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1. Our children gives God some of the greatest opportunities for Him to answer our prayers for change. When a nation prays for change, God gives them babies, when babies are born, the future is defined and locked into them. #ChildrensDay
2. We have a very important role to play in preparing them to influence their world for good. Children do not need to be taught to sin, it is innate. We therefore need to deliberately put them on the right path. #ChildrensDay
3. WE MUST HELP OUR CHILDREN DEVELOP THE CAPACITY FOR LOVE. Capacity to love God and to love people #ChildrensDay
4. We should never assume that it will be natural for them to love. Everyone is born with the sin nature. We can see from the scriptures how hatred flared up in the first family. #ChildrensDay
6. WE NEED TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO GIVE PEOPLE THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. We should teach them to withhold Judgement. We need to groom them in such a way that their assumptions about people are positive. #ChildrensDay
7. Faith works through love and love does not give up on a person, it keeps hoping. (1st Cor 13:7) We need to forbid gossip in our homes & protect our children from prejudices. #ChildrensDay
7. Prejudices are transferred to children through the home/parents. As a country, we are often too focused on our ethnicity & tribes. This along with religion does not foster progress in our society. #ChildrensDay
8. WE NEED TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO GIVE. Teach them to give gifts. Breaking the hold of selfishness is critical to the development of their capacity to love. #ChildrensDay
9. Let’s help our children to think about others and take the focus off themselves and give without expecting anything in return. (Proverbs 11:24-25) #ChildrensDay
10. WE NEED TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO FORGIVE and let go of wrongs done to them particularly by forgiving others. A child that grows into adulthood without learning to forgive will create problems for our world. #ChildrensDay
11. WE NEED TO DISCIPLINE and guide our children in love. Guiding them in the path that is right and godly. #ChildrensDay
12. WE NEED TO PRAY FOR OUR CHILDREN. We need to pray for them because we won't always be with them but the Holy Spirit will. #ChildrensDay
13. LEAD THEM IN PRAYER TO RECEIVE FREEDOM FROM SIN AND THE SIN NATURE AS SOON AS THEY CAN UNDERSTAND IT. Let us lead them in prayer to receive forgiveness of sin and receive Jesus Christ. #ChildrensDay
14. There are two Dimensions for helping our children develop the capacity to Love is for us to TALK to them and MODEL the right values for them. #ChildrensDay
15. Talk to your children consistently because words are seeds and they bear fruits. Even when it seems like they are not listening, continue to talk. #ChildrensDay
16. Our discussions with our children should be filtered through the prism of God’s word. Words are seeds and we should be deliberate about what our children hear. #ChildrensDay
17. Be a role model and worthy example to your children as a Parent. We should model God’s word to them, what we do rather than what we say, will go a long way in showing them how to behave. #Childrensday
18. I pray for us to receive divine wisdom for parenting, whatever is causing problems for this generation passes over our children in Jesus’ name. #ChildrensDay

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Sep 9, 2018
1. Your emotions affect your health. Our emotions have direct impact on the state of our body. Our emotions produce direct physiological effects on our physical bodies. (Isaiah 61:1-3) #HealthyLiving
2. Emotions produce physiological changes in the body. Anxiety makes us sweat. Frustration and sadness produce tears. Embarrassment and fear also produce changes in your system. #HealthyLiving
3. Negative emotions affect our level of immunity. Having a bad mood can make us susceptible to common ailments like cold, malaria, etc. #HealthyLiving
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Jun 17, 2018
1. We laid the foundation for Exploring Eternity in our last discussion. We said that the physical death of man is not the final termination of the existence of man; beyond the point of death, we continue to live. #ExploringEternity
2. We emphasised that this short life is a preparation for the next one which has no limit. We drew on the Law of Time Perspective - The longer the time you take into consideration when making decisions; the more successful
3. We said that when a Christian has a consciousness of eternity, our short term decisions are more accurate. Psalm 39:4 - The Psalmist’s prays here ‘’Remind me how short my time on earth is’’ because he wanted wisdom. #ExploringEternity
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Jun 3, 2018
1. One of the stories I find most fascinating in the scriptures is that of the rich man and Lazarus (the poor man) in Luke 16:19. They both died however their lives continued afterwards. #ExploringEternity
2. They ended up in different places. The rich man had serious regrets. They retained their memories after death. Their view of their lives on earth changed. #ExploringEternity
3. From the story they still recognised each other, the rich man realised that his life on earth was in preparation for his life after death & that he had made the wrong choices. He also knew that his brothers’ decisions would qualify them for the same outcome. #ExploringEternity
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May 20, 2018
1. We understand people perceive love in different ways and if a relationship will be built effectively, particular attention must be given to this. You must be sensitive to your spouse’s difference and always take this into consideration. #LoveandMarriage
2. Gary Chapman in his Book describes it as the Five Love Languages. Some people feel loved when they are physically touched, others prefer words of affirmation, some others like gifts and the size does not matter because it’s their love language. #LoveandMarriage
3. Others appreciate quality time; they want you to drop everything and focus on them while some people feel loved when tasks are done for them; this is known as acts of service. #LoveandMarriage
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May 18, 2018
Thanks to all that posted responses to the questions on my mind. I asked for some reasons. Someone visited his son in the US. His son asked why he’d been only sighing for 3 days as they drove him around. He said, “People are suffering at home but don’t know they’re suffering.”
A former governor told me that he heard people on his cabinet were complaining that he was always talking about vision. They asked if it was vision they were going to eat. How can you win elections describing your vision for development when can’t conceptualize development?
My first few trips to the UAE, Europe and the US were paradigm shifting for me. It was a more powerful experience than watching movies or reading magazines. Normal was redefined. Some things I considered luxury became basic items. My environment and the way I do things changed.
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Mar 4, 2018
1. We are emphatic about starting and running businesses because these days, our schools are like factories designed to produce en masse, people that are equipped to work for other people #WisdomForBusiness
2. In time past, it was normal for a child to pick up the craft of his/her parents. The child of the farmer took up farming, the child of the carpenter took up carpentry; #WisdomForBusiness
3. Jesus was the son of a carpenter and then somewhere along the line, they asked, “is that not the carpenter?” When you think about it, there was an entrepreneurial dimension to all that; it was a family owned business #WisdomForBusiness
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