novel concept in America. #ThisIsAmerica
The same people who support the dismantling of the Voting Rights Act/Civil Rights Act and the premeditated disenfranchisement of Black American citizens don’t want Latin immigrants to ever become citizens. They wanna smash that egg before it ever hatches.

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Oct 9, 2018
I don’t begrudge their secrecy either, but how exactly are the ~60% of White men who vote GOP ever going to evolve away from misogyny if not even the women in their lives feel safe enough to speak their minds? This is the American Taliban.
No one is explicitly addressing the narcissism and sociopathy of *mainstream* White American male culture from within its ranks. It’s literally shooting up the public square, desecrating the US government, waging endless war abroad/at home and killing the planet with IMPUNITY.
It’s already painfully clear they won’t listen to the marginalized groups they’re oppressing, but the fact that there’s literally been no appreciable impact of White on White peer pressure on the WM majority for so long in this country should be cause for much greater concern.
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Oct 8, 2018
How are they possible Democratic voters if a) they don’t know or care what the party stands for b) they can’t be bothered to listen to or be intersectional with the marginalized groups that ARE the Democratic base c) they can’t tolerate confrontation of White male supremacy? 🤷🏾‍♀️
Listen Bros, I understand that you haven’t had a party to proudly call your own since GWB irreparably destroyed the GOP in the 2000s. I’ve documented it at length. None of this means you get to commandeer a coalition you don’t even actually support.
Rather than work internally to change the GOP or establish a viable 3rd party for Bros who are aware enough to be embarrassed by the GOP, they seek to meet their ends on the backs of the women, POC and LGBTQ who anchor the Democratic Party. HELL NO, Bro.
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Oct 8, 2018
Respectfully, what you also aren’t getting is that the White privileged psyche of MAGAts, Klansmen, Nazis and other GOP isn’t unique to them or completely absent from the folk on the Left who routinely thwart Democratic objectives out of spite for women and POC. Slash that.
@philip_md1 I don’t make exceptions for racist/misogynist fuckery on the left. If these people want to actually join the Democratic Party, they need to listen for once in their lives and learn how to be RELIABLE allies to the base of the party. If not, they can GTFOH.
@philip_md1 You really need to take the time to read MLK’s Letter from Birmingham jail because if you still don’t see how White “moderates” are equally responsible for this disaster, you’re aiding and abetting it.
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Oct 4, 2018
LOL if I’m honest I’d say I’m struggling to even figure out which one you’re referencing because aren’t they all?! 🤷🏾‍♀️🤪 Either way you’re guaranteed to find it on a) my wakelet page (link in bio) or b) my Moments tab #onhere.
@noralove It’s gonna irk me until I figure it out though 😂 is it this one?
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Sep 28, 2018
Seriously though, where is Mark Judge? WTAF?!
I thought it was so disingenuous how Kavanaugh cited Mark Judge’s substance addiction as a reason why he shouldn’t be brought into this as if their mutual relationship with beer isn’t at the heart of this controversy.
Not only that but it’s also highly plausible that the sheer stress of keeping his and Kavanaugh’s dirty secrets concealed over the last few months triggered a relapse or exacerbation of Judge’s addiction.
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Sep 24, 2018
I love how people keep declaring a constitutional crisis every day as if we haven’t already been in one perpetually since 1/20/17. 🙃
Who would’ve guessed that the illegitimately installed sociopath would behave like an illegitimately installed sociopath every fucking chance he gets?! Who would’ve guessed that his Republican enablers would actually use the rubber stamp they nominated?
Every Congressional Republican who’s up for re-election in November should be VOTED OUT simply on the grounds that they’ve aided and abetted Trump’s illegitimate and illegal occupation of the White House for going on 2 years. Mueller shouldn’t have to be doing their job for them.
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